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  1. I had no idea the cd was 10s in wvw, that seems crazy. Yes I was thinking about sPvP. I am not a fan of having a gm tied to a weapon (especially when we already have a trait with staff) but I like this idea. It reminds me of an old suggestion I made to change the staff 4 like the rev road but against immob, cripple and other alterations.
  2. Some part I do not agree with: Sb has 1 fully defensive skill (3) and 2 that you can use to also gain time / distance (4 and 5). I find Axe 5 fine because of the damage it can bring. Spirits are fine in PvE since the addition of a tp skill. It does not bother me to not have them in PvP. I do not think we need piercing baseline because weapons are good enough I do agree that the next part is not in a good shape. But maybe you underestimate them or how hard they can be to balance which I think is the main reason they are like this 😕 Primal Cry has some
  3. Funny. If you really look at the state of the game when pets could reach those numbers (and not even consistently) you would see how useless they still were. There was one time were it was relevant and that was with druid (I think during hot).
  4. Let’s keep our head cool and not say nonsense on both sides shall we? I was at 34 + and now am at 32+ (no infusions and probably failing some stuff). Unless I messed up somewhere, if you reached 37 consistently you should probably be higher. Comparing benchmark on pslb does not mean anything for a lot of real fights because you are static for quite some time (the most important part of your dps). A year and a half ago the difference between a soulbeast and a banner warrior was only 1.5k which meant in a good amount of fights the warrior ended up higher (because you had
  5. I did a quick try on the golem. Maybe other professions will have it better after the patch (I still think holo and dh will be strong) but the changes do not look as bad as I thought. (you do feel the burst loss but the average dps looks good enough) Edit : golem benchmark can be deceptive because you need to be static during the burst 😕, I will play it more tonight Edit 2 : without the arcdps update we all went for something else to have fun (mirage boon, quickness support / tank engie, condi druid). I will try slb later this week
  6. Hello @Jazzman.7135 I will try to answer in this thread instead of Is it just me, or mesmer is completely overpowered? Answers from non-mesmer players please. - Player vs. Player - Guild Wars 2 Forums. @Quadox.7834 I think the comparison with fighting games is unfair. In a fighting game you are not bound to your cds. You can try the same attack again after the animation, you can block, backdash or even counter attack. In gw2 if my block is still on 15s I cannot defend. An other thing that makes the fighting game analogy incorrect is that most of those games proba
  7. That's too bad for Clarion bond 😕 I understand why they do it (it probably is for the best) but it ends up being a new nerf for core power ranger. If only they could keep the old one for the trait... Edit : If I try to guess the trait will be 2s of weakness and the warhorn 3s.
  8. By themselves the instant interrupt are in theory fine and super satisfying to land. But they need a small drawback whether it is the range or the cd because of how strong they are and can completely nullify some professions. When I face power rangers it is so easy to interrupt their heavy skills like rapid fire, barrage, maul. The mantra has no cast time and travel time so it is less susceptible to lag than anything in the game and can be used while cced, it is not a projectile so it has less counter than most range cc, it is range so you do not put yourself in danger and the cd
  9. I cannot think of a weapon skill that gives stability. The 33% damage reduction is good because you will not be able to cast dispells, why do you want to change it?
  10. There is no shame to that. I remember when people said weaver was dead yet I had no ways to deal with them in ranked or in tournaments while playing core ranger. Months later it became meta, some people were surprised while it felt natural to me for multiple reasons. This is part of gw2, some builds just cannot deal with others. It is both great for the health of game (in tournaments) and an incredible source of frustrations in ranked. If you read something on the forums or feel a way about a build it can be very hard to determine if this is a general feeling for most people (in which cas
  11. Any mesmer build is quite solid right now but not op yet. When I see mirages they feel like a solid duelist with a condi burst potential, core feels very tanky or bursty (this one is rare), sometimes I see a power phantasm chrono with a good dps or a condi one. I think the worst aspect of fighting mesmers is how overwhelming it feels. There are a ton of animations, a good amount of evades and the amount of cc they can output feels crazy. On the other hand they tend to be fragile (tend is important) and vulnerable to builds that have either aoes or constant condi cleanse.
  12. Because the patch is mostly thought with PvE in mind some stuff is questionable (even in PvE if you ask me) or missing but I find a good amount of tweaks or changes that I like and will be good for some professions or builds.
  13. This duo is very strong, even if one dies the other can sometimes stall until they are a duo once more. I would say strong damage and lockdown are the best option and I would always prioritize the guard. When I bring a cc spam on chrono reapers do wonders in fights (of course it means that they already used some stab).
  14. Just no. There is a plethora of builds that you can play in ranked that will never be able to deal with the scrapper in 1V1 and / or have to concede the node. As I said in the general section they probably added the stab to make it competitive in pvp and the icd is going to be a major factor of balance.
  15. copy paste from my post in the profession section : Ranger Sicem and wolf pack : I have flashbacks of how ranger was in the 3 worst dps for years, without getting buff, and we had to wait for some players to make multiple variations and iterations to make it viable… Power ranger sustain dmage is and has always been bad. This small buff is not going to do anything for it. It seems too much. Soulbeast merge skill supportive pets (spiritual reprieve) -> CHANGE THE BUFF !! The skill got so many nerfs and most people do not use it, with the cd and no more condi immu
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