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  1. There is already a boon table but https://github.com/knoxfighter/GW2-ArcDPS-Boon-Table/releases makes it easier to see the percent uptime
  2. Forgot a 0 there 😛 2s recharge on fire grab would be insane
  3. I get piles of those on both account How to call people greedy without calling them greedy? 😁
  4. You can minimize the game instead of just alt-tabbing. Alt-tab - cpu 30%, gpu 60% minimized - cpu 14%, gpu 25% You can or just press ESC and click the minimize button(-) in the top right corner
  5. Even before the changes to a unified dungeon token getting 6 runes is a trivial thing. You need 720 tokens. That is 8 runs at most.
  6. https://gw2efficiency.com/crafting/recipe-search?filter.orderBy=craftProfit.buyROI an account isn't necessary for that, just need to be careful that you are making things people will buy
  7. The best one is Ronald McDonald that goes around giving people burgers and fries 🙂
  8. The simplest approach is probably some sort of custom outfit made from skins you have unlocked. As an outfit it avoids a bunch of other problems. Biggest roadblock is probably figuring out how dyes would work. As for monetization ... Outfit Templates Character bound of course $_$.
  9. Nope but I've been turning in the full set every time because there is/was a bug that would prevent you from turning in the empress statue if you didn't turn it in as the first. Might have been a different statue.
  10. but they already made it possible to have 45 account bound AR
  11. The Ambergris is not part of the weapon. You just toss it into the forge to exchange it for the Gift with Zommoros
  12. On the one hand I agree AR is an outdated system since inception. On the other hand your actual problem is a lack of skill.
  13. Pride does not need recognition from other people, you can be proud of your accomplishments alone in the middle of nowhere. You can be proud of something even if the rest of the world thinks it is trivial. You would have a point if OP didn't make it about comparing to other people.
  14. Pretty much everything in there is useless but there hasn't been much change to the value of the canister. It has always been a worthless item.
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