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  1. I feel I'm being spit on the face for playing Chronomancer instead of Mirage... At least Soulbeast finally got some nerfs.
  2. nah mate... sit at the top of the arena and knock people back to the start with Banish depending on match ups that place could be a blast.. sometimes entire guilds were protecting server mates or killing pugs in there. I remember when you could even build siege on that damn thing... Oh, the dark days...
  3. Yeah... It's all fun and games for a bit but any seasoned player will prefer his own utilities over a set of "relatively random" stuff in the end of the day
  4. I think the Warclaw actually use the griphon model so Jackal skins aren't going to fit on it.
  5. But we are... This game always been about live testing.
  6. I kinda feel this is the Anet response to all the cries about having No Downed State permanently...
  7. That Dh traps could one shot people? I mean, they actually can... Have you ever tried trapper golem meme? Those things hit super hard when you have 6k power.
  8. Considering their extremely slow speed and being limited to 3 per gate, I think the -1 supply per pull is overkill in the terms of limiting siege capabilities. There is absolutely no reason to even pull a gate with a Warclaw, as 3 Warclaws with 20 supply each won't even take a T0 gate below half HP.
  9. I'm guessing it gonna be something around 100-300 to get the full line ready (And ofc, I expect that unlocking it for PvE will be the last point) but we'll see... Anet never fail to disapoint me.
  10. What do you do then? Jerk off at spawn? Because I've been roaming for the past 5 years and I'm almost at 5k.
  11. Idk why exactly you wanted to make a different thread for this but w/e. I fully expect it to be just another thing that people who have thousands of points to just get on launch. I doubt they want to block people out of this for too long, so I don't expect them to put effort in making a small collection of achievements to unlock it... And let's be honest here: Even for some WvW players, forcing objective captures is a annoying barrier... I have over 11k hours on this game and most of them were spent on WvW. You know when I finished my 200 SMC captures? Like 2 weeks ago... Simply because I hat
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