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  1. Flow is the worst and cripples this class. Reduce it to 30 and make it instant gain or it will never compete with the other specs. You've taken out weapon swap but have given us very little in return. Gunblade doesnt shine in the way of survival, mobility, and even damage as compared to greatsword or axe MH. Gunblade has no flow gain whatsoever. It doesn't carry over traits from the original weapons despite being a kit. You can use it in rampage but it's worse than rampage in every way and you can't even do Dragon Slash which might make it worth it. Except the damage in PvP is usel
  2. People use staff because it's good LF generation and good aoe utility at range. There's no other option better than it for utility. The damage is unremarkable with only staff 4 being noteworthy. Staff isn't problematic.
  3. Don't commit to 1v1s unless you know you can secure a kill or are delaying a cap. Thief isn't meant to be a duelist. Be aware of your rotations and go to where you're most needed. Your side noder stalled out on a 1v1 with it being his cap is less important than helping out in a team fight or decapping. If you find a duo it really helps to have them tell you when they want a +1. Know when to leave as well. If a +1 becomes a 2v2 because something like a support rotated into you then it's often better to push where the support left. Your side noder should be built to be ab
  4. Make conjures into toolkits to dab on engie
  5. I wish there were more ability utilities like physical skills on thief and war. Imagine something like a scythe attack for necro or skills for ranger that have the pet do something like akin to a flesh golem charge. Mesmer torch 5 phantasm attack but from the character itself? Less passive and more active is more fun imo
  6. Good: Necro, Thief, Engi, Guardian, Rev Okay: Ele Niche: War, Mesmer, Ranger Imo Name something in niche that couldn't be done better by the above classes
  7. I'm thinking more like 6 armor slots to choose any combination of stats you want. Give people build freedom. There might be an argument for diminishing returns.
  8. It can duel pretty well op. If you're running Mending/Brawlers Recovery/SIO/Cleansing Sigil and swapping/cleansing appropriately you really ought not to struggle with conditions too badly. We have some of the best cleanses with mending being a top tier heal and insane cleanse.
  9. Yes it's been argued before but with each amulet erasure it only becomes more relevant. Here is how I came to this conclusion In another post I was typing up a long winded argument about the benefits of balancing by a gold standard per role. (Pointless I know but I've got nothing better to do.) So in an alternate timeline an Anet who cares about PvP asks the community via a forum poll what classes should be the standard. For the sake of the argument let's assume the community chooses support core guardian as the standard for the supporting role since it's arguably the m
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