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  1. You were just bad in the beginning. it was about ease of play? ever did old lvl 50 fractals where everything oneshotted you? You didn't answer before. how do you design a pve system without rotations? They existed on release. ele had a 30step rotation or something in dungeons. might stack on scepter -> aa on lh -> repeat. Harder than current ele rotations if you ignore weave self on weaver. Also please leave the only combat content alone with that casual stuff. The one thing casuals don't want is competition and hard content. they want press1 free loot. A casual focussed ironman map wont work. casuals would have to play or read which they hate and good players are bored and annoyed out of their mind with these minigames.
  2. An hour is on the slow side for CMs + t4. Static fast are 30min. Fast are ~45min. But if you want to achieve that you have to stop letting rifle mechs and other leechers into your groups. Actually fast farming are casual fractal runners. Their times are quite a bit slower than static runs or even high ufe runs. That is the issue in this game. Most people have no idea how a good run is even supposed to look like. Kick mechs on sight, block players who refuse to swap to power after 100 and 99 and sub hour runs are the norm.
  3. CMs + T4 with a half decent group are 40-50g/h. 60g/h for statics. The best open world farms are at 30 g/h.
  4. Most fractal hp pools are too low. the only exception is silent surf. Sunqua normal has so low hp that you can phase her on side without much effort. The cm fights are very worth it gold wise. What do you mean "outside of a daily chest"? Do you want to farm them over and over?
  5. Then only cm got nerfed hard. normal mode was never a problem to begin with. 15m hp or something while you have access to a 50% outgoing dmg buff during the fight. its a bad fight but it isn't bad because its too long. It is still bugged. rewards are fine.
  6. Silent surf takes only slightly longer than sunqua peak. A good group can clear it in 5min and it could be faster without that pointless rp in the beginning. it is the easiest cm that can still bug out and wipe you. an hp nerf would increase the bug frequency. They nerfed the normal mode hp hard and it just dies. Barely any groups skip it on eu server. Is this a classic na problem?
  7. You don't have to do any of these things in rts games. You will simply perform worse than people who do these things. A jungler in lol doesn't have to optimize the jungle route in higher tier play? Are you sure about that? The gameplay you describe only applies to low level play and you can play like that in gw too. You dont have 20 abilities in cs but you have to memorize a lot of other things to be good. good aim alone is not enough. The one thing the ultra casual crowd in gw2 does not want are fast reaction mechanics. they tried that once with the eater of souls in pof. forum was on fire.
  8. Let me burst your casual bubble. EVERY rpg has an optimal rotation. The only active decision would be a parry punish if the attack pattern has a lot of rng. You would still do a rotation outside of these attacks. Monster hunter speedruns plan out the entire fight in advance. The weapons itself have optimal dps combos. Can you please try to explain how a game without rotations would look like? I seriously don't understand how this is supposed to look like. "Active decision" always makes it sound like people want button mashing being rewarding. There can be adjustments to rotations and good dps players do them all the time. these are active decisions no?
  9. All these things should be client side. Movement in general is clientside. that's why you can teleport hack in the game.
  10. It could've been chrono exclusive if it wasn't shareable. But it was shareable from the beginning. -> chrono was a mandatory role.
  11. Hfb is for the casuals. The problem is that slb has been completely broken for like 5years and they keep nerfing any other option that starts competing like weaver.
  12. To 3. You mean wow? FF14 raids have no trash at all. Trash is a pointless waste of time in wow too. Its not difficult and just there to waste time. The interesting part are the bosses. there is open world for exploration.
  13. I don't really understand why all 3 specs have to be able to facetank group events. Especially the harbinger stuff costs you tons of dps but in that case its no issue when compared to virt? Chrono can burst the 1mill hp golem selfbuffed in ~35sec. Most champions are not that tanky and would just die to burst. The game is not balanced around solo group event performance and should not be balanced around it. And in all cases you can just take the jadecore buff and burst all the champions in seconds. Chrono has 2 ways of getting perma quick with illusions and with chrono gm traitline. also multiple high dps ways to reach perma fury. The ONLY pve content where this is kinda required are bounty solos. Everything else just dies to burst. Especially with jadecore buffs. https://dps.report/PPIJ-20231213-170306_boss here a log of what these buffs do to your mushroom queen. Chrono is a burst spec. No need to turn it into a sustained useless tank. If you want to leech while watching netflix you can play staff mirage or cvirtu and if you want to be helpful you play chrono in open world pve and provide perma quick + fury + some might for 5 while also having top burst. No need to create more minion master noob traps for good builds.
  14. Wasnt qfb 37k dps? It uses full ritu and was so busted that you could solo legy bounties on your raid build easily. Or did i miss the part where top dps for a utility loaded fb was reasonable?
  15. Happens every holiday and to a lesser extent every weekend. and fb players are usually just bad. some are still hating on the tome change which was a buff.
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