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  1. Nope, what will suite and maximize condi engi will be great
  2. Hey guys, I like the playstyle of the double pistol and the kits.Im looking for an open world condi build but until I'll gear my character to full viper I would like to hear some cheap alternatives :)
  3. I would like to know if maybe you could make me a build
  4. That is just awful for Power build I think.
  5. As the title said, Im looking for a power build -Mostly for playing Open World,Berserker and Marauder is not an option. I've made a full Trailblazer Build and It's fun and strong but luck bursts.I've saw Cellofrag Build which use some of the stats I've mentioned...Any suggestions?
  6. It's just a disgrace. That's the first thing 'they need to fix instead of selling a dumb cosmetic item again. Plus it's just rude that they do not refer to it .. why people complain since f* April and it has not been fixed yet, it's shameful, I'm a veteran player since the day it was released, I've never been so disappointed and nervous. At least respond to the community you are addressing. Instead of addressing existing issues you invest it all in the next expansion and that makes me happy but not when it comes at the expense of the current experience. You made up your mind not to releas
  7. Dire is so good, the damage is also fantastic.I can feel the lack of power when I hit with auto attack (which i dont often use cause i chose to go condi)BUT when the skills recharge power could help me finish the fight faster. Not sure its better then Vitality/Thoughness. My Conclusion:It's a really fun build. I know it will never be meta for Fractals/Dungens/Raids/PvP/WvW.It takes a few seconds to stack a nice amount of conditions (which btw i managed to output 45 stacks of bleed I think SO ITS TOTALY WORTH IT)but I guess instead of evading all the time I can take alot of hits without "breaki
  8. Thank you Euclid.2517 AliamRationem.5172 !!I found out that there is Dire Attributionwhich is: Vitality, Toughness and Condition Damage. (ofc)and with the Fire and Earth traits i can get benefits fromtoughness to gain even more condition damage. But I guess it'll means I go Pure Condition.Now, for Open World, do you think It might be a problem?And what about power and precision -I want to be sure. If I go full dire, I will have 0 Power and Precision -I think I know the answer but again I want to be sure,Does the lack of power and precision will "hurt" me? AliamRationem.5172 you said "As for e
  9. I've made my decision (almost). I'm having so much fun with a Condi Weaver.I've tried a different attribuets, and I found out that Carrion is almost perfectthe sustain is amazing and the condition damage too. Unfortunately NO ExpertiseIS IT VIABLE? I ran:Fire 1-1-2 | Earth 2-1-3 | Weaver 1-1-3Rune of Agony | Rune of SmolderingCarrion Attribute | Rune of Elementalist I also tried Grieving but again I felt that the sustain was pretty bad.I can survive with it but it's still tough. I didn't mentioned Viper because it's like berserker but with more damage. What's your Opinion?
  10. Is there a middle ground that is viable enough as power and condi together?
  11. Thank you,Would you suggest me to go condi weaver for open world or power?And if i decide focusing on condi it will be viable for fractals/dungeons?
  12. Hey guys I made my final class this week (ele).I've been grind the rotations, I've been used different gears, I evaded alot and still something were missing... Most of the time I play PVE (open world) then fractals/dungeons.with the Tempest I used dagger/warhorn cause it fits my style, I fell in love with the specbut he was really really squishy. btw the damage didn't felt really good, even with full berserker. Then I tried the Weaver, he was really fun too, but again, with full berserker, sword/dagger and asolid rotations I did, he felt a little less squishy because of the barriers and the da
  13. Can we please return Braham's Heavy Armor Skin???https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Braham%27s_Heavy_Armor_Skin I have not seen them in a year.Please im waiting months for them.
  14. Please bring back the Braham's Heavy Armor Skinwaiting months for it ...https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Braham%27s_Heavy_Armor_Skin and please bring back Suntouched Scythe Staff Skin too :)https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Suntouched_Scythe_Staff_Skin
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