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  1. Good move. When litteraly nothing works as planned, its better to stop and fix the bugs, so at least in the next beta the core mechanics are working.
  2. Next step should be Rollback, relink, stop the beta and go back to work on it.
  3. just rollback and make a normal relink..... and bring alliance in 2 years when it works, maybe.
  4. wow, anet screwed that up badly. hope we get a rollback and a normal relink in some hours.
  5. WvW is dead anyway. Its just most of the time cloud vs cloud and which one has more people. With Alliances it will be more cloud/small scale focused. Alliance Guilds will have their own private pubs on their TS, the small scale guilds sitting in their private TS/DC too and the rest will be the unworthy peasants no one wants to play with.
  6. Don't feel any noticeable performance boost in my ryzen 3600 and 2070 Super @ 1440p. maybe 10-20 fps but in wvw with lot if people still the same. LOD Effekt still kills the fps xD had 17 fps with it in wvw where i usually have 40 FPS
  7. WvW is a dead game anyway. 90% of the servers avoiding any real competition like fights. At least the majority of a server. All they are doing is capturing towers, running across an boarder only to cap the north camp and teleporting back to spawn. Or the favorite: capping SM, instantly building on all gates 5 arrow carts, trebs, catapults and then hiding in it with 80 people the whole day.
  8. At least Commander focus is for most fight squads not really important, unless u play against Vabbi and Lipton is online and wants his 5min of fame in YouTube Videos no one cares about.
  9. 4-5 maps at the release + another 6 related to EoD if they do a lw season 5 where every episode have his own map. I think we have to wait this time a bit longer for the first episode unlike 2017 with PoF and Season 4. Maybe sometime Fall 2022 we get the first Episode.
  10. No hate but please put the WB files into the trash bin, clear it and start over again. Its not good in anything. People already mentioned all his flaws multiple times. If there are no major improvements to the elite, it won't be played in any game mode because why, when DH and FB are just miles ahead. Edit Instead of OH sword main hand focus and a more brawler like elite (elite focus skin would be a big heavy armor glove) (not so serious here) Skill 1 would be an auto attack chain, where he smash the enemy with both Hands. Left, r
  11. Ftom what i have seen WB is just dash dash dash dash shadowstep dash dash dash with ok damage. As power with GS + S/S maybe a bit weaker than DH. The F keys are clunky to use, lot of times i ended up running/jumping away/through the mob and had to run back 😛 Sustain is rly good with selfheal. Made the meta event on the lw3 map with this worm and the golem who attacks the worm. On DH sometimes its harder to fight the elites, with WB it was easy. Condi makes zero damage but only tested it with little modified pve condi fb traits. While even with the w
  12. Jup i noticed it 5min ago. Progress is completely separated from the account, even when u can see everything in the bank or shared slots.
  13. I do really like the mechanics but tbh it feels so kitten week compared to DH for example and the. F1/F2 feels weird in pve. Lot of times i was runnimh through the enemy and needed to get back xD
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