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  1. No but it is possible to apply non-damaging conditions to them. 😕 I think some classes also have skills that can apply conditions without any strike damage. Which results in the slightly unusual looking thing of having partially damage ambient creatures. One of the weirdest example of these is the airship during Victory or Death can be attacked and according to the combat log it is Zhaitan ... apparently we were riding on Zhaitan the whole time while we were trying to find Zhaitan.
  2. Sometimes random environment objects like lamp post, boxes, etc. are also targets for attacks for some reason. I don't mean the obvious ones that you can attack and destroy either.
  3. IMO anyone who clings tightly to those sort of class stereotypes are going to have a bad time in GW2. Even more so if they also care about the performance of their characters.
  4. Sorry to burst your bubble but there is nothing unique in the game. You are neither unique nor special for having something even the account bound on acquire stuff. There are hundreds of thousand if not millions of other people with the same thing.
  5. If you accept the higher prices to get something early then you should accept it as the price of having it earlier. Why cry about it afterwards?
  6. A conference call with a team of artists from ANet after every successful strike to design a custom item. 🙂
  7. I do the same but I never had much intent to sell so a price change is basically irrelevant. Although I probably should have sold the stack that I was running out of space to store.
  8. Especially if the other games are played at an equally shallow level. Although I guess that would be catering to the most casual of casuals. So casual that they don't know where stuff are in the game nor do they want to learn. Might be very challenging trying to retain such a player.
  9. That sounds like the laurel vendor for ascended trinkets. Those have been bad since they were added to the game. As for other things. Gen3 uses half as many clovers as gen 1 and 2. The fractal/strike vendor reduces clover cost from 3-4 ecto and coin down to 2.
  10. but what did you actually learn from that? It's like telling a potential employer that you worked at 20 jobs in 1 year they probably would not be very impressed. Either a group cares about group comp or they don't. If they care then they will mention it. I am not sure what you are complaining about here. My best guess is you spread your time to too many games and you didn't even learn that there is a category in the daily achievements section for strikes. Sounds to me like you attach too much importance to them simply because they are in the gemstore. That would me
  11. Assuming 100% salvage rate since OP mentions using runecrafter and BL kit
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