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  1. If you happen to play WvW or PvP you could do the CoE reward track, would get you some dungeon currency and one piece of armour with the Rune on it. I think it would take doing a reward track 2 times to get a full set, 4 that you would buy with the tokens and 2 that you could salvage from the armour.
  2. You will be able to be in that guild, but unless the relink puts your home server back with the same linked server (not sure if this ever happens) you will not be able to play WvW with them.
  3. If you have LS3 and/or LS4 you can farm all or most (depends on which zones you have access to) Stat Selectable Ascended Trinkets from there.
  4. Seems most of the detailed answers have been covered, so I will just give personal specifics. I play a Celestial Firebrand and with Runes of the Traveler, less for the all stat boost than because of the extra duration, and I really like a built in speed buff (although that might be a result of having played so much pre mounts). I also run a Celestial Tempest with Runes of the Pack (Celestial will get FB crit, with modifiers, high enough, but not so much for Tempest, Pack helps, plus the extra Fury uptime fills some gaps.)
  5. Speaking of EoD XP buffs, is there not an XP buff from doing the Training Ground heart?
  6. Originally you needed HoT, but I think I read in a relatively recent patch note that now any Expansion will unlock Masteries, not a huge difference, but it means that getting EoD would also unlock masteries, even if you did not have HoT. Do not take this a fact, it is merely a vague recollection, so you might want to look into it first.
  7. Server only matters for WvW, outside of the fact that people on NA servers can not play with people on EU servers. My suggestion for determining a server would be create a free to play account for both an NA and EU server. This will allow you to check the ping and get some idea of the population at the times you play.
  8. This sounds a bit too much like moving back to when Magic Find was a stat. There were issues with that and this seems like it might cause similar issues. Specifically, luck in fusion or agony infusions? luck infusion or stat infusion? etc. This just seems like a something that would create more arguments.
  9. If it does, it is much higher, I have not hit a cap, but that does not mean one does not exist.
  10. What you plant will grow daily, ascended plants excepted. You can interact with any crop that has been harvested that day and remove it, then replace it with a different crop. You can plant the same crop in as many slots as you like/have.
  11. If you can not get to it, and are on an NA server, whisper me in game and I can port you up to it.
  12. Last weekend, May 21-22, I was farming for HoT currencies, seemed like the DS meta was being run most cycles, and the other 3 HoT metas were running as they have for years.
  13. Are you on an NA or EU server?
  14. Silverwaste, use LFG to find a map with the RIBA tag, you do not need a flying mount there, but you do want a raptor. It is not the best gold per hour, but it is a good place to start, and doing events there will give you bonus magic find, 200% I think.
  15. I am less sure of that, I have come across several post complaints about "Buy Once for $XX.XX.: only to find out there is more content that will cost you just over $50.00, at least I think that is what it would work out. Either way, keeping the LS parts so that a different chapter is available for free unlock every week, on a regular rotation was the more important part.
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