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  1. REAR - is a fight focused WvW guild FA (Fort Aspenwood) We are an Oceanic based guild that run Monday to Friday 7pm AEST to 9pm AEST Our players are mainly from Australia, New Zealand, America, SE asia and parts of Europe. Requirements -Discord (Mic is a nice to have but not mandatory) -Either to be located on FA or move with us on the new relinks every 8 weeks -Team Player -Enjoy fighting outnumbered -Ability to run multiple classes, guild builds or work towards them Best to contact me in discord s4turn#1435 or reply he
  2. why does anyone even recommend going to an overpopulated OCX server like sos is beyond meOther servers really do need more presence in OCX FA occassionally gets map queues in OCX in the weekends. It all depends on our link.Anyway, I happen to be on FA and run an OCX guild. We run as [Rear]
  3. Im not sure BG and FA are considered part of the big 3 anymore for OCX? late OCX and Sea is dead on FA, we dont have any guilds that even run that time zone anymoreIn the weekends BG OCX can get pretty big, but ive seen them lately with dead maps, usually "if" HOB rallies they get numbers though. TC has massive numbers in OCX, we fought them last night and they easily had around 40+ on a weekday! at 8pm AESTWhen the guild EBG runs for NSP, they can easily pull 40+ in ocx on their own. FA (my home server) has been very quiet now with the new link Sorrows Furnance.Prior to that with the ebay li
  4. Crew is both and OCX Also to add to your listTc now has the guild dad in ocx - bothTc has torkTc has purr - I think they are more ppt focusedFa has PLS which is ocx/sea - fight focused, possibly bothFa has CC in ocx - fight focused and don’t usually tag, they run a small group 5-7Fa has Salt in sea timeFa has Down in sea (not sure if they are active again)Late is active and IMO still very goodEA is active and on sor currently Also for crew we give Squad invites only to those in comms.We tend to run 6 days a week Like many server guilds we end up having lots of people following us, even if we
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