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  1. It don't have a 4 way jack there's one for headphones and one for mic
  2. I'll try that. But I think it might be something with the computer not supporting the one jack headphones. Idk I'm lost.
  3. So when in group in wvw and we are group fighting what is a spellbreaker supposed to do and when do I pop my bubble?
  4. So far I have gotten one ascended chest for armor in wvw I'm at rank 34 and I have made pants and a dagger ascended! And I have all ascended trinkets and rings. So all I need now is helmet gauntlets shoulders and boots!
  5. So I have earbud with a built in mic and I have a Asus computer and I don't know how to get my earbud mic to work people cannot hear me any idea how to get them to work I've also tried Xbox headset and can't get them to work thanks for the help all.
  6. I must be playing my spellbreaker wrong cause I die alot! In wvw
  7. Track progress takes the longest everything else is easy to get...
  8. See I have one ascended weapon and all my trinkets and stuff I just need armor now just want to get the right mind I been focusing all on ferocity as you can see I'm still new and learning
  9. So I'm starting to do more wvw what's the best gear for spellbreaker and where do i get it with Larals or what please help me out thank you!
  10. Yeah I'm having trouble also I got so much in my ferocity that my hp deplets very fast wondering if I should get more defense or vitality ??????
  11. I play a warrior/spellbreaker and i hate running into you guys until I get ahold of one of you then it's over but I'm new and learning the dos and fonts of pvp still!
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