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  1. Wow, Some are really funny. Actually I have been playing the game for about 6 years now and have played WvW before just not lets say full time like I did for the week. Yes I know all the builds and have a Cond ranger I play in it mostly. It is a mega build that does quite well in PvP and WvW. I am talking about someone going from spawn in point to the other side of the map in less than a sec and they were running. Not Tping or using short bow with a thief Or anything like that. Looked it up on YouTube and found exactly what I had seen. It was a 3rd party program that effects your speed to ungo
  2. I started playing WvW for the Warclaw mount. At first I really enjoyed WvW and made it a part of my daily routine. But after a week of playing and all the cheating I have seen it just is not worth playing in a WvW environment. I have seen single players just sit in the middle of a zerg and take no damage and then just stand there as the zerg takes off. Or I have taken damage from out of no were and then to have a player pop out of the ground and kill me after my health is down. Not to mention the speed stuff, I was next to a player that went clear across map in less than a sec running on foot
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