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  1. Making Vision and a handful of achievements for flying through rifts. That's about it, tbh. It's like people forget or don't realize this mount is used in part to make Vision, so they start complaining about 'the grind' while ignoring the fact that it's a bigger part of a whole.
  2. Yep, sure. I've reread what you've wrote. This thread is about the average player and the perception people have therein. You posted some outlandish examples and are now trying to backpedal. I'm done here. There's no good faith being put forwards when your argument is about as consistent as ANet's stated release cycle for new fractals.
  3. No, but the average tends to be what's generally common and you've posted something that was pretty outlandish and tried to pass it off as thoug hit were the average. Also, my friend, averages tend towards the majority. Are you familiar with bell curves? Most, if not all averages fall on said curve where a majority of things happen between two thresholds and dictate an average. Basically, what I'm saying is that someone who's spent hundreds of hours doing map completion and never once even tried to do dailies or sell off their stockpiles of materials that they would have if they actually d
  4. Oh hey look, actual data. ... 30% is still a minority, though, and "over 30%" isn't exactly a great number either. But hey, it means at least 30% of people at that time didn't even care about their traits, I guess. I do have ArcDPS, and I'll let you into a little secret. The people pulling less than 10k DPs isn't actually all that many and it's been getting fewer and fewer as time goes on especially around primetime. Exceptions occur when the content is 1) Not in any current rotation be it for achievements, skins, etc 2) brand spankin new to the game like how Dragon's End is or
  5. Yeah, but then you have daily login rewards that trump the whole "Never knew how to make money". Unless they're vendoring everything, I'm pretty certain they know certain materials have value, they know what their bank is, they know what their material storage is, etc. Even doing map completion nets you materials that can be sold. I just can't buy this line of thought when one of my friends I introduced to this game a couple years ago now was able to figure out how to make money and what materials to s ell basically three weeks in and this was basically her first MMO that she got into. A
  6. I'm saying your anecdotes are meaningless, Vayne. They hold no water, weight, or even real relevance here as they don't actually connect to anything plausible outside of "You gotta believe me, I've seen people who are completely clueless while also having played the game for hundreds of hours doing big content."
  7. Deja vu: If a condition's duration would run out while this one is s till active, it ticks until this condition is removed. 🎶 I've been tormented before, Higher with the stacks, and I know it's my point to cap, Cleansing me is misery, downing on the point, it's so hard to purge bleed. UOOOOOH!🎶
  8. So you're sitting here admitting that someone you know has played for such a long time and you didn't even bother giving them any sort of assistance in learning the game? I'm also not entirely convinced your anecdotes are anywhere near the average player. Gonna have to start seeing some sources or your anecdotes are as good as my own.
  9. My friend. There's nothing in the PvE aspect of this game that a player can't beat if they're actually good enough to participate in even partial raid clears. The amount of players who got their PvP and/or WvW legendary armor by leeching and never getting any better at either mode are also likely to be even less than the players who still have hope for another raid wing/WvW/PvP update soon™.
  10. Dailies always appear in the top right corner of the screen, refreshed every day at midnight UTC-0. Unless they've got an achievement tracked (Which would mean they've already been in the menu) or an ArcDPS addon enabled to disable those, the daily achievements always there, nagging you on what to do. Also, it's quite improbable that they've never, ever, had a single soul in this game tell them how things worked with acquiring easy money, ever, especially if they're vocal about their monetary woes.
  11. If that were the case, this game would have been dead ages ago.
  12. People come to the forum to vent their frustrations with the game. This includes those vocal minorities from both ends. Also, averages tend to form bell curves. Consider the hyper casuals who get pwned by Ted to be on the far left of the curve while the mega hardcore peeps soloing raid bosses are on the far right of the curve and the big averages (The hump) Is somewhere between the 20% bottom and near the 20% top; So that 60% between 19% and 79%
  13. Went through ~250 keys. Averaged 2.5 eggs a day. Saved my map currency because I needed those god forsaken crystals for other gifts.
  14. This goes both ways then. Those who are stupid hardcore and can do dhuum CM with only auto attacks (With 4 of their other buddies) and those who can't even figure out how to beat big nose Ted (In their defense, Ted is the hardest boss in the game) or any story boss.
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