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  1. 1) You initially only have resources for 1 character at a time, otherwise you're doubling your climbing time. So it was between healing or not healing. I was comfortable with elementalist when I started, so that's what I did as healers were rarer. Again, I didn't have a ton of control over comp, nor was it worth the effort. This is kind of a prime example of newer players and veterans speaking completely different languages. Alot of times vets don't know how to work with players where they're at or even understand where they were coming from. I didn't even have a character slot for guardian wh
  2. Why do you think I'm running full sustain meme? or encouraging it? I initially picked heal tempest because whenever I ended up in a pure DPS comp (no dedicated healer), we would never succeed when I started in T1s. An extra healer is rarely an actual liability while climbing. And outside of T1 and T4, there's a lot of weird crap going on (people may not be running true DPS builds, but beleive they're DPS, or just be really bad). I have no regrets full carrying some of those groups ( and even occaisionally out dpsing the bad dps I was with). Getting through content doing what works is what make
  3. For DPS, absolutely. For healers and tanks (or anything taking a significant amount of damage), take it with a grain of salt and do what works best. Sometimes groups need more survivability while learning and a lot of the builds focus more on damage as much as possible. But even doing that, you want to make sure you're not sacrificing any offensive boons for your group.
  4. I hate the hyper DPS meta for PVE in this game. I don't have a good solution though, because as others have pointed out in other threads, anet doesn't do a good job of making encounters that aren't nightmares otherwise. I actually moved from MOBAs to an MMO so I could do PVE more, but find myself playing the PVP modes more and am wondering what I'm doing. I probably would have quit by now if I didn't have an IRL friend getting back into the game. And he's doing WvW with me XD.
  5. I think OP and everyone else are talking about 2 different things. @OP: I broke down and moved my harrier's trinkets to a guardian and made a heal brand. What I learned playing PuG meta with it is that you can literally kill bosses in 1 breakbar burn phase now (and if not, something close to it). Everyone here is talking about hosing the bosses down as fast as possible as being "META." According to the community, that is "META." Anet is leaning harder into this meta with their enhanced exposed debuff. What you're posting about is probably "Fault tolerant" and is probably a comp you built
  6. You mean how they removed an ambush from mirages? And ambushing is part of their design philosophy? There's not really a ton of counterplay to stealth, that's one of the reasons it's so broken. In just about any other game, damaging a stealthed opponent reveals them, stealth is usually just a mechanic for getting a good opener. Here there's way too much of it to go around. In this game, you literally have to hamper your build to have any sort of "counterplay" by taking a usually useless utility skill. Heck, with the resistance nerf, the engi goggles are practically useless outside of reveal. I
  7. Eternal ice shards are way easier, especially if you don't mind strikes. The conversion on them to S4 currencies I'm certain was intended as a catch-up mechanic
  8. And this is basically why I started playing gw2. Anet somehow have attracted the few angels in gaming to this game (not everyone who plays it is an angel, it has toxic pockets, but it's better than anywhere else I've been). EDIT: The confused reactions are funny. Has no one else been randomly helped by players in this game XD? My personal experience was being personally escorted through the entire Ember Bay JP by some friendly mesmer as a complete noob. I literally stopped and asked myself "what's wrong with these people? I like it!" I felt like such a drag, as they were often backtracking
  9. I used the daily HI node. I would supplement it with the BLT when I had more Kralkalite over the dust. Also, buying the rose quartz crystals and salvaging them can be cheaper. Pay close attention to both sources of the powder. When I was chewing on vision it was exclusively cheaper to do this. I wasn't in a rush, I chewed on Vision gradually over the course of a yearish.
  10. I'm 99% certain this already exists and I've exploited it with a grenade engi in PVP/WvW once upon a time.
  11. I'm sorry but wintersday and Shadow of the Mad king are REAL holidays in Tyria. Like honestly I love both of those renditions of those holidays in game, and it makes the things you mention a real part of the game. Like I look forward more to those holidays here in the US BECAUSE of them XD
  12. Given that its damage has supposedly been nerfed twice to put it under axe, I wouldn't see anet nerfing it if people choose to stack it. You CAN choose to stack it, but it will be sub-par against good comps where people are pure DPS with as few tanks as possible. People have stacked scrappers on VG and necros on a number of raids and showed them doable in more time. Anet hasn't really nerfed either since the meme vids on them. The reason being no one really wants to mess with super durable, low DPS builds in raids because there are some mechanics that you end up having to repeat over and over
  13. I'm sorry to hear that OP. There are chiller groups out there, trust me. I would not have voted to kick you. Most of the time you can down a boss by playing its mechanics, which is something alot of elite gW2 players forget. Really it's a symptom of how PVE in this game ages. Players who have been doing it forever have little patience with people who are new and/or returning and trying to get their bearings again, they just want the reward ASAP. I think that the devs really need to think of mechanics that encourage helping struggling players in PVE in general to combat it. It saddens me to
  14. If it makes you feel any better, i told myself I'd never ranked PVP again after ascension. I don't really that much any more, but I've broken that promise to myself.
  15. Hence why they never cared to add the new stat combos to the laurel vendors? We were all supposed to earn selectable stat ones from fractals?
  16. They do believe in this, but for some classes and not others XD This is something that has me salty about MMOs in general. i've never once, seen a balance team that truly believes in balance. Players literally sink hours upon hours in their favorite classes and the devs always seem content to blow crap all over usually about 60-70% of the player base while letting their favorites be close to gods. Tbh, i don't quite agree with you. I feel like every class should feel OP in something. That would be something that gives every class some form of identity and usefulness and that's kind of the p
  17. 1) A legendary armor that is purchased via a new currency earned in practically any game mode -> Metas, dungeons, fracts, raids, PVP, WvW, so people who like to do a variety of content can earn sets without going all-in into a particular game mode. Really I think it's gross how much commitment is needed to 1 particular game mode to earn a set of armor in general and it doesn't really play to this game's strength: the breadth of content it offers. I miss metas, but if I don't play tons of WvW I won't get anywhere on the armor and rings I'm aiming for from it. But I also am feeling close to b
  18. The best way to approach it is in bite-sized pieces, interleaved with game modes and activities you enjoy. I think I quit in the middle of the collection for a while (I remember being filled with rage and apathy at some point during it). Once you get it, it feels amazing. And even more amazing knowing I won't have to do another pathfinder achievement to use it, ever (why WoW insists on kicking me off my flying mounts every expansion is beyond me). They already kind of nerfed it: getting the currencies for the final collections are pretty trivial with season 5 ice shards. The hardest part is
  19. Well LA is coming out very soon, so that value is very Tenuous both for those trinkets and back pieces. Interesting analysis though. Didn't know the sprocket was such a small proc chance. Though for back pieces, I'd be tempted to tell people to just farm Orrian pearls and use Karma. It feels way faster, and after I bought my last one, I could buy it from the same vendor again. When i care about Winterberry trinkets, the magic tends to not be an issue as I have a full HI instance and can scrap the other mats. Really though, the most valuable season 3 items are the back and aquabreather
  20. In the end, the economy will decide what's most valuable. Watchworks sprockets are REALLY expensive right now because of the torment rework and everyone and their mom wanting SUperior sigils of torment and/or condi sigils. I bet at some point the Unbound magic ones were valuable and yielded more cash per unit of magic. For now, VM are the most valuable I believe. But just know they could completely change the economy in EoD, so really the main thing you're looking at is convenience in terms of long-term progression. In fact the amount of mining you'd have to do with your infinite gathering to
  21. So there's 6 total laurel bags from logins: One the second day of the week, the number of laurels corresponds to the week of the login rewards you're doing: 1,2,3,4, so over the month, you gain 10 from those 4 bags alone. Now the other 2 are the day 7 rewards on weeks 1 and 2 with 10 and 15 laurels respectively. This means you should be getting 35 per month. Now I don't know if you only have HoT or the core game if they change your login rewards. I have PoF, but I get 35/month regardless. I believe the monthly chest is another 10-20 if you decide you want those instead of legendary mater
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