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  1. Hey, I'm really curious on what the deal with revenants is. I've googled, and gone to the wiki and looked them up, but I still don't really understand how they're played. From what I understand is you get access to two legendary heroes that you can embody, and swap between. This suggests that you have two different play styles at your finger tips that you can swap out at any time, along with weapon swaps. So you can have the Dwarf hero and be more tanky, and then switch to the assassin hero for more damage output. So, do they play a lot like Elementalists where they're constantly changing stan
  2. I know this thread is old now, but I'd like to throw in my two-cents. As someone above me pointed out, you can RP your Guardian any way you want. You then kind of brushed it off as if you don't want to RP your own character. But from a lore standpoint there's only one race for the Guardian. That's Human. Guardian is a Paladin/Cleric type class that feeds it's vengeance by it's devotion to it's god. That's the Human race for you. If you want to play a Guardian based on the in-game reasons, you have your answer. That being said, I play a Norn Guardian, and I head-cannon him in a way that he get
  3. Thank you to those that took the time to answer my questions. I really appreciate it. I know it can be frustrating some times when someone comes in asking all of these questions that should be common knowledge, or should be easy to find an answer to. The thing is though, not everyone knows where to look. If you haven't been playing the game, you might not know of all the resources available as someone who's a veteran of the game. Again, I really appreciate the posts and the time it took to help me out. I also appreciate those who are here for support against the elitests who feel new comers/re
  4. Hey, to start off, I want to say that I've been playing this game on and off for several years now. I'm not a total noob to this game, but as you'll see, I'm not really even a casual player either. I know the general basics of the game, and understand how the combat mechanics work Ect.. I've decided to take another break from WoW and come back to this game. I've actually been thinking about it for a while now, and with WoW's newest blunder of content, I've decided that this was a good time to make my move. I have both expansions, 3 L80's. (two I leveled, one I boosted.) and all the mounts excl
  5. Hey, so I mostly play defensive play styles in games. I like not dying and will often pick the most defensive route. I might take longer to get there, but I'll get there in one piece. That being said; sometimes you just want to blow a dude up. I already have 3 level 80's. Mesmer/Chronomancer (focused on support/cc) Necromancer/Reaper (Either condition, or power/minion build) and a Guardian/firebrand (condition, and tanky/healing builds) I'm playing my elementalist now and am wondering if it's a good idea to stack all power/condition damage/precision on my gear? So far I've been playing a lot o
  6. Then you would complain about him/her necroing the thread.
  7. Hey, so.. Norn have these awesome racial transformations into Were-creatures, and I think it's an awesome flare added to the game that makes the race feel that much more in touch with the north, the animal spirits, and the land. That being said. I currently have 3 Norn; all L80; and I don't use the transformations on any of them. On my Mesmer/Chronomancer I use Gravity Well. On my Guardian I use Signet of Courage, and on my Necromancer/Reaper I'll use either the Flesh Golem or Plaguelands depending on my current build. I just can't find a use for the transformations when the other elite skills
  8. Flying without the Griffon mount. Those of us that have wing transmogs would love to be able to use them. I suggest an ability that lets us double jump and get a height and glide like the Griffon. The only difference would be that we would only be as fast as a normal glider. Nobody really uses the Glider anymore because they have the Griffon mount, and they can mount it while falling. This gives them the ability to either land safely, or keep going and just "fly" away. I suggest an option to be able to do that with Gliders. Press double jump and your character jumps and flaps the wings. You th
  9. Ice themed skins. That's all. I like Ice themes in games. All of my mounts are dyed an ice theme, and I would love to transfer that kind of thing to my character.
  10. What is a better defensive stat? Vitality, or Toughness? I know that Vitality is straight up extra health. Which is great because it means you can take more hits, and larger hits before going down. Toughness is armor, but in this game it doesn't actually give you a value for your armor. If I have a toughness value, my armor number goes up. What does that number represent? It's not a percentage number to determine how much damage reduction I'm taking. It's also not the amount of damage being mitigated by each attack. Does armor reduce damage from ALL attacks, or is it just melee? Edit: How doe
  11. TLDR: Give me an ability that deals 0 damage, but lets me blow up/dismiss my pets all at once while in combat. This way I can dismiss them if I get dismounted and just want to run through an area, and not have to worry about them constantly aggroing new mobs, or trying to fight everything I run passed. Hey, not sure if there is an option for this or not, but I haven't found it if there is one. I would love a way to just murder all my minions while in combat. So far we can only actively kill 3 of them. The healing tentacle-jaw dude, the two little skull rats, and the worm. When I'm running thro
  12. Hey, I'm just curious as to what you guys feel is the easiest class to play? If I'm looking for the most face-roll class that I can play when I don't really want to pay attention, what would that class be? I'm looking to do world content. Assume I don't have (and won't for a while) elite specs. I want something that's good at AoE clearing, and super good at survivability so I won't be punished for not paying attention. Melee, ranged, whatever. Doesn't matter. Ps. What weapons would you suggest for the class you're suggesting?
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