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  1. Yeah, it's an embarrassment in this state. Necro is better at using weapons than the bladesworn.
  2. Having played a lot of Reaper Necromancer, I would disagree that a gunsaber and 1 weapon set even matches my versatility, let alone surpasses it. Frankly, unless they turn the gunsaber into something they weapon swaps normally without the F1 key then I don't really see a reason to lock warriors into 1 weapon set. It's not like bladesworn is strong enough for that to break anything.
  3. They all seem to have issues with being clunky, weak, or just not being what a decent chunk of the playerbase wanted. I really hope there's time to fix them.
  4. I think spying could be a cool feature, but it would need to be developed, maybe have masteries, and a way to be barred from further spying in that match once discovered.
  5. Gotta agree, I'm not really seeing the difference between them.
  6. Toss an auto attack with decent range on it and I'll take it.
  7. The skills seem alright for the most part (I still wish pistol was MH). My problems so far are around the gunsaber. We're locked into that and another weapon in combat, and that's OK I guess (I'd rather have it as a 3rd weapon all the time, but I can live without it). BUT, if it's acting like my permanent 2nd weapon set I don't want to have different keybindings to make it swap like another weapon, being on F1 is making it super clunky. Only being able to use Dragon Trigger once I've swapped to gunsaber is also really clunky. Number and meta and everything else aside, those 2 things mak
  8. But we already have defensive options, we don't have a ranged MH weapon.
  9. Pistol might have a place as an OH. My initial impression is that it would be much less of a "tacked on" feature if it was MH, that seems to be a currently empty design space that would fill much nicer than another OH. As is, it doesn't really look bad but it doesn't seem to shore up the class weaknesses that the more popular picks do. OH seems to be for utility, and Pistol doesn't do that.
  10. I am rather miffed at not getting MH pistol as well. Some people say it'd make the spec to good, but I still want it.
  11. The only problem I have so far is that there's no ranged mainhand weapon to go with it, but that seems to be a personal preference of mine.
  12. I was really hoping for a Rifle as well, still might not make an Ele until we get one. On a different note, seeing how profession mechanics can change with a spec I think an Arcane Gunner that forgoes elements for a single Arcane weapon bar would be interesting, and makes the attunements do something else (modify a few skills maybe, change range, single target or spread, etc).
  13. I've had some people tell me mainhand pistol would be too good for the spec, but honestly I'm not seeing it. Necromancer can be good at range and in melee, why not warrior? I get that it would become like, the best warrior around. But that doesn't sound so bad to me.
  14. Opening up elite weapons would be nice, though personally I'd be just as happy with the core classes getting a new weapon every now and then. I think it'd be great for the game and a lot of fun.
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