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  1. I agree, that's surprising not to have a date right now. I don't know if the answer is going to come our of nowhere on social medias or if they plan to announce it during a dev chat event. Anyway, can't wait! :)
  2. It's a bit weird to don't have the information. I hope they'll do like POF saying, that the release in two weeks! šŸ™‚
  3. Hey guys, Anet announced late February as the release date of EOD but it's only in two months and we still don't have a final date. Am I the only one to be worried about another delay? Or do you believe it's normal compared to former expansions releases? My best wishes to all of you for the new year coming up!
  4. Time to time, when I swap with F2/F3 some spells are stuck, for example the orange elite comp. is stuck with the blue ones and I can't even use it. I believe there is also a range/damage problem with the Greatsword spell nĀ°3.
  5. Add a birthday date directly in the character profile page sowe can know when our next birthday is. šŸ™‚
  6. Add an option to b able to use multiple Tome of Knowledge at once.
  7. I never liked the Thief (& Elites) gameplay but that spec was really fun to play! the only thing I regret is that the weapon isn't a 2 handed weapon. I like the scepter but it would have been better with a full bar instead of sharing it with an irrelevant weapon.
  8. Pros: + Amazing design, the turtle is juste stunning + Skills: there are very fun to use on both front and back of the turtle Cons: - The mobility, especially when you're trying to turn roght and left. Sometimes you have to move back a bit to be able to turn (like a real car). Anyway, huge congratulations to the dev. team, I LOVE IT!
  9. We need more conditions on the Greatsword. It will make the spec more hybrid and give us a choice. We only have the shortbow as a condi weapon.
  10. Except for the Jade Sphere system, I really love the spec!
  11. Same here, I really enjoy the elite spec! But the sound is too heavy and I would love to be able to turn the blades off my head when I'm out of combat.
  12. I like the changes with the new swap system. It's definitely better. Here are the points I'd like to see updated on the final version: * Is it possible to add some more alteration on the Greatsword? The spec is supposed to be hybrid but that's definitely not true right now. It's just a power spec. * The elite skill Archemorus with the lance is beautiful but totally useless... 1 target and not very powerful. * The animations on the Greatsword are not really epic... They're too simple for me, especially #5 This is just my opinion on what I'd like to see evo
  13. - Greatsword should apply some based condition damage, to be hybrid DPS/condition damage (but still mainly Pure DPS)
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