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  1. We do have that on some occasions. I like the seasonal events like wintersday fight or the bazaar where they have premade builds. It is hard to tell how “balanced” they are for competitive and it works because they create special professions / special skills. I would hate having my profession identity removed for PvP. I am not totally opposed to this idea. It has some positive. It would make the game easier to balance (maybe), easier learn and practice for new players, even allow some role queue making team compositions feel less random. However I wonder what will open new builds, how the
  2. Thank you for your answer. If this is not what you meant in your message sorry for being on the defensive. In general channeled blocks have around 30s cooldown baseline. The cd is not an obstacle , every profession has a different variation and when you have one, you generally want to use it as it allows to build offensive and still survive, it pushes defensive builds even further and more importantly buys time for the cds. Could you explain what makes you think the shield was (before the cd update) worst than the other? If we had to compare every defensive weapons skill 4 and 5
  3. You seem to be looking for someone to just take your frustration on or maybe that is the way you usually talk to people. In any case it does not encourage anyone to provide feedback or discuss with you. Yes I am talking about engineer shield. Projectile reflects, knockback, stun, daze and block. Those are very strong effects on their own, having all of them on a single weapon offers a lot of versatility and can be played with anything without much (if any) investment (just like ele focus). There was no such thing as a need to trait it or "build a build around it". (Edit) I also think that
  4. Revenant : The defense nerfs make sense. I am not sure if the damage buff was needed. Engineer : The signet nerf was coming. I never liked the shield. It brings a ton of cc and defense but those cds are way too high. If they wanted to increase the cd 5 s could have been enough. Some alternative could have been switching the passive stun to a daze or limiting the number of cc to 1 every 2s. Ranger : Makes sense for untamed but a shame for core ranger. Specter : No idea Rune of the trapper : I like that there is still 1s keeping the detarget while making trapper builds easier
  5. A lot of people do not know this but competitive in gw2 is a term limited to matches with coordinated teams and more specifically centered around mAt where you see “top teams”. This is why this thread, the title of the video, the thumbnail all mention ranked and not competitive. Also from the intro of the video at 14s : “I am going to do 1 for ranked, 1 for high level competitive play” So what he said is right because the 2 experiences are vastly different. Or maybe you already knew and wanted to comment anyway (I can only try to guess). The video for competitive actua
  6. It is going to be my first season with eod specs so I cannot comment too much about those (except for one). I have mostly played unranked after the mat which obviously had an impact on the representation of the professions. Overall my list (outside of eod specs) would be close but this is only relevant for a small % of the playerbase (starting around high gold 3 in eu) and is limited to what people consider the “highest value build” (for example core guard has a lot more variety than just support, adding a lot fun to this "profession"). Just because I want to nitpick : Some cho
  7. 2 seconds is a lot. Right now I cannot think of an equivalent in the game (there probably are). The aoe visual effect should be improved but in 2s you move a lot of distance.
  8. I do not find it fun either to get caught but I am sure if people knew about the existing breathing room it would already change the way some of them react to those skills.
  9. Your description of the mechanic is a bit wrong and (sadly) a common misconception. The reason is that the mechanic is actually quite peculiar and both the in game tooltip and the wiki do not reflect that / are misleading except for 1 piece of info on the wiki for entangle. Entangle, jacaranda and ancient seeds have the same mechanic. Initial hit (which you described nicely) applies 1s immob After 1s apply 2s immob After 1.5s apply 2s immob (repeat X times)
  10. Yes I am using it on druid. Even with the trait on druid you still have to throw a heal once in a while to make sure they will stay alive once the squad starts to move or before a mechanic (like before the gliding at xera, split in vale gardian). The survivability / mobility is something I feel a lot on soulbeast in fractals where there is a lot of movement, they are not kept alive and you do not have the trait. Even with the trait it will be painfull to maintain buffs in fractals.
  11. That’s a good question. Maybe alacrity and filling some boons will be enough? I am not sure we will see more than 2/5 players provide them. Right now I have a hard time seeing builds like mirage (damage + might), renegade (cc / stab / projectile block) or specter (off support) being left for a ranger but the different especs have some interesting options. There is some damage + stance share (it could be longer imo but is not bad) on soulbeast, some boon removal / projectile block on untamed. The effects of spirits just need to be easier to maintain. When I am not on druid checking th
  12. I would guess the opposite. I think a ranger will need 3 spirits with some boon duration and the trait to have somewhere between 80%-100% uptime. This means going 3 spirits + moa on viper soulbeast (or 3 spirits and ritualist gear) or taking 3-4 spirits on druid. Only 1 spirit seems very unlikely to me as it would make any ranger spec provide insane value without much investment. edit : I might test how much damage this configuration does this week end to see how it compares with the other condi alac prodivers. I am more concerned about the "survivability / mobility" of the spirit on
  13. Since alacrity will be tied to spirits and maybe even a trait, I do not see what can stop them from adding quickness. If the quickness is also tied to some utilities and traits there will be no way to pick up both and maintain full time boons.
  14. Scepter or focus for a magic offsupport spec (consecration or corruption) would be great. Maybe mace or shield but no rifle please.
  15. After a small forced break (because of my pc) I started eod pvp yesterday. I feel like there a mixt of people being like me in unranked. They are trying to figure everything out, experimenting on their own while fighting people with a month of experience and some the new builds legitimately packing a punch. There are a few weird things that seem to lack animations or effects. Are they that good in PvP? More specifically, is untamed that good to the point of surpassing soulbeast for solo play? I feel like sicem or condi slb are safer.
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