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  1. They nerf this way on purpose. Gotta make money from xpac for those who have not bought one yet. Now well.. technically imagine what if the 5th core line became elite as well on it own. Biggest tradeoff there is for any espec
  2. Lightweight action "mmo". Oh yeah im totally tired of the current market including gw2 and their wonderful "balance". Ive put it on hold for time being due to lack of time but i will be back on the track later this year
  3. I too had horrible experience with fiverr freelancers so far lol
  4. And thats the right mindset. Create counterpick to keep it in check instead of nerfing the build for another to pop in it place anyway
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzTwBQniLSc 🥱🥱🥱 If you wanna keep it realistic then heavy armor has to become the most op thing ever here and not only be as mobile as they are but also being damage immune to any sort of thief with his joke knives or staff, ranger doing his pew pew and so on as even sword cant really touch it unless you start bashing with handle like.. they used to https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/31/Augsburg_Cod.I.6.4º.2_(Codex_Wallerstein)_107v.jpg
  6. Those games types are built different and cannot be compared. Mobas have characters with usually a set of 4 skills and some passive. There are characters who fullfill x role and they have x counterpick which keep them in check. End result is many viable playable characters which u pick on depending on enemy or even ur own comp. I talk about moba and ignore others cuz they are closest example to mmos and being a master league in Smite for few seasons i know thing or 2 there (i dont recommend it in current state) Even if devs gave a f about pvp here how are you going to solve it? Getting a
  7. Been suggested long ago, never gonna happen. Original rev design had no cd on utilities and small cds on weapon skills which were also more utility oriented for the most part while auto was the heavy hitter. How rev works rn everyone knows
  8. Traits are outdated garbage concept. Just like laughable crit % chance, variable dmg instead of fixed etc. Good moderm action rpgs already got rid of that long ago or introduced special mechanics. Like backstab in dark souls being a crit basically. Gw2 class system is a relic of the past just like the dx9 being the only dx option for so long. But generally speaking mmos are not made for pvp anyway
  9. Energy system is pointless and been for a while with how they 'balance' game. Much energy management booom mf cd slap on. Get rid of energy and just put regular cd's already. In fact make energy only for upkeeps tbh
  10. Lol this garbage hammer nerfed again LMFAO holy moly. Abandon ship
  11. DH may have not been top tier meta pick but it was solid pick to go with. Were there better options? Yeah sure. Was DH horrible crap? Not really. And thats in most dead gamemode which nobody even care about. Looking at situation rn willy overshadow other guard builds. Does that mean they are bad/unplayable? Nope. They might not be necessary meta but are perfectly playable if someone want to have other options to play with their guard. Burn guard, supp guard, dh, willy. All of em have their pros n cons. The list becomes larger the moment u step into wvw. U can never go wrong with guard even if
  12. Guardian was pretty much always meta except season 1 cuz chrono was busted af. But even then it was always solid pick in any game mode and thats not going to change. Simply put guardian has solid design. Ofc they have their own issues and trash weapons (hammer) but overall they were always the only class with multiple builds to play. Cant say the same about other classes or builds (except necro). Even if something outside of shiro/glint was playable in pvp it was gutted cuz reasons
  13. Guardian was meta since gw2 launch in all gamemodes and hes going to be meta forever with multiple builds to use. Unlike yadaya herald shiro glint yaaaas queen for few years and multiple nerfs then better version of same playstyle is released on another class. Oh also no need to bother with energy cuz theres none or 'single out targets' else your damage turns into potato
  14. MMO's add new weapon types all the time or mod existing ones.. Anet aint some indie company and gw2 has over 7mil of code lines. Devs change all the time and yet gw2 keep expanding anyway (theres thing called documentation). Technically speaking its adjusting the weapon/inventory scripts, class scripting and whatever extra they have there. One way or another if you think its big deal for devs then you are mistaken. They have literally rebuilt their server architecture and moved into cloud based servers. That require some massive amount of work making weapon adjustment a piece of cake in compra
  15. I mean sure but they can change it at any moment with already existing copy paste code from another weapon say sword. Its really not an issue here. Either way never happening
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