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  1. "Announcement: We've terminated 3940 accounts due to botting and RMT. We've suspended 2345 accounts due to buying gold for money." This is what I'm asking for. This is what FF14 does as I mentioned above. Make it visible that you are actually doing something. "We'll look into it" is an empty promise. "We have looked into multiple issues and as result took this many actions" is a report on something actually being done. No privacy was breached. No information was given on their process towards their action. But you show your community that something is done.
  2. That's exactly my point. Nothing is said, so people tend to interpret that as 'nothing is done'. You can see it in a lot of places, most of all in the forums and on Reddit. A lot of PvP players are very bitter about the topic of bots and they see no announcements whatsoever about anything being done about it. I understand that they can't say anything about specific cases, but if you make reports, don't hear anything about your report being done, still see that account in action and then also never see an announcement, then that's not exactly going to inspire people to report these ac
  3. Like the title said. I've been farming elder wood and flax seed for a while now, and every time I do, I see multiple accounts where a player just teleports below ground level to nodes. Only way to report them is to make screenshot after screenshot, hope you get their name on one of them, add that name to friends and then report them for botting. Then you never hear from the report again (several accounts I've reported are still on my friend list, so it seems nothing has been done after even a few months) and we never hear any announcements about bot accounts being removed.
  4. So negative... People were this negative about heath ledge playing the joker too. Just saying
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