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  1. Please fix this NPC dialog, it gives WRONG informations based on a OLD no longer valid nerfed feature: Elvie the Warclaw Tender "Once you've bonded enough, your warclaw gains power from your victories. It'll run faster in your territories." https://postimg.cc/VJZ9sfgq NB: and I also have to answer: "That sounds useful" 🙄.
  2. Alliances will be included in the Steam release 😄
  3. I would like to know if among all the balance patches there is time to finally fix the revenant, it still delete the build changing instances (Ex from strike to HOTN, from PvP to PvE etc.) it's really a problem everytime to re-do all the build again from scratch Bug Example
  4. Fixed adding a row to file hosts, they messed up again with servers.....
  5. Ty this fixed my problem too!!! 👌, I wasn't able to start the game, repair the game or uninstall the game, and all I got was tons of guild wars 2 instances in memory. Task Manager But now the question to ANET: Why after the "patch" i had to modify my hosts file to let the game work? last time was because You messed up with YOUR servers, what about now?
  6. Obviously restarting do not fixed it, and if i try to run the game with the -repair option it do not start and just add a process in memory, I can't even uninstall the game Process Issue
  7. After last update if I try to start the game nothing happens but the process remain running in memory, now i have 15 game processes running on my PC ..... Windows task Manager processes
  8. Two things are sad, the first is that the _best_tonicever will disappear on 6/4, the second one is that NOONE (noone) at marketing had the idea to made a contest for the best use of the choya tonic....
  9. The real problem is that in years the marketing department often did errors like this and even after management changes they still do, they seems not to understand the impact of such superficial decisions on engagement and sells, btw let's hope for the future....
  10. Thank You for Your contribution, I understand that You also have PvE, PvP, fractals, Dungeons, Raid and so on.I just wanted to point out how some can harass other people by using flaws in the game in their favor, Arenanet did something similar in the past to avoid deadlocks in the game when the devs changed SMC shape or Dragonbanner mechanics, golemancer runes etc.
  11. There are many design problems with spawn corner in WvW, as it is implemented now one server can spawncamp for hours the others because they can reach without problems the spawn gate with people (not mentioning ranger's pet that can go even further) and range kill everything , if you place siege in the keep in front of the spawn you can siege the spawn gate so every siege deployed in front of it to counter the spawncamp can be destroyed, and even better you can't build any siege out of sight in front of the spawn due to the "Siege Deployment Blocked" and even if you succceed to do it at the ve
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