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  1. I wreck necros with my staff DD.... what's your problem with necros? Lol
  2. I usually run condi on everything other than CA and all of wing 3. Usually it's about burst windows. Fights that have burst windows seem to favor power builds. Condis ramping up and staying up is where they shine. Having to constantly let all your condis fall off and reramp them is a pretty big loss.
  3. I wonder why companies don't show off early versions of things.....
  4. It's not a treadmill...... what are you talking about?!? It's a ladder... you get to the top and you're done... FOREVER If they make a gw3 I probably won't play it. I've got too much time invested in this game to want to start over.
  5. I've been a die hard fan of gw2 since the beta weekends and head start. This is absolutely my game and they struck the PERFECT balance between gear progression and not having a treadmill. Also for the record I did play GW1 as well. Couldn't jump... hated it.... never went back.
  6. It's not bad at all... the entitlement on this forum is mind boggling... you want it? Make a legendary. I have several, but not for all weapons I use. In those cases I have multiple ascended I use, one for each stat combo I need. It's one of the ONLY forms of gear progression I get....
  7. But with easily available ascended items (which are stored in the equipment templates anyway) why is easly stat swapping important? You can change the stats on ascended and most people don't use all the stats on legendaries. They use 2 maybe 3 stat combos. Why couldn't you just get that many ascended pieces for way less time and money?
  8. It's far from free. You earn that benefit from the time and gold you put into making them. It would take far less time and money to literally use different ascended items of different stats.
  9. It's semantics I guess. If we want to call convenience and quality of life power then so be it. There's just not unfair advantage to them. You could make multiple ascended items and buy larger bags to make up for the space difference for less than the cost of a legendary so at the end of the day I only think of stats as power. But if we are arguing semantics we will never see eye to eye based on our own definitions. So I'll say this, if more convenience is power then yes, they are more convenient than any other item in the game. Can you agree that they provide no statistical advan
  10. Yes they are! But not more powerful. Thats the discussion.
  11. You're just wrong.... tell me... if im in a 1v1 duel with an ascended gs with berserker stats and im fighting someone with a twilight with berserker stats, how does his sword have an advantage over me? It doesn't. In raids, does he do more dps than me? Maybe, but it certainly won't be because of their twilight... It's like saying my 32 slot bags are more powerful than your 20 slot bags. It makes no sense... its more quality of life but not more power.
  12. Wrong, thats not power. THAT is convenience. Another player can have as many weapons as they need to accomplish the same goal. Next Edit: for the person who was confused with my statement. I'll break it down and I'll type it out slowly so you can read it. Power..... is....... stats...... More..... power...... = (that's an equals sign for the confused among you) more...... stats.....
  13. In what way does this power allow you to beat another player at the game? I need 1 official game mode that someone can beat another player in by having a legendary.
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