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  1. no. Your math is is not checking out at all. First of all only 4 condi classes even have torment. Mirage, Ren, cDE and scourge. cDE got nerfed into oblivion after the patch hit because they want DE to remain a meme apparently. And it varied a lot for these 4 classes aswell. Scourge and cDE are heavily torment centered. Scourge won the most since it didnt really get nerfed like cDE.
  2. No. For real its just face > keyboard and ignore all but the major mechanic of every fight. When i play scourge in raids i never dodge because i dont have to. I've seen multiple players who struggled before the buffs on dps classes because they just dont care about dps rotations swap to scourge and easily clear bosses they never killed before.
  3. And the general buff didnt affect scourge? I dont understand that logic. True multiple classes were affected but the combination of soul barbs and torment buffs increased scourge dps by more than 30%
  4. True and false at the same time. It makes a difference when ele gets oneshotted by mechanics that put scourge to 60% hp for example. Scourge doesnt have to dodge or care about most things while ele and a lot of other classes have to dodge or avoid them. Example: SH spinning attack MO exploding circle Sama aa. Easily avoidable but they can kill an ele very quickly CA basically everything. Dhuum basically everything. You dont have to react to chains as fast and generally cant really die as scourge unless you make really bad mistakes. ele needs fast condi cleanse and a lo
  5. Scourge was buffed by ~30%. Give alac mirage a try. Its extremely bad outside of 100cm. You wont believe how useless it is in most fractals. It has almost no cleave. No burst. Has lots of confusion damage which is useless on breakbars and you cant really apply long duration alacrity for split phases. You have to dodge constantly.
  6. It is when it bounces you in mechanics. A lot of players hate movement skills being part of rotations. You are such a clown honestly. Its missing 3k you will be doing more. You wrote cDD does 40k. without allies it does just 33k. Cfb does 35k solo. Razorclaw bleed uses the renegade stats and therefore counts as rens dmg but is not included in the sc bench. You really could be an anet dev. just looking at benchmarks without understanding the builds. Slb stance share is the only skill like this that doesnt use the slb stats cause reasons. Also just ignore everything coldi wrote. its
  7. It was at 47k big hitbox. sub 40 small. Nope it never went past 30% popularity in fractals. in fact it wasnt really played a lot by pugs. they prefered dh and other builds over it. That scourge bench can be grinded to reach 38k+ again actually. Of course dmg is a problem on scourge. Scourge would still be top dps in 100. People linked you logs of scourge doing absurd dmg and you still deny it. Cfb and ren deserve hard nerfs aswell. Especially cren. Condi DD has forced movement and is garbage to play with 1 button spam. cDaredevil doesnt need any setup. Sword cweaver and
  8. The game design 3 years ago is the same we have today. weaver is not static and can adapt quite a lot. weave self is clunky though. both weave self burst phases have 30 skills each and 21 attunement swaps not even counting double attunes. a tad too complicated and convoluted. and you lose 20% dmg if you do those parts too slow which require alacrity to do perfect. Power weaver is fairly simple but weave self makes weaver extremely complicated and high apm for just scourge dps. obviously playrates of such a design will be low.
  9. Viable maybe but never better than power dps wise. Its vastly easier to play and requires far less setup. Most of the regular t4 fractal favor condi dps. Especially since most of them throw protection around. Condi builds can also use tormenting runes or trailblazer for minor dps losses. Power can do nothing like that. Power has scholar bonus. Condi is just way safer. Thats why current fractal scene is such a scourge, cfb, ren fiesta. When weaver was op it was only really played by statics and very good players since it was very squishy and punishing. Currently the cfb is top dps and comp
  10. Do you actually log into the game sometimes or just post on forum? How can you justify the lfg basically just being fbs and scourges with maybe 1 different class every 2nd lfg? Really not sure if you are just trolling in forums all day or really believe the things you write. Condi meta is incredible limiting. most condi builds have bad cleave except for scourge, fb and ren and maybe holo but i havent een a condi holo in years.
  11. You seem to be more the type to like anecdotal evidence. Just logged in, filtered for "cm" and this is the result: https://imgur.com/a/UEQYQTv All those pesky wingman elitists just started their groups at the same time i guess?
  12. The supports may have to be in the group but fb reaches almost 40% representation. Thats 2 per group on average. even broken weaver never went past 27% and that was a broken 47k dps build during a time when the 2nd best was like 35k. Maybe because it required some skill to achieve that dps and was risky to play? Even scourge went past broken weaver at this point. The meta was never even close to be this narrow in cms. There is always one renegade so it has 20% representation with a fixed spot just like old chrono. But scourge sits at average 1,5 spots per group and fb at 2. Your las
  13. I like how you show a severe lack of knowledge in endgame pve with very outdated views. Not only this but the other topics here aswell. Condi is easier to play, thats just a fact. Power is only better for hardcore statics with lots of hours on sweaty tryhard strategies like 5way skorvald portal. There are like 2 statics in eu who can do this. For full clears you go condi and potentially swap spec to for example reaper for trash like in the fractal tournament. Weaver is very much not alive in raids and fractals. i like how you just ignore the data because you dont like it. And i
  14. Inspired by a reddit post about class popularity in raids i wanted to compare it to fractals and the results are very sad to say the least. Here the distribution: https://imgur.com/a/cZWySoU 90% are made up by 3 elite specs. not even classes. Diversity hasnt been this bad ever. not even during busted chrono or weaver days. The exposed buff was just a giant mistake. Condi is now easier to play and faster than power. this is true even for speedrunners. Power has just so many downsides for no reason. only power is affected by npng. only power requires to be at high hp for mods. onl
  15. What mechanics? Most bosses have like no mechanics at all and good players can do a perfect golem rotation on almost all bosses. Burst timings and short phases are the only thing pushing some builds ahead. Any experienced player knows that raid mechanics are a joke and its dps above everything. Gw2 raids would be casual content in other games but 90% of the playerbase is so bad that raids are seen as hardcore.
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