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  1. What about players who don's own End of Dragons? Anyway, why not do it the same like in ESO? just let the player character walk around there when doin a preview.
  2. The problem is the hardware and internet connection of the servers. This is a known fact from the time Anet decided to urge players to leave maps with low population. The connectivity on their side is outdated. The only solution is more and newer servers connected with optical fiber. I have a brand new gaming computer and a 1gb/sec internet connection. Yet loading times between maps are awful...
  3. Relax. It will something like: Daily: Get a painting and hang in on the wall of your bedroom. Weekly: Give all rooms in your house new wallpapers Period: Get a new house.
  4. Hmmm this game is more lik ESO. It looks like many players here voted for houses. In other words: a cozy home instead of heavy battles lol.
  5. Give us places like in GW1 where the House of Helzer and the House of Kurzick could battle each other in Open World, and where your Guild aligns with one of the Houses. 🙂
  6. It would be nice if we could have both: prefab and building it from scratch ourselves but: I'm afraid that building it ourselves will involve a ton of grinding by finding the right materials, probably including working for achievements. That is not what I like to do. So basically let's start with the option to buy complete houses. And give an extra feature to create new houses ourselves later.
  7. I am curious about the house types we can get. Will it be like in Elder Scrolls Online, a range from small cheap cottages to huge expensive manors? And will it be possible to buy houses in different parts of the world map or only in the Janthir map?
  8. Every other MMO with home instance has a button to teleport to the instance. Also leaving the instance always teleports you back to where you came from. Standard procedure. I don't see why people here think it would not be included. It's a standard feature.
  9. It is an interesting concept the Opp is posting, and yet... There are many more things to improve in this game. I would not place fishing very high on the list. As for me, I play several games where fishing is implemented and the only concept I like is the simple and relaxing fishing thing in WoW. 😄
  10. I have the same problem. Wait for the official anouncement that it is solved before I do something myself to repair a file.
  11. I hope GW3 will use a sophisticated Ai system (like chatgpt) to let npc's AND enemies react to players actions. So no pre programmed always the same reactions and combats, but a really intelligent Ai, analysing the situation and reacting accordingly. AND I hope NPSoft will upgrade hardware and internet connection, so players don't have to wait on loading screens, or having downloads with less than 100 mb/second.
  12. It would be nice if Open World bosses would have an AI that adapts and reacts to the way players participate. And with some humor. E.g. Tequatl comming up, flying around and looking at the crowd: 'Sorry not feeling well today, here are your spoons (dropping a random number of spoons), than fly away. Or on another time: 'Ok, same faces here again? You must be bored mwahahaha' - releasing one big flood killing most players and making it a hard event this time. And so on. But maybe that's more for future games using AI for Monster and NPC reactions 😉
  13. Than don't pre order and take some time to read the reactions after the release before you decide to buy.
  14. Lol, with some copy and paste they can do a lot: Take a Sylvari, make it a little shorter, give it a long nose, a green skin and extra expertise in Thieving, and there... You have a Goblin! And than let ai write a storyline, peace of cake. 😄
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