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  1. I'd rather they keep it challenging so that more of the casual playerbase simply has to "step it up" and get "better" overall so that the group content gets more enjoyable throughout the game.
  2. Open world story... that's it.
  3. On top of Flow Stabiliser being useless, the three other utility skills make no sense to me, they don't even make sense in a lore way either. Mines are an engi thing, electric fence? what?, and the bulletproof barrier? why? I don't see any use for these outside of making a quirky pvp build.
  4. Just as bad as the last beta as far as I can see, maybe even worse damage wise. DPS is horrendous, 3 Utility skills that might be used in pvp 'for fun', you can't sheath the gunsaber, off-hand pistol only... Are we really not gonna get anything changed until this summer for Warrior?
  5. "You can wield pistols." Uh huh... And 1 single patch note for Warriors, and it's a nerf to something no one cared about.
  6. True. But hey maybe we'll get something great in 8 hours 🙂 COPIUM
  7. Just tried the same build this beta as I did the last- the damage is actually laughably low...
  8. Could also take a look at dodging, in DT; like this:
  9. I read this as to sheathe the gunsaber, if that was your question then the answer is no- for now. Maybe next week
  10. Same, that's why I'm hoping we'll be given this decent upgrade- cuz off-hand only just seems so sad. 😞 Masters of all weaponry- but can't shoot with both hands? Odd
  11. I believe so as well, yes the spec is based on the gunsaber- but they still gave us a new weapon. Why not just make it dual pistol instead of pretending like we've only got an off-hand trigger finger and our main-hand's index finger is paralyzed every time we see a pistol. We need to keep asking for it, since we're still far from EoD release- this is the time to ask for it! And speaking of berserker, it's just the same story as with core- we're banner slaves, with some punch, but with a purely DPS based spec like Bladesworn we might actually be "allowed" to fill a dps spot in groups (not jus
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