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  1. Yeah. Wish End Of Dragons trailer is like one of those Blizzard games cinematics. That would really make non gw2 players go " oh my days this is so cool i have to try this game oh wow it free too"
  2. im still playing gw2 because its free. i play World of Warcraft Classic the past few months but now its boring as kitten. after playing WoW classic the past few months now i can confirm that Gw2 at the moment is better game than WoW Retail/Live version and the classic version. i no longer subscribe to blizzard and never will until diablo 4 comes out
  3. yes i am a nercormanmer and Guild wars 2 is better than WoW
  4. Guild Wars 2 is better game than WoW. Blizzard make mistakes time and time again with how bad the gearing system is. The story is bad and going no one knows where. The only good thing about WoW right now is the cinematics and trailer that they make.
  5. i would quit gw2 now if i can play a big cow tauren rogue, but i cant... . In gw2 you can be a big tall fat norn thief. lores wise there is no norn thief but you can play as norn thief in game. so locked profession is bad for game you can play as tauren rogue using cosmetics/toys
  6. Last time i made a thread '' Whats Preventing You From Coming Back To The Game '' . Now this is for those who still play the game. Why do you still play the game after so many years and whats preventing you from quitting?
  7. For me, the announcement didnt give me any excitement to play the game modes that i usually play. Playing Classic atm(currently in que lol). But will still be lurking this forum xD
  8. How many viewers do you think the announcement will have?If i was a betting man i say 65k viewers. For that. Lets spread the word in game so people will come watch.
  9. This question to some of you who is only here lurking in forums but no longer play the game
  10. Gw2 is currently #1 best mmo right now.-Endgame contents everywhere.-Better Graphics.-Game update every week.-Better Raids, Dungeons, Fractal-Questing levelling system not boring-Combat system-Friendly community-Awesome Mounts-wvwThere is so much do to in Gw2 world of warcraft-Boring levelling system-Cartoonish Characters-Flying mounts messing the game-no one plays pvp/battlegrounds takes 10 minutes to get into one-boring dungeons-raid is too hard-race locked proffesions-you can die underwaterin conclusion world of warcraft suck. vanilla wow will suck too. levelling is hard in vanilla wow. dun
  11. Okay. Based on the poll. Gw2 win by a landslide.So its official Gw2 is better game than world of warcraft.Thanks For Voting Everyone.
  12. Long time ago there was a thread about Gw2 in wow forum not a poll.I commented : is Gw2 better game than wow? Most answers i get are trolls saying the game suck while most say they dont know Gw2 exist lol.
  13. Im tired of reading threads people comparing Gw2 vs wow or why wow have more viewers on twitch than gw2. This needs to stop. Im making this poll to end this once and for all!Which GAME is the better GAME?? I dont wanna to hear about player base nonsence. Of course its a Blizzard game. If Heroes of the Storm isnt a Blizzard game it would be dead by now. Also no payment/subricption method reason why i play Guild wars 2. Like dude. Get a job. Then you can play any game you want. This Poll Is About which Game is the better GAME .
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