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  1. sounds like the common bug that happens after using greatsword 3
  2. They would have to port to DX11/12/Vulkan before FSR ...
  3. Mouting/dismounting is a type of transform. Entering/exiting transforms trigger on swap things. This is the same for other transforms like shroud. ANet is known for its consistent inconsistency but that doesn't mean things which are consistent should be considered a bug.
  4. Yeah, imagine if the game had a permadeath option at character creation and this thread was "Is it possible to restore a permadeath character? My character died due to a bug"
  5. yes and no each mushroom's drops are once per day if you want to complete multiple collections in a day you need to kill different mushroom each time
  6. or just park a character at the waterfall with 2 essence chest and 1 norn chest it just depends on how/what you do I am in no hurry so I've been passively getting stuff through home instance nodes. With that method I end up selling multiple stacks of powdered quartz before I have enough kralkatite ore to make a weapon
  7. That is one of the handful of JPs that actually requires a significant amount of precise jumping. The majority of JPs do not or have maybe 1 or 2 jumps(Aetherblade JP has at least 10) .
  8. In the case of VB it is just devs being sloppy with their work. The defined edge for the map is smaller than it's actual geometry. The VB case is especially stupid because there is already sheer cliff to act as a boundary so the killzone is completely unnecessary.
  9. If they do anything along this line it would probably to sell alternate skill effects.
  10. There are multiple ways to deal with that problem simply increasing the reward track progress to match other wvw maps would already be an improvement to EotM rewards make the reward track progress higher than other wvw maps to compensate for the lack of skirmish rewards leave the numbers the same or possibly even lower the reward track progress a bit but add a reward track that gives a few skirmish tickets as an alternative for acquiring those EotM has nothing to do with Alliances. Alliances is closer to megaserver where instead of assembling a new server ev
  11. Not being able to buy those is not a bug. The listing existing at all is the real bug. If you look at the recipe it says "account bound on acquire". There was a bug which made the recipe not account bound which is what allowed the TP entry to exist. There are other items that like that not just chef recipes but they share the infinite loading behavior
  12. The most horribly configured place would be the cliff/wall next to the VB flax farm
  13. The annoying thing here is that this is just getting an NPC from point A to point B. You would think after so many years of development that should be a trivial thing by now ....
  14. What matters is not specific level but the difference. Attacking a higher level enemy causes some of the attacks to become glancing blows. With a big enough level difference all attacks become glancing blows. Condition duration is also reduced and with a big enough difference it becomes 100% reduction and the mob effectively becomes immune to conditions from you. Level alone is never going to be an accurate reflection of the challenge posed by a mob. Two mobs that outputs the exact same DPS but one delivers the damage in small fast hits while the other delivers them in
  15. That set has never returned as uncommon/rare drops from the BLC either. Yes. Around 1600g for the whole set
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