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  1. Never had any issues doing any of the PoF Masteries solo. Some HoTS ones were rough on Thief but this is why i have an Engi who's a million times better at soloing.
  2. Meh, just throw a movie on another screen while you do it. I'm in the middle of doing it and that's how i'm handling it. Its not necessary either. I'm following trains just fine with WPs + Griffon. Like others said that kind of exploration is a huge part of the charm of GW2. Just having some chill long term goal to work towards is nice.
  3. I don't understand why people think its so impossible doing fashion-war on other races. I have 6 charrs and i'm happy with how all of them look. I guess to be fair i'm not a big fan of helmets or overly glowy/shiny stuff so maybe that's why. Charrs can pull grounded looks just fine though.
  4. I mean, the ways to unlock them outside of it are kinda obscure. I have the Lilly of the Elon teleport for PoF base maps so its one way, but for HoTS i'm kind of stuck doing the story. Otherwise friends + Teleport to Friends yeah but that's kind of clunky.
  5. Smaller things like Dyes/Infusions/etc. are probably the place where its the most fair for things to be exclusive. They have 0 gameplay impact and there's so many other ways to customize your characters that most people shouldn't feel left out as much. Your statement is kind of contradictory though, you struggle with the concept of exclusivity but you'd prefer to skins locked behind it rather than dyes? I personally certainly don't.
  6. Its fine for other people to have something that you don't. 99% of the dyes in the game are available to anyone and there's more than enough to be creative with them. I say that as something who started this game a few months before PoF and will most likely never see some rewards other players who were there earlier got. I spent years playing a different MMO as some collect-a-ton and its in no way, shape or form healthy or sustainable. Now i just pick and choose what i want/can get and leave the rest. Feels a lot better this way.
  7. I was a one character kind of person for a long time playing this game, slowly opening up to other professions over time mostly for the sake of playing end game with them (Fractals and both forms of PvP mostly). So it means i have one character with everything done and unlocked and others with basically nothing, which makes going anywhere in the world kind of a pain on them. Another very personal and probably borderline OCD reason is that i can't bring myself to do the story on any other character, having done every single season (except season 1) and story quests as
  8. Just make an alt? I have 2 Thieves for this very reason. I love DE on my main Charr Thief but since its not meta in everything i made a Sylvari Thief to play Daredevil as i personally felt that a Charr doing Kung Fu looked stupid :p. Mostly Staff skills really.
  9. Don't. Just don't complain the game is dead when your raid group falls apart tho.
  10. Not meant to be a whine post but i'm at a loss. Pug groups require experience, guilds require experience, hell even most "training" groups i've seen do (kind of a self-defeating thing but its their business ). I've been playing this game 2 years now, i PvP'd extensively and did pretty much everything else to a decent degree. I have multiple characters fully decked in Ascended gear (my main is almost fully decked in Legendary gear from SPvP). Raiding wasn't something i really looked into due to my hectic work schedule but this finally changed when i landed a management job. But i really don't s
  11. There's 0 reasons to play Deadeye over Soulbeast, better sustain, better range (lol) better and more upfront damage. Its kind of really silly. Its my favorite spec both thematically and playstyle-wise but honestly with how hard it is to make it work in any format right now, i hardly even want to play the game. Rerolling's not really an option either i tried other stuff and get bored, + invested a lot of time (and some money) getting my main character the way i wanted, not doing it again.
  12. The guy had been raging in team/map chat for most of the game, he started attacking me after i killed him a few times in +1 scenarios. We had one 1v1 scenario that ended in a draw which pissed him even more, then the game end and he adds me just for that lol. Like idc, its probably some 16 y/o having a bad day, not a big deal. But at the same time it doesn't feel necessary to deal with either anymore. Hence my point about turning people off. Like i can get rage-whispered by angry kids, or i could just go chill in front of netflix, or play one of the bajilion other games out there, or walk my d
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