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  1. In that case it probably works the same as guild missions. Assuming two accounts have the same set of expansion and select the same categories then their dailies will be the same but different combinations of expansions and categories can result in completely different set of dailies.
  2. That would only get you the pre-precursors. Precursor requires ascended shards of glory which requires doing ranked matches.
  3. In that case imply buying SotO would be considered buying AA with real money because it provides additional ways of gaining AA.
  4. Yeah it's a bit strange that they would choose to write the article for actual players instead of people who just logs in then log back out again.
  5. https://d3b4yo2b5lbfy.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/37c0aWizards-Vault-EN.jpg What word do you see on the first tab on the top left? The image is in both the email and the blog post.
  6. I recommend less panicking and more reading. Those were monthly not weekly. and being get something potentially more useful than a bunch of essence of luck and a repair canister
  7. The masteries do not need to be maxed. All unlocked masteries just need to have their exp bar filled.
  8. I have always hated how that fight flows. Why the hell is the boss trying to fly away as soon as the event start?
  9. IIRC it IS the one ground attack one but I also remember having to sort of roll around in the fire to trigger it. Roll in the pizza slice not the bacon .... 😛 The Jahai Bluff's bounty might also work if the attack has the same skill ID
  10. https://dd.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/15oekwe/i_didnt_believe_how_fun_the_festival_of_the_four/ - 7h42m but apparently thief can do it in 6h42m so it depends I would probably put the time closer to 20h.
  11. Every player was a new player at some point. Your time on the forums might have biased your judgement.
  12. You can just use any stat selectable item or through the API https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/itemstats?ids=137,138,139,140,141,142,144,145,146,147,148,149,150,151,152,153,154,155,156,157,158,159,160,161,162,175,176,520,559,575,581,583,584,585,586,588,591,592,593,594,595,596,599,600,601,602,605,616,625,626,627,628,629,630,631,636,656,657,658,659,660,661,662,663,664,665,686,689,690,693,700,740,753,754,755,756,799,800,1011,1012,1013,1014,1015,1026,1030,1031,1032,1035,1037,1038,1040,1041,1042,1043,1044,1046,1047,1048,1050,1051,1052,1063,1064,1065,1066,1067,1070,1071,1073,1075,1076,1077,1078,1085,1097,1098,1109,1111,1114,1115,1118,1119,1123,1125,1128,1130,1131,1134,1139,1140,1145,1153,1162,1163,1220,1222,1224,1225,1226,1227,1228,1229,1230,1231,1232,1262,1263,1264,1265,1267,1268,1269,1270,1271,1329,1337,1344,1345,1363,1364,1366,1367,1374,1377,1378,1379,1419,1430,1436,1484,1486,1538,1539,1548,1549,1556,1559,1566,1681,1686,1687,1691,1694,1697,1706,1717 Looking at that API page it seems like the stats are sorted based on some sort of "priority" list. Looks like the same order stats are listed on celestial gear.
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