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  1. @saerni.2584 They were very careful with nerfing renegade and scourge. Nobody of them plays anything besides guardian anyways so they just nuked it. 50% higher initiative cost on repeater, >50% lower torment on sneak attack. Meanwhile they nerf ren by like 1k dps max each patch while it still has a 43k bench. Currently DD is the only way for thief to dps in pve because DE is just that dogshit. It could be decent. All core weapons just don't really work with it. Only rifle, dagger and formerly pistol have a good sneak attack but dagger mh has no good way to generate malice. Heartse
  2. Dungeons are no longer supported and so faceroll that thief isnt required. Its still the best for map exploits. Thief is not good because of design or anything but because of completely busted stolen skills. Its useless in places without stolen skills or outside of niche ip tanks like qadim requires. On samarog 27% of my damage was coming from magnetic bombs the other day. And it was just on par with holo. Holo can achieve those numbers on any boss. Why would it be handy in those fractals? Smokefields are not limited to thief and scrapper stealth is enough aswell. Thief is currently
  3. Try pugging 100cm as power thief. Most groups will kick you and rightfully so. it is incredible bad in 100.
  4. Why is everyone calling druid healing bad when it can reach 13k hps sustained and even 17k+ with LL? 9-12k is pretty much what a druid does if he spams avatar. hfb can reach 9k hps aswell. The main issue in fractals is just the lack of quickness/alac. Boon chrono is just inferior to ren + fb. Also mitigation > healing. Aegis mantra is just too strong in fractals.The 8-9k hps a hfb can do is missing the negated damage. qfb could do that aswell but you cant run tempest + fb without lacking alacrity unless you want to run 3 supports in fracs. Tempest is just as good as druid in fract
  5. Roul did a 28sec balth in his build showcase video. as full trailblazer and plaguedoctor fb. Balth is just a bit too short for comparison. a 40sec weaver kill has 50% weave self uptime and 3/4 on the 20% condi mod. Thats a 90sec cd skill. fb burst resets with every kill, ren has no high cd at all. Ren has cosistently higher dps with battle scars. ~23k+ and doesnt have something like weave self to depend on.
  6. The problem isnt the sustain. cele weaver has top sustain. Its the lack of self buffing capabilties. Weaver is probably the most alacrity dependant spec in the game yet it has 0 ways to get it. No good ways to selfbuff might and not a single way to selfbuff quickness. The weave self condi opener needs full alacrity and quickness and dps drops hard when you cant finish it in time. 20% condi dmg drop for 10seconds. No ways to cover that yourself except for threatening your supports. Survivability is a bit low in full glass gear and thats true but in my opinion thats just not the bigges
  7. Why would you want an ele when you could just take renegade, holo or dh. low hp, crap sustain, average to bad cc. average dps. no boon party support. Instead of buffing their dmg they should just buff utility, conjures. also weaver feels so bad without alac and quickness but cant generate it. weaver should just be less support reliant. maybe perma alac + quickness during weave self to make it at least not a nightmare to play with bad supports.
  8. Like i wrote in your other thread. you are not critcapped. that video is outdated and would lack 50prec today. you also dont take forceful greatsword anymore. use the power to fero trait instead. You can ignore what Lan wrote about the aa. you need 3crits for an f1. 4+3 should work if all crit. A weapon swap generates as much adrenaline as 2 crits so you would still need 1aa + swap. The entire rotation is basically chaining 3hit combos together. 2, 4 and 2nd aa chain all hit twice.
  9. Very simple error. You are not critcapped. Every axe crit generates adrenaline which you need for the 3hit eviscerate combo. Banner trait got nerfed to only grant 50 bonus prec down from 100. Maybe you are missing that? Thank anet for not having a critchance trait on warr.
  10. You will still be top dps on a couple of bosses. The people linking the 30k and 27k golem videos dont mention the 40+ confusion stacks it does. The golem doesnt trigger any confusion at all. This adds 10k vs normal bosses and 20k+ vs fast hitting bosses. Still no effort ambush spam top dps.
  11. You mean blast gyro? literally the only skill currently. Dont forget that qrapper has to give up a 250 power trait + 30% stab uptime for quickness. That means qrapper does a lot less than dps by default. It competes with fb. an op 31k dps build that provides perma fury aswell And aegis, and stab and can bring reflections and high cc and even 37.5% condi cleanse uptime on the dps skill. Qrapper has to give it a lot more since swapping grenade kit is massive for qrapper. They could buff blast gyro dmg to be less of a meme. or swap trait locations to allow qrapper to take the 250power t
  12. Thats not how you play that build in pve. You have 3 clones up at all times and spam dodge for the ambush with infinite horizon. You do shatter but immediately get 3 clones back with staff 2 + self deception. no reason to swap to scepter unless you mean pvp. Mirage dps is still busted. still 0 effort extremely high dps + boons. Post patch 50k+ dps on SH and 37k+ cairn still possible. thats higher boss dps than most classes have benchmarks. nothing except maybe cchrono can reach even reach close to 50k.
  13. You do realize that this is a 1% nerf right? Actually even below 1%. dmg reductions should never be additive. reaching 100% reduction was just ridiculous.
  14. Yes then it could be allowed to do lots of damage. but it doesnt. 15% perma dmg reduction aswell. can take huge team utility at a minor loss aswell. Play other classes like weaver. you wont feel as immortal even with a healer. As others pointed out the nerf was very minor. meanwhile thief got butchered and is in trash tier again. scourges turn content into a joke. so much passive mitigation on top of full ranged and basically a free utility slot. Scourge does still as much damage as slb.
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