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  1. We've been having some issues with crashing during Temple of Febe (on Challenge Mode and Legendary Challenege Mode) repeatedly. It seems to only start happening on the second+ attempt per instance, the instances are getting progressively laggier for people inside and it's required to keep re-opening for people to not crash. The crashing continues with or without addons (like arcdps).
  2. Without portals has been done quite a few times already to be fair, the impressive thing is doing it with 10 core guards 😄
  3. Please fix Lightning Orb and other projectile shooting skills (like mes dagger 3) in Harvest Temple. They have been broken since SotO release and doesnt hit the dragons at all. (Please also fix the out of combat bug <3)
  4. I find it very annoying when travelling fast on a griffon and suddenly you touch a leyline and lose all speed and height, would be great to have to press a button/toggle it on to ride a leyline rather than it happening automatically.
  5. What's wrong with this mini dungeon? It's pretty easy/simple to do, there's always been loads of people there with portal/turtle to help people in...? I'm not a fan of how repetitive dailies are, but this specific one is fine.
  6. This doesn't stop you getting the reward though. It's nothing like the other daily. Still sucks, was hoping to pick up a couple of AP whilst doing it.
  7. According to LA Aerodrome, it's fixed. You can no longer be a weaver, it reverts you to core elementalist attunements. Edit: there's been a message in-game, Weaver and Sunspot are diasabled.
  8. Does she enter late? If you don't participate in the first two events (killing Braham and Ryland before the cutscene), you don't get rewards. At least - it works this way in private DS.
  9. There's also Ascalonian maps with ghosts/branded enemies that drop a decent amount of t3/4 dust, not sure how profitable it is, but it's quite chill (i.e. mid right Iron Marches). I usually do it when I run out of dust for scribing and don't feel like spending gold.
  10. The post you replied to is 6 months old, this was changed.
  11. Yes it's bugged, just like KO CM was on release. Wait until next week I guess. 🙃
  12. Not necessarily against it, but worry that it might be hard to see? Quite a lot of maps are already quite dark.
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