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  1. Just hold down 1. No need to hammer the key.
  2. And i can assure you that auto attacking with s/s on shiro/jalis is not a top build. Even if it would do high dps. That is power herald currently. Power renegade is at least a bit more interesting but only works on big hitboxes because the citadel spread is massive. Vindicator's alliance is another weird support legend. The 3rd now. Most working pvp builds i've seen havent used alliance either. So the alliance legend definitely needs a lot of help. Both skill sets just dont synergize at all. Why exactly do they have a flip mechanic? You cant combo from first skill into flip or vice
  3. Damage done = (Weapon strength) * Power * (skill-specific coefficient)/(target's Armor) Of course you can compare skills. Weapon strength and power are fixed. Only coefficients differ. Why cant you directly read relative values from that? If weapon strength and power are fixed and only coefficients change that means that a 20% higher number means 20% higher coefficient. If you increase power by 10% both values will increase by 10% and relative value stays the same. Black magic. Did you mean absolute values?
  4. Please explain the solid personal damage. Im not seeing it. It will probably do herald level damage with going full offensive. Dropping the 15% mod wont help the dps output. Also cele ren does ~31k dps and 10man alacrity while also having on demand 10k aoe heal. Cele fb does a lot of heal, while offering dps and all the boons. Cele fb also has better condi cleanse than this thanks to purging flames. How do you want to heal with this? you have access to some very weak heling skills every 16sec with alac that offer nothing else and the 2k barrier 2k heal dodge. You could play a 37k dps scou
  5. Already exists and guess what? Guardian does it way better, even renegade does it better. Power hybrid builds suck. They require 3 stats while condi gets away with 2. And heal condi fb gives quickness and might on top of healing while it could even outdamage your "offensive" vindi. In order to support you have to drop the 15% mod. Then you need to spend energy to reach those support skills and those wont be on demand either. Its not made for pve. Its not even really made for pvp. Is this supposed to be an open world spec? Herald and renegade are better there aswell.
  6. No cc is incredible bad in pve aswell. Would need busted dps to justify it in fractals. would just not bring it into most raid fights because of the lack of cc alone.
  7. You can still compare values between skills shown. Also he got might during a skill which allowed some calculations. Gs2 had a 2k tooltip. The damage dodge had 2,5 and spear 2,4. 3rd gs aa 1,379. Thats why im confident to say that dodge will be a dps loss unless tooltips were wrong or skills got buffed after. You have to stay inside 5 enemies to get might, doesnt really work with hammer burst. You only get the 15% mod after dodging. very bad idea in pvp on a glass build. The saving grace could be shown pvp values while pve would have way higher values. Still would be a 0cc spec which almo
  8. Herald has better mods. Hammer herald will do more damage than vindicator. Taking the damage dodge will probably just kill you in competetive. The aoe melee abilities do as much damage as 1 aa hit. Their purpose is giving boons. What do you mean with increased damage? Glints facets do more damage than this.Gs is the only thing this has going for it. WvW and pvp already have a power spec with herald. The lack of cc alone makes this borderline unplayable in fractals and raids alone. The lack of dps just adds up. Willybender is a pvp spec that still does damage in pve and would still be good
  9. Rev doesnt have a power spec in pve. Herald just sucks and is very situational. You wont be able to cancel the dodge early, would be busted in pvp. Strikes are going to be single boss encounters. The specs shining in raids will shine there. "Vindicator thrives in large scale fights" because it has cleave? All melee weapons cleave. It can selfbuff a bit better vs large groups and the heal is strong if it hits multiple targets. thats it. Nothing in the kit is really good for a large scale fights. No range on cleave. no endure pain. Would still take holo over this. The barrier heal dodge mi
  10. Yes those values are incredible low in pve. The dodge takes 2sec+ to land and does less damage than a single aa chain which finishes faster. The dps of that skill is very low. 2k range is worthless in pve content. The dodge is so slow and telegraphed that you will never hit other players with it. There is not a single cc in the entire gs + alliance kit. You cant guarantee anything. The aoe utility you mentioned does reaper shout level damage. It will probably be close to herald in terms of dps which already sucks. Another questionable pvp spec.
  11. The dmg dodge is not heavy hitting. unless they multiplied the values after the stream. Nothing except gs2 is heavy hitting. Dodge and noodle spear are both just 20% better than gs2 but gs2 costs just 5 energy and has 3sec cd. This is not a dps spec, more likely a bunker in pvp with very long evade frames and a lot of stamina recovery + heal and barrier spam.
  12. How do you want to theorycraft with complete garbage coefficients? Gs has to carry the entire spec and it is quite op. The rest is kitten. Dodge takes almost as long as the bs 350k hit but hits for barely more than gs2. Alliance elite does garbage level damage aswell, the rest of the utilities are reaper shout rp stuff. Want to know how bad it is? 1 aa chain does more dmg than dodge and takes like half the time. Sword 4 does more damage than spear of the wet noodle (alliance elite). Power rev needed a power legend since hot. Shiro has 1 dps skill. Thats the only really damaging power
  13. In t1 maybe. You will dps race the healer with this setup. Dodge duration doesnt seem to scale with quickness and takes eternities, the utils suck. a bunch of low duration selfish boons and no dmg, great. Perfect for an open world zerg, exactly what rev needed.
  14. Rev got an open world spec. Maybe this warr spec isnt for pvp. Spb was primarily a pvp spec.
  15. Im not complaining about having to do wvsw. im complaining about the time. 30h a week are ridiculous. raid armor takes 2h max per week. the ring even less time.
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