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  1. Most of this is leech that requires you to facetank the Herald's damage, which is a fairly bad idea for entirely different reasons or raw healing that is quite weak on zerker amy (the main selling point of staff is the block/evade frames and the fact its one of the very few sources of condi cleanse the build has). I guess is miss-spoke. I didn't mean Herald literally had 0 sustain, just that its quite weak compared to virtually everything else in the meta right now. Its not an argument that Herald is bad, its one if not the best DPS build in the game and is incredibly o
  2. Is this real? The damage is super low outside a few random outliers (Lich autos lol). There's a reason the meta revolves around safe, slow, low energy Core builds. Everything else got neutered to hell. Only exception is like Herald but that requires to have a support glued to your kitten since the build has 0 sustain. Its so boring :/.
  3. They have builds that require very little effort while providing insane value, specially in low/mid ratings. Wanted to experiment with it myself, literally my first and only game as Burn Guard (or as a Guardian in general for that matter), i ended up with 500k damage with only a vague idea how to combo the skills together. Was giggling to myself the whole time because of how effortless and safe the whole thing felt, coming from playing Thief/Engi/Rev. https://i.imgur.com/l57MMhR.jpg Necro/Mes is the same idea, just pop lich and 2-shot someone with 12k autos on top of being naturally
  4. This seem really accurate. Only one i disagree with is Mecanist as it has the potential of being a really annoying "Me Far" build. Prolly won't be a thing in Plat3+ but will be a factor the other 99% of the playerbase
  5. If they just add the new elites and don't look at other trait lines, meta won't shift much. Taking Engi as an example, Tools and to a lesser extent Inventions (i guess its useful to support WvW blobs) are still dead trait lines as DPS Mecanist just run the exact same Firearms/Explosives combo using the exact same traits Holo and Quickscrapper uses. You can see that pattern for a lot of classes, particularly the ones with no dedicated meta support build and even then Specter doesn't give you a reason to run Acro on Thief.
  6. In PvP a lot of Core builds are currently meta actually since they tend to end up being well balanced builds between offense and defense and general ease of use to get their damage out as they aren't hamstrung by some of the Elite "counterbalance" mechanics in the format. Either way, my point is just that having dead trait lines kind of sucks. The "jack of all trades" design of the core spec worked pretty well back in the core game and even when the game had only 9 elite specs, but i feel if we could get more focused designs now, it could allow for more diversity in the game.
  7. But i mean, that's the thing, we're already halfway there with Core already have its own profession mechanic. Wouldn't be a full scale effort to simply buff/rework some traits and utility line (Gadgets for Engi for example) and make it into its own "thing".
  8. I roam., blob gameplay isn't for me. Doesn't change the fact its not great in the 3 other game modes.
  9. Right now a lot of classes have 1 Trait lines that's mostly ignored by both the players and the devs, often because its just redundant thematically with an existing Elite spec but just worse. The Tools line on Engi, the Acro line on Thief and the Retribution line on Rev etc. What if these lines would get buffed/rework to function as competent Elite specs at the cost of not being matchable with the other Elites, ofc. I understand the point of Core specs is to act like a bit like jack of all trades but once EOD is out there will be 27 Elite spec, my idea would
  10. Acro is just completely redundant with Daredevil outside SE. Could be fun if they redesigned it but won't hold my breath.
  11. Both Tools and Inventions trait lines feel like they haven't been touched since 2012. There's a reason virtually every build uses Firearms(PvE), Alchemy (PvP)/Explosives/x Doesn't feel like Mecanist will change that either. Wouldn't take that much to nudge inventions in the right way to at least make Med-Kit Scrapper a legitimate Support option. Tools probably need a complet overhaul that would extend its Traits to Turrets alongside Gadgets, along a buff to Tools Kit and most Gadgets. Guy can dream i guess?
  12. SPvP is basically in maintenance mode. Has been for years. Can still be enjoyable if you stop thinking rating has any significance (literally anyone can get to plat 2 if they duo on meta builds,). Doubt they'll do more with it. Just don't take it too seriously.
  13. Its just bots like in any other games. Automated players. And yes its possible for them to do well at lower ratings on the most simplistic specs in the game like Burn Guard or Minionmancer because these builds offer extremely high value for basically no thought if a new player doesn't know how to counter it.
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