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  1. Wow guys! I haven't played the game for almost 2 years now!! I literally just online to check out this WvW Restructure! You know this thing was in talk since I think, 4 years ago?! This is really huge man! Who knows Colin ditching AGS to return to anet 9 months ago end up getting wvw restructure into reality! evidently it is not long in development, maybe 6 months but the fact that it is out here means they are committed! is great news! if it goes well, a lot of old players might return! let's hope for the best good luck and have fun (going back t
  2. Up for the day PS: Drop me an ingame mail if I don't reply your whisper, sometimes too busy or afking or pc crashed.WvW PS: We are now one of the very few guilds in sea wvw that didn't stack or bandwagon server. Looking for even more wvwers to fight those stacked servers.
  3. That doesn’t fit their narrative. Oh, i missed out the word "only"
  4. Bg isn't the only one doing that, just saying.
  5. https://pingtestlive.com/guild-wars-2Not accurate but better than nothing.
  6. Toxi rune nerfed, boons now is more limited.Scourge now can range 10 targets. Range boonstrip now become stronger.Blob as strong as ever, nothing changed.Zerg busting is a thing of the pastEither blob or be blobbed!
  7. Another reason why this game is so non-competitive is because of the censorship, how anet always censor any so-called attacks on guilds. They also removed the match up forums. The thing about WvW or PvP in general, it is also a politic game. Sometimes, it is just essential to call out the guilds and people, even if naming them, for their bad points. Like they are bandwagoning, tanking whatever. If you don't ever call out people for doing all of that, people will just keep doing it. It is basically like a child doing something they think is right because nobody tell him/her is wrong. This polit
  8. Alliance not gonna fix wvw. People can just stack alliance, it is very easy to anyway with this many people left. For years, the community has proven themselves as nothing competitive but just mostly bandwagoners and stackers, then pretend to have fight spirits when reality proven it over and over again via the match manipulation through tanking, only to blob others down on inferior tier then blame it on the link itself for not able to go higher tier when the truth is oneself not willing to PPT their way up because all they really wanted to is to win inferior foes.
  9. The problem with gw2 is the game generally is pve focus. The concept of p2w is foreign to this pve audiences. In fact, the concepts of anything related to pvp are foreign to most of this game's community. Anet who only have experience on pve oriented games too does not have any idea on how to monetize pvp contents. Therefore, they designed gw2 in such manner. The only possible thing you could add to WvW and sPvP is a premium reward track that drop cosmetic items. (You see this suggestion here anet, don't need to thanks me for it, is too late to thanks me too since I am going AAU on oct 15.) Bt
  10. how is this concerning to the suggedtion? :) To get kills easily, you just have to blob people down. It is just a pointless glorified leaderboard.
  11. Not a new suggestion. They ignore all similar suggestion for years. They gonna ignore it still today.
  12. If is per character.....Let say you do every mode, excluding pvp since is not supported. For example mesmerIn wvw alone, you can have 2 builds already, one for roaming and other for zerging.In raid, you can have 3 builds I guess. 1 tanking, 1 off tank, 1 condi dps, 1 power dps So bare minimum for people who do multiple contents, I would say 4 for each character. The thing is the number of people that actually do multiple contents are dwindling rapidly. Anet trying to milk this dwindling subset, not gonna end well I say.
  13. Im sure I have read that deltaconnect aka arcdps will not support the templates anymore once ANET releases their own version That sucks, no wonder some people are pissed. The people who do multiple modes for sure will be unhappy. From a free unlimited option to a limited option and you need to pay to access more.
  14. Am i the only one that don't care about the template? I mean is a convenient feature, they charging for it. If you don't want to pay, you can use the arcdps template right? Or unless you can't use arcdps template anymore?
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