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  1. mini map screenshot hi, the past week iv noticed that the map on desert borderland's specifically the underground map section at blistering under croft is not displaying correctly. so far iv deleted and reinstalled game, and deleted the cache, plus tried without any addons and it is always buggeds furthermore when i have checked with a few guildies some are also experiencing this issue
  2. played it for a fair amount of time now in wvw, roaming is meh vastly under powered in comparison to other new and old specs. and in bigger fights its completely useless. as 99% of people said in beta everything is projectile, damage numbers on dagger are low, cast time on shatters ruins rotations and bursts. also damage numbers on utility skill rain of swords, that is the exact same as the necro well but does 1/2 the damage so go figure. traits still not working/integrated into virt, dagger should work like necro axe aka not projectile, fix numbers on dagger, utility, elite, (eli
  3. played mes for over 9 years, tbh i love playing virt i think its fun and quite smooth. this being said it has a fair dincum amount of flaws and is lacking quite a lot in comparison to most the other new elites in wvw. wont speak on pve/spvp as i dont often venture into those areas. for instance all sword skills need to be blades and focus 5 should be a blade. the 1second bleed. i mean come on 1 second! it should be the same as sharper images. and speaking of sharper images this trait needs compensation for no longer having clones by as a minimum making shatters that use blades or blade skills
  4. i would agree for the most part because its easy to take a high sustain build and be able to make many mistakes compared to a low sustain and get 1 mistake, just dont tank with your face and land the skills and interrupts. something being hard doesn't make it suck, just more rewarding to do well with.
  5. i cant say anything for pve, but virt was pretty decent in pvp and wvw if you play to the strengths the traits gave you going high precision condi or high precision glass hybrid. OP no, in need of bug fixes and QoL improvements on skills, definitely. will need to see the full release to make a proper judgement. but i can say i enjoyed it, it has its issues, utility skills need a huge buff, aka one is basically a carbon copy of the necro damage well but deals half the damage with the same stats? whats that about anet? mainly it needs either cast times on shatters being removed or severely redu
  6. i don't see an issue with damage, honestly was more fun and balanced before the big damage nerf. every class has buttons to counter big damage, its up to you to read the tells and predict the enemy. play quick, play smart, its not a Warcraft snoozefest
  7. the beta should stop indeed. they already have enough game breaking issues to fix, if they cant even place players correctly, its just a bunch of people walking around aimlessly or standing in keep as they have been misplaced, servers are either dead or overpopulated, and a mountain of annoying bugs. there is no value to any extra length in this beta. end it, fix what they have found, try again in a week or 2 for a few hours and repeat the process. alliance don't currently and wont in the long run solve anything anyhow, other than killing of the remaining player base ofc so they d
  8. splitting up the player base of guild's is what they said they would do?
  9. please just end the alliances beta already, it clearly failed, dead servers, overpop servers, etc etc. try again for the first hour every other week until you get it right. but don't kill off the game mode all week...... WvW is miserable right now
  10. dont forget mistrust (a vastly underrated trait, especially in wvw or team fights) and CI was great trait, gain boons, and apply debilitating condis on interrupt. new CI is useless
  11. Return dodges to normal, make dodge no longer usable while stunned but mirage have 100 endurance again. Fixed. Ambush condi really isn’t remotely as oppressive as people say unless they run no cleanses. In which case the only way to balance for ppl who run no cleanse is remove condi from the game.
  12. there is a point to make with overly flashy choreographed skill's being to easy to dodge, one concern i have is the hugely obvious skill animation plus cast time on blade-songs but i will agree that it will require more play to really figure out if its a issue. the main one is how the entire kit is projectile, and relatively slow moving, that will be an issue especially with the complete lack of unblockable. once again its somewhat subject to meta, but it does mean 1200 range is just a number and in actuality the usable range is more in the 600-900 ballpark and skill 2/3 are much closer, melee
  13. have you seen the new shatters and skill animations? I'm under the belief they balanced virt on the understanding the enemy is permanently blind irl πŸ˜…πŸ€£ far more clutter than clones that stand around and do non shiny 111 or barely viable shatters. clones are only visual clutter for those who are directionally challenged and unable to tell the difference between AI w move and a player that runs in all directions.
  14. and saying anet is asking for feedback is my narrative? or anets? remind me what just went live, oh yea the beta for more spec tests
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