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  1. Poor balance definitely hurts the game, but I am certain that these cannon fodder matches are one of the worst thing about this mode. It is almost as if it is on purpose, and it serves no purpose except to speed up the games for an extreme minority. Quality over quantity. What is the point of a quick match when it still takes about 7 minutes to get stomped out? Where is the thought process at? It is clear to see that waiting 5 minutes, 10 minutes for a good match is better than 2-3 minutes for an one sided asswhooping. This is infuriating, and no wonder why it is as dead as it is.
  2. The long title is just about everything I wanted to rant about discuss. From my observation the quality of matches is being affected by the overall liberty the matchmaker is being given to expand matches for the highest rated players. Who ultimately gets affected by this? The pvp casuals, the novices, and the potentials. The should have matches stewed together with low golds and high silvers, high golds and plat tier one, silvers and bronzes. But, matches should not have plat tier 2 and 3 and legendary in gold one matches, ever, period. (Sacrificing quality to get the highest rated players gam
  3. (quoted the wrong person, but for all commenting about mesmer in this thread) Mesmer will also struggle to stay meta because of the unfair core design. Anet should have stayed with OG mesmer, and hexes, interupts, and domination.Making them a bargain store thief with clones and mid tier health was begging to fail. Either they are too strong, or niche at best. It will take a total rework for them to find a permanent spot. They are a temporary illusion, by design.Thief will be forever because they are a true rogue, Anet messed up by not making Mesmer original. Taking the mechanics of a
  4. If nerfs to mobility are the goal, then it would need to happen to other classes as well. If this campaign you are on is about absolute speed, and not relative speed, then you will have no problem to mobility cuts into your own favorite class. Afterall, the goal is to reduce mobility creep. So things like long range dash evades built into GS, superspeed from traits, and swiftness galore should see some cuts, and adding a teleport to the untamed, must have been a mistake. My point is, asking for buffs for counters in an all-around low point of the game is the best way. I suggest that you f
  5. I'm not advocating for a single class, everyone should have a meta presence. 36 specs, 9 professions should be used in the semis and possibly partially in the finals of a MAT regularly. 9 professions should be in the meta, that is only 25% of the builds. By play time and by participation in ranked and performance in tourneys, if this was the case, the game would be a drastically different place. Half the specs should be meta. The rest should be off meta in the right hands. This would only be the starting point. It feels nice to choose something else regularly and still have success
  6. I understand what you are saying. But, another philosophical point to be made is that the baby that cries the loudest gets the milk.
  7. You are describing today's game, not back then. The list of builds would be scroll worthy that were in the great and meta tiers, now literally less than 5. Powercreep is a word people use when there class gets dumpstered and left behind. What really is happening is removal of viability. Because it's too annoying(see engi builds, thief), too bunkerish(see engi builds, ele, chrono, centsur, staff thief), too stronk(bye bye warrior, too good of a duelist(poor druid), too unfair(adios mirage), too fast(bye thief, hello spectre), too support(goodnight FB, so long Scourge), too much rang
  8. I feel like the people left in the game mode is so small, that only the ones who wanted this are left. The forums are probably haunted by those who enjoy what we have. 1288 top 250 population NA, this is better. The ones who would be killed off quickly and find the game too fast are at and below this line. If they let the only viable classes be necro, guard, and rev stay until June, top 250 will dip into silver or bronze. If all the pvp dev can do is bump numbers, don't worry about those 3 and bump up war, mes, ranger, ele, and engi in terms of dps. Lower some thief in
  9. It wasn't powercreep, it was removal of builds and essentially classes. There are 3 specs that are dominant and flooding all the games, these same professions have the next best builds, so 3 professions are dominating the games. A few fortune cookies here and there but games are a majority necrosis, guards, and revs. This is not powercreep, it is overnerfing, and what remains is what is left. Compared to pre 2020, everything is weaker. But everything is so trash this is all we have left. No, the patch removed several classes from the meta and gave power to the
  10. 1288 yesterday to be top 250, is anyone playing? I've seen jokes about there only be 400 active people in pvp, but this makes me think it might not be too far off from that. I've seen gold 3 before, but it's never been that low. I think a vocal minority wanted a slower game, but since Feb 2020, the game was rapidly shrinking. It was always shrinking because no expac since 2017, but it sped up quite a bit, and that's when early season gold top 250 NA became the norm. Now gold 1 is top 250. Please undo the Feb 2020 changes, bring back diversity, and sto
  11. The leaderboard for NA has had the 250s dip into gold 3 for the first few weeks as people wait out their games to save rating, but yesterday the 250 ranked person was at 1288. 1288 to be on the leader board at 45 games in the season, I'm positive it has never been that low. Undoubtedly, this is evidence that the claims of facing top 10 as gold may be unquestionable now. It also means that the population has dropped significantly. It really isn't about balance as much as it is about viable options. Sad thing is the players that are using the strongest classes right now are com
  12. This is a change I agree with, if you mean it did not need to be increased. Revert it back.
  13. Sure, it's on Anets long list of things to do with pvp. I just hope it is towards the back, like dead last because far more important things need to be focused on.
  14. The point is turtle is no worse than all the other stuff. The warm up was just saying if anything was pvp related, that's how it would be used, in one of its many uses as an FFA. By the way the arena works, I'm more comfortable with my position on the matter. I don't think they should spend any time fixing something so meaningless when the real pvp needs help. You can in fact glide out of the arena, go to the edge and jump. Also you can get some air if you go to the left side of the opening and get on the ledges or rocks, also a slick way to troll atrack and get back to
  15. But we are not discussing pvp, the topic is a free for all with many different mechanics than pvp. 1. Player can spawn npcs, disruptions and AOE from outside of the arena to troll. This is by design, and it is trolling, lol. 2. You can receive aid from players outside of the ffa combat zone, and can also do it yourself for others to troll. 3. You can set your portal, spectral walk, or preparation and jump into combat, and zip out to troll. 4. Duels are not sacred here, standing around with the cool kids isn't either. Everyone is fighting everyone
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