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  1. And they got rid of the 24h timegate that was there if you did it at launch.
  2. I kinda like that they're only for Norn, I think it fits them as a race (and not so much humans). It makes Norn unique, they already share quite a few hairstyles with humans, let's not share tattoos too.
  3. You are aware that you are not forced to use Steam for it right? Nothing changes for you.
  4. AC (the dungeon) has two sort of hidden puzzles. One leads to a turkey room, which is quite well known I guess, and the other is at the end of paths 1+3 where you fight the last boss - it's unfinished, but you can get quite far.
  5. I'm not really sure this would be worth adding considering the tiny amount of people that are regularly using any type of emotes. The only time most people are using them is at Halloween.
  6. I personally don't find any issue with CA generation, in 98% of cases I have full CA back before the cooldown to enter it has appeared again. I think this is awful - it's balanced for PvP/WvW for a reason.
  7. Probably because you're entirely overdramatic.
  8. I don't think this makes any sense at all. You can get +5/+9 infusions that do not have any affect on them, so just use those if you don't like the red effect. Some stat infusions with effects are cheaper, but you have to deal with the effects. Having a wardrobe for infusions would just horribly devalue them, and lead to 50 times more posts of "when can we disable to visual effects, my retinas are burning". They're not skins, they're the same as amulet enrichments, and they provide actual bonuses. They don't need changing, really.
  9. The sales started on the 12th Aug like 2 years ago. I'd just chill and wait.
  10. I'm really curious, of those who bought the item, what they think of it now that they've had it for a while.
  11. One thing to consider with Raptor/Jackal speeds, is that it's very different if you're going uphill or downhill. Very little of the game is completely flat. Raptor is a lot slower uphill than Jackal, but a lot faster downhill.
  12. I think the biggest issue here is that when players are placing them by chests etc, they are intending to grief and troll. It doesn't matter if some people think it's fun, there's lots of people that find it annoying - it doesn't mean they have thin skin. The constant NEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWW sounds can be grating if you can't find the box to turn it off again. That said, I still don't think it should be bannable, I just think you shouldn't be able to place them (or any novelty/spawn etc) near to a chest/NPC.
  13. Anything other than Iboga is a giant DPS loss, if that's what you care about.
  14. You can just interact again to disable the effect. Why would it be bannable?
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