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  1. Since this is a Wintersday-themed thread...how about having Tixx rein Toxx in, Anet? She cheats shamelessly at the mount race! As for what I'd like to find in my Wintersday stocking...how about a "fedora" hat skin? My "Fourth Doctor" engineer has come out of retirement because he's all excited about becoming a Mechanist, but he wants a new hat for the occasion.
  2. We've also got a charr who writes bodice rippers, an "Elder Dragon" who looks like an ice sculpture of Jimmy Durante, and an apocalyptic confrontation between said Elder Dragon and his twin that leads off with Jimmy Durante shouting "Primor--dusss!" in the tones of a scolding nursemaid. I'm pretty sure immersion went out the window a long time ago. 😉
  3. My guild leader is Optimus Prime. I've got an engineer dressed up as the Fourth Doctor who's been a crafting mule for years, but he heard about the Mechanist profession and decided he wants to come out of retirement. :)
  4. Now, to compare, they just released the Mechanist, a spec that not only makes sense with a sensible-sounding name, but looks cool and fun to play. And I just happen to have an engineer character (currently serving as a mule) all ready for it!
  5. Glad you brought this up. They've made little to no sense to me. However, today's revelation of "Untamed" is by far the most unfortunate. The phrase "Untamed French Video" is getting bullhorned all over the place in my GW2 feed because apparently somebody in France leaked a video or something? Quite confusing to someone who just got in from work and sat down to learn what's happening in Tyria today. I thought Snargle Goldclaw had taken his bodice-ripping game to the next level.
  6. Last night I was doing events in Verdant Brink for the daily, and also because I needed crowbars for my home instance container. Mind you, it's been quite a while since I've done a lot of HoT content, so what I'm pointing out may have been in place for some time. What I noticed is that in addition to frequent predictions that "All will serve the jungle dragon!", the Mordrem are now making the most extraordinarily disgusting noises. They sound like Bill the Cat hacking up the mother of all hairballs. What happened, there in the Heart of Maguuma? Did somebody dump a ton of Round-Up i
  7. +1. I enjoyed the pistol and shroud skills, but found myself ignoring the elixirs altogether. I'm also not a fan of the "blight" mechanic. And while it's not terribly important to gameplay, can I add that I'm also not a fan of the spec's name? "Harbinger" makes zero sense, as do the names of the other two specs. Good heavens, Anet, are you picking spec names out of King Thorn's...ah, pumpkin...or something?
  8. Maybe it's a ruse. Maybe they're only giving us these piddling little gifts for now so they can snicker at our complaining here, but on the actual anniversary (which I think is Saturday) they're going to wow us with something stunning!
  9. Restarting the game seems to have helped for me. At least I'm out of that squad I don't remember joining. :)
  10. Can vouch for this. I somehow ended up in a squad all by myself and I can't leave it. Earlier I was attempting to join the evening DBS squad (Hi, Arizolen!) and while it never showed that I joined, I could see the squad markers and hear targets being called.
  11. That's my "game within a game". Come up with a silly character name that's either a guild joke or a joke in general, and spend the week leveling him/her. I rotate through all the races and several of the professions so it doesn't get too monotonous.
  12. They were dreadful, for all the wrong reasons. Jormag looked like a frozen Jimmy Durante, and Primordus looked like a pit bull from hell. One guildmate says that Primordus' glowing nostrils look like the eyes in a second face growing out of his snout, and now I can't unsee that.
  13. I was in Jahai last night for my evening tussle with the Death-branded Shatterer (he's a lot more fun than the original Shatty, imho) when a Vigil asura suddenly announced "I fully expect us to expire here." That sounded familiar to me, though I didn't place it immediately. Then another Vigil member asked my charr reaper if he'd "found a way out" (he hadn't.). Puzzled by the vaguely familiar lines, he went to stand next to a third Vigil soldier who assured him that "this jungle is going to kill us all!" While my reaper peered into the dust and Branded lightning in confusion looking for the "ju
  14. I don't know, but I totally think "fart-smelling" should be hyphenated. 😆
  15. As a member of the playerbase who sees the game through older eyes, I am perfectly happy with the change. It's nice to be able to easily see which of my friends are"Online" and which are "Off-line". :)
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