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  1. I could bring my rusty booty and kill those ppl without equipped weapons (been there done that btw). Since when garbage montage of fighting bronzes are used to prove a point? Hammer is hot garbage and using any skill from Shiro deletes ur energy bar for some reason. How it is again any good? Also like mentioned above i also agree with rev needing fundamental rework. Legend system was meant to be used as a playstyle switching to adjust ur skills in combat but instead you have to switch legend as soon as possible to gain energy which doesnt regenerate fast enough u
  2. Jan 2019 patch was the worst patch that happened to this game
  3. What would replace elder dragon.. a young dragon obviously
  4. Id be fun to see them nerf rng ability instead actually reworking it. Its either hit nothing or 1 shot lmao. Mirin high iq luck desing. Olny at ArenaNet LLC
  5. What Alliance has over Kalla or even Glint? Or even Ventari? Running in circles.. Legend that is neither dps focused nor support. We needed second power dps house legend and we got smth that is neither good at dps and overshadowed in support. I dont even know why they placed some subpar support in again. Nobody asked for it
  6. What does it have over Jalis? Neither damage nor long lasting pulsing stab nor aoe damage reduction. Worthless
  7. I dont like the dodge and how it looks like. Its nothing rev alike. Everything in this spec has recycled animations with 0 rev aesthetic anyway. But this is what rev gets. Potato spec. Budget expansion budget elite specs
  8. First of the suggested bandaid f3 by community is a huge mistake. Same happened before with weapon swap. Its basically a second legend swap without extra energy upon swap, not to mention its a dead buttom if you dont run new legend. 1. Healing skill. Keep the channel but provide a block for the channel duration. After completing the channel release damage based on the amount of blocked attacks instead. 30cd. Healing increased to Jalis value 2. Nomad advance. Grants fury instead of might. Skill flip for 5seconds to Battle dance after the cast. No more effects allies
  9. On unrelated note imagine if the bug gave rev benefit in any form. Would be hotfixed in a hour
  10. First thing i go check is gs 3. And guess what? ...
  11. Split dmg mechanic has to go. It always felt wrong how rev is the only class that loses damage vs multiple targets. Been saying that for years at this point. Literally everyone else would rage until it changed but no revs for whatever reason. Apart from that dps is whatever due to lots of nerfs that happened over time. And burst.. excuse me what burst? Our skills r slow af so unless u phase for quickness theres no burst whatsoever. Literally 0 dmg on cc skills including immobilize (what a briliant desing, who came up with it again?) doesnt help either with sword oh and ruined many
  12. Id like them to remove the wonky support and give pure selfish dps oriented spec. We already have 2 specs for support. Why give even more support? Literally wtf for
  13. So if i pick up full traiblazer gear and mallyx/jalis what damage am i going to deal in jalis? Weakness dot?
  14. People are suprised cuz u aint clear enough. Should have said right away that you mean the reduced 33% healing effect. Anyways Mallyx is trash thanks Anet
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