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  1. Personally I like it, but I'd love to get at least two or three more catch animations and voicelines to add some variety. 🙂
  2. Great event! Dogs are the best! 😁
  3. Personally, even with DX11 I'm experiencing sharp FPS drops in certain areas of Seitung Province and New Kaineng. Also, I'm still experiencing the bug where my backpack and mount randomly change colour from white to pink/red. 😞
  4. Indeed, I wouldn't mind if they leave the last boss as it is if they make it worthwhile to do the entire meta despite failing the boss. Right now it's way too much of an all or nothing scenario for such a long meta in my opinion.
  5. The main issue for me is that if the boss event fails, it basically means that the last two hours of preparations have been wasted. So either the preparation phase should offer significantly better rewards or the final boss should receive a nerf to the timer. Just my two cents. I don't mind failing, but when failing means that I've wasted two hours for nothing then that feels bad.
  6. I think the solution for this would be to make participation dictate the end rewards. So essentially, if you do the entire event chain, the end boss will give the maximum amount of rewards. That would give people the incentive to do the entire chain without slipping anything if they want to maximize their rewards.
  7. Personally, I think we should simply get a legendary 32-slot bag. The reason is because then it would work like other legendary stuff, in terms that it is a nice QoL feature but does not beat the ascended bags other than being account-wide. I also agree that it should be able to be turned into any type of bag at any time. 🙂
  8. I am pretty hyped, yes! Gorgeous new maps, epic new story with new characters, lots of cool new masteries to collect, new customisation, interesting features and greatsword revenant (yesssss!). I am pretty happy so far, and am looking forward to seeing the upcoming map tours. Echowald Wilds look incredible! 🙂
  9. I don't know if this has been suggested before, but it'd be great to be able to dye weapons. Please consider finally enabling this, as it would probably be the biggest addition to this game for many people, myself included. 🙂
  10. Personally I am fine with the way it is now. Yes, the skins are only available on the store, but you can grind for them in the game, so it ends up the same. I farmed a lot to be able to buy some of the 2k skins, and it definitely felt good when I got them. 🙂 I understand your desire and respect your arguments, but I personally don't think any of this is necessary.
  11. While I am hoping they'll change the animations to make them more unique before release, it's not a big deal for me personally. WoW classes also share many animations, and that game has far bigger budget than GW2.
  12. It's actually happening! Greatsword revenant hype! 🤍
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