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  1. Please Anet add Svanir gauntlets to the Gem shop as buyable for the newest episode, fits the theme perfectly and icy winter ''fashion wars''. :)Haven't seen them for a looong time
  2. Hello.So i will keep it short - What's the point of Tattoos, when most armor pieces cover the big portion of it? For example i love norns and warriors, so i had this big idea of just making bare chested, all tattoed up berserker norn wielding two axes and then goes to the battlefield slaying some heads. There are npc's that do exactly that and i can't because of course i know that this could led to some group of people that would just use bare chested option for the sake of it, to see dem bewbs or abs, but coming from WoW that had the same issues with Tattoos and 99% armor pieces covering the
  3. Item: Frostfang, legendary Axe.Race:NornGender:Male and female Description: Hello.So after some long time i was finally able to end the chase for my first legendary, and since im enjoying the game playing warrior with 2 axes i was greatly dissapointed how the ice shards and overall effects bug out while transmuting it to offhand weapon, cuts the texture in half.When you wear a glove the effects are basically invisible on offhand.
  4. Please bring back raven mantle and Braham's heavy armor skin, im in the middle of roadmaping my first legendary and these two packs are the only things that are missing from my personal ''perfect look''. :(
  5. Can you bring back the best looking armor https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Braham's_Heavy_Armor_Skin ? Im returning player and It's like the only set that fits my ''norn berserker'' collection and transmog because there's not that many items that fit this theme that have some fur, a little revealing and can show tattoos.
  6. Item: Heavy Houndskin MantleRace: NornGender: MaleIssue: Broken black texture on the right arm near the wolfs head, stretching even more when moving.
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