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  1. I didn't really get up to playing the festival this year. I'll share the reasons: 1st - The festival is repetitive, cloying and exhausting. (I didn't see anything new except a glove, miniatures and 3 (ugly) weapons that cost a lot zhaitaffy piece. 2nd - The daily piece zhaitaffy farm is scarce and boring, the festival forces the player to spend game money to get more zhaitaffy piece. They put absurdly priced items selling on NPCs in exchange for zhaitaffy pieces as if it were something very possible to buy. (How do you farm 100,000 zhaitaffy pieces to buy a wing?!) 3rd - Festivals, inste
  2. but I'm not questioning the fact that there are no infusions in the trading company, I just don't see players showing that they are actually dropping such infusions. Or is it forbidden to show infusions in the chat ?!
  3. I am doing these events many times a day and so far I have not seen anyone linking any "Confette infusion" or any "Charged Quartz Orichalcum Amulet of the Chak". What chance of increased drop is this? Did the drop chance increase or decrease?
  4. Well, there was a recent update referring to the change in the chance of dropping three extremely expensive and rare infusions. This somehow attracted many players to the daily game in search of these infusions (I am also playing to try to get one). Only, from the beginning of the year until now (April 3, 2021), I have had no evidence of any player dropping any of the so-called infusions.You can tell me "But the drop chance is extremely low". I can tell you that lately I am doing the event "Casino Blitz", "Chak Gerent" and "Auric Basin Meta" every 2 hours and many times a day. Whenever I kille
  5. When will Super Adventure Box 2021 be alive in Guild Wars 2? Anybody know?
  6. If the exotic backpack is on the same tab as the rare backpack, then I believe they should have the same chance of dropping. It makes no sense! Since the exotic backpack is so hard to buy, why not create a new "super rare" flap and put it there?It is disappointing to keep collecting absurd amounts of luck during the year and then get bored opening so many bags and drop absurd amounts of garbage (which has exactly no value). It seems like a bad joke!
  7. But how is it possible that I dropped almost 20 rare backpack and none exotic? Because both have the same drop chance! Strange randomness!
  8. The strange thing is that the exotic backpack is next to the rare backpack (they have the same chance of being dropped because they are in the rare tab). And even after opening almost 2000 Red Lucky Bags, I didn't get any exotic. NO EXOTIC !!!!
  9. I was collecting "luck" since last year and now I spent it all on "Red Lucky Bag". The strange thing is that out of all that I opened, I didn't pick up any exotic backpack or any expensive garbage. I only got cheap rubbish, soups and the lvl 65 backpack (I got hundreds of those). Is that normal ?! Why didn't an exotic even come ?! I'm feeling like a muggle now. Has anyone else gone through this?Is it a festival of luck or just bad luck ?!
  10. I believe that this (minuscule) change in the drop chance in three game infusions is simply a strategy to be able to attract the old or discouraging players back into the game. I personally have been playing for four years and after I heard about this new update, I was eager to enter the game and play the Tangled Depths goal. But I got discouraged right away and stopped playing the game (again).So I think that's it, it's a strategy to keep the game moving. It was a good strategy for the beginning of the year, but the drop chance still remains, let's say "impossible".
  11. i have the same problem only the sickle doesnt work anywhere...
  12. I'm getting an average of 150 winter gifts a day. And I'm not selling them on TP, I'm opening them all in the hope of dropping a super expensive item and being able to smile and forget all the anger I'm feeling because of this festival. The daily achievements I already gave up, I still find them confusing ...
  13. Well, I respect other opinions than mine. But I believe that every festival should meet the needs and the pleasure of as many players as possible. Festivals have always been the best things I enjoy on GW2, so much so that when a festival approaches being active in the game, I start to get anxious and create a lot of expectations to play it.I was hoping that something new would arrive this year of 2020 at the winter festival, because last year I suffered just as I am suffering now (I am disappointed).But still I say that the festival is very difficult, if you analyze it well, the exclusive item
  14. Do you know what is hilarious ?! I tried in many ways to complete at least the three daily achievements, but I gave up because I found those achievements very confusing and difficult to understand ...
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