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  1. To literally answer OP, and not make a rhetorical gesture, I did a search of the ele subforum. "Who Actually Wanted Hammer?" Answer: You can toss me in there too. I wanted Elementalist to get hammer too. Okay, so I literally answered OP's question. That means the discussion is concluded.
  2. Vindicator definitely has more going on than Mr. Passive "AFK Boons" Herald. Still needs some tweaking. Namely, removing cast time on Alliance Swap, and possibly allowing us to use it while in other legends. But it's definitely shaping up.
  3. Just needs a little more Mr. Torgue magic. EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In all seriousness, I think Bladesworn should be a Warrior's take on Engineer. In that respect, it makes sense to remove weapon swap and give us a kit. But it doesn't really commit to anything besides Gunsaber. Even Gunsaber itself feels limiting. It's also a bit weird that the Gunsaber can't really be used as a "gun" in a substantial way. Maybe since weapon swap is disabled anyway, they should give us a new skill on F2 while Gunsaber isn't active? I'd also rename Armaments to Gadgets, for consistency's
  4. This spec adds the "Explosives" skill type, yet does nothing with it. A number of core Warrior skills have been given the Explosions property, yet that functionality is gated behind Bladesworn, and don't do anything other than give the Bladesworn a Ferocity Buff. Booring! In order to make this spec less of a one-trick pony, and less reliant on the "Chargeup oneshot Dragon Slash" strategy, I propose adding more interactions with Explosives. Ideas: 1.Rework the Core Warrior "Arms" Traitline to have a line dedicated to Explosions. 2. Add more explosives, even outs
  5. Yeah, this is the most disappointing part of Gunsaber. I actually think the Samurai aspect holds it back. There is one thematic way to tie it together, and that's by symbolizing the chargeup oneshot attack (Dragon Slash) as a metaphor for a timed charge. That is to say maybe we should get more interactions with explosions, rather than being a one trick pony.
  6. Heal Tempest is fine. PUGs are just desperate for a reason not to use something "safe" unless it directly increases overall group DPS. This is a playerbase issue, not balance issue. Look in the mirror, and hate what you see. Catalyst is aiming for frontline boon support, most likely Diviner gear. So Quickness makes sense.
  7. I think Bladesworn needs to double down on Explosives, including the Pistol. Give it the DPUH from Borrderlands and shoot explosions! Give us Torgue branded explosions!
  8. This. Why does Hammer 3 even give buffs, if the whole thing is on such a short duration? I'd rather they reduce the damage of that thing and give it a longer duration. It already takes up too much of the Catalyst's damage proportion anyway (I think someone said 30%?), and I'd rather see the other hammer skills shine too.
  9. My initial impressions are that Vindicator will have dodge options, but will have to work around it with clever skill use. Sword 3 on Qadim's smash can work. So can the Shiro evade. Evade on Viktor can be useful too. In fact, Viktor is probably ideal for Endurance Regeneration in raid scenarios by spamming Tree Song for instant 10-20 Endurance back every 3 seconds. Not like you can use Archemorus while in dodge animation, so Viktor might, ironically as it may seem, play a big offensive role. (It's worth testing on Tuesday.)
  10. There is no Water Aura. Also the fields have a limited duration (5s?) on a limiting cooldown (15s?), making it a VERY tight duration to actually get the aura by the time you manage to switch elements and leap finisher. Your options here are to go Fire or Air then swap to fire, in order to get an aura from leap.
  11. Lack of finishers on Hammer., and most of them having high CD. Despite Catalyst literally being the "Combo Field"-spec, its weapon appears to lack synergy with its own mechanic. One really odd design of Hammer is the lack of access to Auras, despite some of Catalyst traits literally relying on Auras. Our one element with access to a Leap (Water).... just so happens to also be the combo field without an aura.
  12. Swapping elements doesn't make something Weaver.
  13. Not really. Weaver focuses on making deliberate combos as part of a rotation. It felt completely different than Catalyst during last beta. Weaver is all about circumventing autoattacks you don't want to use by instead utilizing your offhand or utilities. For example, as a condi weaver, you want to use Fire+Air for a big damage Dual Attack, but the problem is you don't want the autottack because it's not condi. So you instead make it so the time spent in air allows you to use focus skills instead of autoing after the dual attack. Then, because the skill3 is not worth using on condi,
  14. Once again, we agree. Very good point. That said, I would like to see more flexibility within the Bladesworn itself. Just because it can boost up a Dragon Slash, doesn't mean that should be the sole gimmick of the class. I would like to see more interactivity with Pistols and Explosions, and functionality outside Gunsaber itself. We lose F1 burst, which really limits diversity. It would be nice if our other MH weapons also had a meditation mode, with their own versions of Dragon Slash. This could open up neat potential and open a space for flexibility.
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