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  1. Flouncy ribbon thingies on what would otherwise be awesome armor skins or outfits. Mount sizing for Norn. My largest Norn look stupid on any mount they go on. The lion skin is the worst. My big male Norn looks like he's riding a miniature. Dye colors don't look like they're "supposed to." I can pick a beautiful dark blue for my clothie set and then in-game, away from the dye picker, it looks like a washed out version or something different entirely. It's most notable in purple shades. If you can design armor/outfits for NPCs that come together in front and look like full skirts or robes, w
  2. Games like GW2 and so many others use spiders in one of two ways. Either they are environmental, (meaning you're standing in a dark and musty place, of course they're going to be spiders,) or they are designed from the outset to be a "special mob" such as the Spider Queen in Kessex. They use them because they DO illicit a fear response in some people, and they're more readily identifyable as evil or monster-ish. Alas, those with true phobias are affected in ways the developers can't work around. It's not just spiders, either. There are people who are phobic when it comes to open spaces, closed
  3. I did it on my Mirage, but I didn't use the blinks/teleports and didn't have any swiftness. I was using different build when I started the instance. I had heard about it, but didn't think that I was at that point in the story when I did it, so yeah, I wasn't set up. It is doable, as long as you keep an eye on that laser sight. I ignored the adds, and ran like hell between obstacles. I did die once in the hand-to-hand fighting, but it was easy to get back to her once you learn her mechanics. TBH, the poison cloud was negligible for me, so I ignored it and focused on getting from obstacle to ob
  4. While I still hope they let her die with dignity, here's a thought... What if, after she passes, her "spirit" or ghost lives on without disability but cut off from the mists? Then we'd have the benefit of her expertise without the specter of her demise... Ok, I know it's a long shot, but it beats the "put her consciousness into Scruffy."
  5. I would give it a solid 7.5 out of 10. (Spoiler Warning) The Good Great flow. I loved the way you moved from one scene to another and how the story flowed from one part to the next. It wasn't like the previous episodes in that you finished a section, went and did other things and came back to the next, which would be vastly different than the previous.Nostalgia!!!! I loved seeing things I hadn't seen since GW1 and Core GW2. The area between zone portal and Sun's Refuge immediately took me back to the Sunspear Sanctuary and Command Post. Finding the Xunlai chest made me giggle!The redemption of
  6. As I said in another thread, I think she should die. Not because I hate her, in fact, it's just the opposite. We've all known for a long time that she was "different" and had a debilitating condition. We also knew she was only in remission, and not cured. Now that she is going to die, let her. She has shown that disabled people are just as capable as those who are not, and she has provided a hero's portion of help from the day we met her. Let her go with dignity. Don't make her into some shadow of herself by merging with Scruffy or some other golem/Asura hybrid. Besides, maybe her death will c
  7. I loved the newb island, and I loved the city. The forest and Jade Sea were tedious and repetitive. If they DO bring back Cantha, I hope the fact that they closed their borders so many years ago means that the city has taken over the countryside. We have plenty of jungle, desert, fields and mountains. Let's do City.
  8. Short version: Loved it. Loved the maps, really loved the flow, it felt good, and I didn't get caught up in some of the glitches others have had. (thankfully.) Long version:
  9. Show mercy, then after accepting her, deck her once for good measure and say something like "Not even yet, but it's a start...":sunglasses:
  10. I am one of those who rather like Sun's Refuge. Don't know how much I will use it, but I would love it if they turned it into something like the EOTN Hall of Monuments type of thing where our in-game deeds and collections are put on display. I know, wishful thinking, but then, as with our home instance, we could bring other people in and show them what we've done with our 6 years of play. I kind of miss having my doppelgangers standing around with all the armor sets I've collected or a selection of my favorite minis milling around where we can see them. Just sayin....
  11. Pretty much the same for me too For me as well... But, I am more interested in the issue with:
  12. I will agree to disagree. While I understand your definition of P2W, the mere fact that someone can exchange gold for gems doesn't make it any less of an issue. If it is merely the term that you object, then give me a term you can accept. It is an item, without which, a new person has to either run (go find the waypoints) or TP to a friend (also a possible pay situation.) Convenient? Of course it is. I never said it wasn't. I also never said it was P2W. I said it was edging that direction. As long as it doesn't go any farther then I can accept it grudgingly. The day they offer something in th
  13. FIrst of all, your use of 3rd party overlays can and may be against the ToS, so please, for your own sake, check to see if the one you are using is legal in the eyes of ANet. There are some that are and some that aren't and I would hate to see such a good debate adversary be banned for one.Secondly, I am well aware of what Pay to Win is. I have played games where literally everything you need to "win" the game is in the cash shop. Thankfully, this is NOT one of them. Pay to Win for me, is something that you are required to buy from a cash shop, whether it be by WOTCC or in-game money conversi
  14. I know there are boss timers, and I know that people who know about them will be there in time to do everything. I did not say that is was/is P2W... I said it's edging that way. P4Convenience is great... but this is more than just convenience to some. I am not saying it shouldn't be in the gem store... I am saying there should be another way to get it.
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