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  1. Well, Mechanist should be nerfed. Holo looks fine, Scrapper could use some love.
  2. Hello. I wanted to bring into the matter, the stance from the topic - you are dumbing down the game. Guild Wars 2, by far, has the best combat system there is in any MMORPG available. I know, some people enjoy global cooldowns, some people enjoy 10apm gameplay. GW2 has the fast, fluid combat system where you feel like playing "rogue-like". I have been playing from around 2018 and have around 4k hours in total. This is the first patch which made me really upset. In the past, I was like, yeah - that's the way, balance changes, game changes. The current patch feel awful due to on
  3. Balance Teams plays only Firebrands and Mechanists obviously. Enforce diversity by removing class unique buffs only to create environment where not playing Firebrand or Mechanists in instanced group is trolling and completely suboptimal. Congratz, I salute you.
  4. The banners are even worse than the ones from 2012. I love it, hahahah.
  5. Hahahaha, i just can't. It's hilarious.
  6. We love the game, we dislike the devs' vision.
  7. My man, this is the best summary of this topic. I'd love to buy you a drink. Cheers!
  8. Ah, yes, the classic - community bad. So, your forced diversity will bring us to play only Firebrands and Mechanists. It looks like playing favorites.. by any chance, are these "mains" of the balance team? Who would have thought that. I reeeeeeeally want to read justification of Warrior's Arms, it will be funny as hell.
  9. I logged into the game to say goodbyes to my Warrior. I took her to Cardinal Adina, refused to do pillars, bonked her as easily done top dps. Then we went for sunset ride in the Crystal Oasis and that's it. Goodbye, you beatufiul thing, i will miss bonking monsters with axes. You will be missed.
  10. My brother in Kormir, you forgot the Frost Spirit (Sun Spirit is to not that big of the deal for Condi, though). Anyway, ANet plays favorites and wants us to play condi builds because it is way easier to mantian dps in PvE while you can be tanku (Trailblazer, Celestial). Power builds are per se more difficult and rely much more on the buffs/boons.
  11. 2/10 (new engi rifle sounds fun)
  12. Oh boy, this patch is bad. It is reaaaaally bad. You promised huge balance patch (level of February 2020) and it's quite disappointing. You nerfed power builds to the ground so condi builds can still reign at the top. Balance team clearly plays favorites - warrior in shambles, ranger is obsolete while mechanist is outperforming everywhere with everything (new golden child). You want to promote diversity of the classes (everyone can bring everything) but you kill it. Noone will play Tempest or Druid if Heal Mechanist exists. Noone will play qHerald, qWarrior because Firebrand exists.
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