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  1. I mean it's not like if you go to Queensdale that there's electronic billboards everywhere, or holographic whales... No, it's confined to the EoD maps where they did develop the technology (presumably over many years, it's not like we've been there for 150 years), and it fits in perfectly fine. You just don't like it, and that's okay. "I have had enough of that in my daily life and I play MMORPGs to escape from that" FTFY.
  2. I mean... all you have to do is click it every 30 minutes (or 45 for soul pasty), or press f every 1h on ascended food... It's hardly a huge issue, you can carry around tons of it, and there are loads of cheap food buff items (or even just the birthday cake). I don't know why you make such a point of magic find food being bad, if you don't think that the minimal increase is worth it, just use a different food? There's plenty of foods to increase your damage or make you tankier, that just give you a little extra benefit in combat. There's also metabolic prime
  3. You know after you finish a story, and sometimes there's the replay options for achis that start you at different points in the story instance? I think they should add something like that. It'd be especially nice for those long instances where people get dc's or struggle a lot with time etc, that once you reach a certain checkpoint you can choose to replay the story from the checkpoint, or from the beginning. That way you can still have your consequence to failing (starting from the beginning), and others have it way more accessible to them. I think there's
  4. It's not designed to be "worth it" from a monetary standpoint, it's designed to be a QoL item - the same as infinite gathering tools. You're likely never going to pay the cost off, you're not supposed to.
  5. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Ambush!_Defend_yourselves_against_the_Awakened! You sure that just because YOU haven't seen something, that it doesn't exist? 😊
  6. https://hom.guildwars2.com/en/faq/ It appears, yes, you do need Eye of the North, sorry I was a bit confused before - it's not really clear on the Claiming Your Hall of Monuments Rewards article 🙂 "Q: Why did I receive 3 points for having "Accounts Linked" under the Monument of Honor when I haven't done any linking yet? A: When Guild Wars 2 is released, there will be a way to link your Guild Wars account to your Guild Wars 2 account. If you own Eye of the North, you will receive 3 points for linking the accounts together. The Reward Calculator assumes that you will
  7. Yes, if you own Eye of the North in GW1, it allows you to get a Hall of Monuments Portal Stone in GW2, you can travel there to unlock all of your rewards at a vendor (and to charm the pets if you are a ranger) 🙂
  8. But note that to get more points you will need the Eye of the North expansion, as you will need to access the Hall of Monuments!
  9. https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/230900328-Linking-your-Guild-Wars-Guild-Wars-2-Accounts You need Prophecies, Factions OR Nightfall, and THEN the EotN expansion.
  10. In your opinion. Some of us find it fun. That said, gathering is fine the way it is, it does not need changing at all. The proposed ideas would just make QoL worse.
  11. You know that there is faux fur, right..? This is a fantasy game, no animals were harmed in the making of that outfit.
  12. No, ANY bounty can become an ambush, regardless of the person activating it and where they are in the story. You just got lucky. Had this happen several times in a row for some bounties when I was trying to finish all achievements, it's annoying and I hate it.
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