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  1. It's not op imo but you're right it's not fun to play against either. It takes my low ceiling class and lowers that ceiling even more. I'd like to see it deleted frankly. The best way to beat it is to just not engage it directly.
  2. Disingenuous not to include the low CD stunbreak+SS that it comes with
  3. Yeah. Enemies in a PBAoE with a slight delay after activation. Right now it's instantaneous with no activation tell if you're in melee range. Holo forces you into melee range. Also it can go off twice.
  4. The current meta isn't bad at all imo. I would nerf Skirmisher Shot on Deadeye by decreasing the damage or increasing the initiative. I would rework slick shoes into something more like blast gyro but faster. It's current state isn't coded well. I'd make earth shield a longer CD. I'd buff condition revenant. I'd give core ele a water field on a dagger or a utility. I'd buff scourge barrier. I'd give Air a cleanse trait that competes with lightning rod and FA.
  5. The idea has been beat to death but yeah I'm for it. Issue is PvP has (sort of) been balanced for where stats are now. If you allow people to 1200 900 900 any stats you run the risk of HP/Vit/Tough or CD/Exp/Vit/Toughness and you may not remember but Mercenary Amulet wasn't fun. Menders Scourge was problematic in its hayday too. There would have to be diminishing returns on defensive and duration stats.
  6. Spellbreaker checking in. Chronobunker is an easy match up.
  7. You probably have auto targeting on and it's snapping to the pet
  8. S H O T G U N H O T G U N Imagine a ranged weapon that functioned well with the melee oriented class. What an outlandish idea. Rifle 4 forward dodge, no cast delay, 1 second evasion. 450 range. Thanks.
  9. I like the current meta for the most part. Real warrior (Not Bsworn) is relevant again. I'm hovering around Plat 3 with two different accounts. One of them primarily solo que. Warrior can win into the other meta sidenoders right now but it doesn't do as well 1v2. That is how it should be. Side node is the healthiest it's been in years. Nothing seems especially broken. That being said team fighters should really get a buff. These changes to necro are in the right direction. Condi Rev should get buffed.
  10. I'd abuse that system if it worked like that. Cash in my decay once a week and bank the points lol.
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