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  1. I'd recommend classes with simple rotations, these are a couple I can think of from the top of my head (though I'm not sure what the balance patch changed): -Power Daredevil -Power Reaper -Condi Soulbeast
  2. Just to piggyback on this, they haven't bothered to update any skills to show the new max boon duration. If you're running 100% boon duration on a FB, Retreat still says it gives you 40 seconds of swiftness and aegis, yet it will only give you 30 seconds of each (the same with any skill that tells you it will give you more than 30 seconds). However, the IBS mastery that gives you stability when you use your elite skill does give you 60 seconds of stability. It feels like they poorly implemented these changes with some arbitrary number. But more on
  3. I really hate this change, it looks so odd and I wish they'd revert it. The only positive I can draw from it, is that it makes it really obvious whether a person went online or offline from a quick glance.
  4. End game for me is Raids, T4 Fractals & CMs, trying to get each weight of legendary armour, achievement hunting and... fashion wars. I think it's false to say that "transmogs" aren't part of the end game, it would take a really, really long time to unlock all of the skins and it also forces you to do a lot of different content, some of it more challenging than other parts. Since there's no way to progress gear past ascended (stat wise), it's one of the most natural forms of progression in the game. I guess you can call anything past level 80 endgame though - 80 is
  5. If you're not willing to get the eaters, and you don't want to refine them, there's not really anything you can do other than delete them. It's really up to you if you want to waste your bank space by hoarding them. If you ever really need them, you know how easy they are to get.
  6. On top of the 7000 or so skins, there's also over 600 dyes - so there's probably millions of combinations. I think it's quite a versatile system. There are quite a few gemstore only skins (though it's only a small percent of the total available skins), and there's also outfits (though you can't mix/match pieces). These are quite frequently available through Black Lion Statuettes too. Also a few of the skins require you to craft them or play the game rather than being able to buy them from the Trading Post - e.g. dungeon armours, karma vendors, heart/magic/living story v
  7. We are [Nom]! We run weekly full clears, training raids and also many spontaneous LFGs throughout the week. We are looking for people that would like to get into raiding, or people that are experienced with raiding and would like a guild to do weekly clears with. Our goals are to grow, improve and have fun together - we're looking to just recruit a few people so that we're mostly seeing the same people every week and so there'll always be space for everyone, we don't want to become a place where you have to fight over spots to join. Our Fixed Schedule (CEST): Monday Afternoon
  8. Improvements and Updates New skins have been added to the Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock, Guaranteed Armor Unlock, and Guaranteed Weapon Unlock. New skins have been added to the Black Lion Exclusives Chest. From the April 27th patch.
  9. I'd like if they'd make Slumbering versions of all of the trinkets (like they did to the WvW/PvP legendary trinkets), so we could have a choice which ones we want to hide. I really love the utility of legendary gear and would love to add Vision and Coalescence to my collection but I hate the effect of having 2 or 3 of them. Definitely think people should be able to disable the effects for other players on their screen too.
  10. I don't think anyone is saying that you are wrong, just that there is such an abysmally low chance to get one drop from an unlocker, that it isn't really an issue. This isn't even the first forum post about it, and I don't really think it's worth to keep discussing or making more posts about it.
  11. I completely agree, people should have the choice to use whatever mount they want, it makes no sense to restrict it to just WvW. Sorry for not making that clear, I just didn't really think people actually wanted it disabled in PvE but wanted the above changes instead.
  12. Edit - I read it wrong. Core - 199 scrolls There's total 189 hero challenges in core tyria, but the core scrolls will also unlock hero challenges in The Silverwastes and Dry Top (and not count towards the 189 core), if you unlock all the hero points in those maps before the core maps you will be stuck at 188/189 core hero challenges and cannot finish it with scrolls (it's weird, not sure why). HoT - 40 PoF - 29
  13. The problem most people have is that if you go to WvW, then go back to PvE, your default mount (by default on 'X') will be reset to the Warclaw, not the last mount you were using in PvE. Personally I think it's easier to just bind all my mounts to different keys, but I don't think it'd be a bad change if they didn't make your default mount the Warclaw after exiting WvW. It's just simple QoL.
  14. I'm not arguing that they should be in there, but the chance of getting it from a wardrobe unlock is so low that most people are either never going to get one from one, or will just unlock one random one. I don't think it really takes away from the reward for doing the CM, and doesn't really affect the rarity of them. I don't think you can call it pay to win to have a chance to get one out of thousands of other skins.
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