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  1. Not sure where you are, but we don't see that many - now, Scourges....
  2. Reviving is faster than stomping. Down state is ridiculously OP or reviving is stupidly slow. Reviving isn't even done much on some servers, because it's too slow - and people die just trying to get others up now instead of being able to mass revive. What changed?
  3. I begged them to allow us to gift others the expansions. I was slammed to the ground.
  4. Soulbeast and yes there is a learning curve but clearing a camp has never been as fun in over two years.
  5. So you want all to give up a good food because some use it wisely?
  6. Thank you. I wish more would teach the simple mechanics of WvW. Like masters on siege. Like rams masters using 2 and 3 to get in fastest. Like looking for all those cute little spaces in keeps where mesmers can hide. I teach new players a bit about WvW when they ask, but I can quantify it in a simple concept: Keep your participation up. Easy to do, even with NPC events, even on very busy maps.
  7. You might want to look up "catching the ley line anomoly'.
  8. A single thief can kill a lord in a castle or keep in less time than some can respond and no one will ever see him right in front of the LORD as it dies without the thief anywhere near it. It took 15 of us to find one thief AT the Lord - talk about stealth abuse? Here's the real abuse - my reveals for stealth, doesn't matter which toon or profession, does NOT keep the enemy 'visible' for the time allotted and I am looking at CLOCKS with DIGITAL SECOND HANDS - the timer for skills, especially stealth detection, are NOT working correctly and haven't been for YEARS.
  9. Anet isn't listening. WvW needs to be changed in one way - our health pool. Because 50+ people can hit a SINGLE person in combat, I know our HEALTH POOL IS WRONG FOR SKILLED FIGHTING. Our health pools are great for pve, fractals, dungeons and raids, it challenges us when we have a enemy with others around us or alone when the event scales. But WvW doesn't scale. Ever. So why isn't our health pool at least ten times what it was in pve? Not ten? Ok, then five times, but not the paltry pool of health when we have no way to mitigate massive damage from a wall of enemies who will chase down a sing
  10. According to the above image, it seems like the crash error is indicating a corrupt gw2. Dat fileOr a corrupt hard drive sector. Nope, mine is going to a freshly formatted drive and all administrative rights intact.
  11. I am getting the same screen over and over. Can't download the program. Can't get past that fatal error.
  12. I'd go for six months. It's time to get serious about bandwagonning that destroys the servers that are invaded.
  13. shaking head Uh, uh, UH, uh, uh, uh... God Mode like in DOOM. If you can hit it, it's dead, period, end of story. :+1:
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