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  1. Because the world is revolved around hiting training golems. What's with the toxic salt? bad day at work?
  2. just be happy at least Vindicator is rather solid among the pack. I wish Willbender has the luxury to complain about animations. Willbender's new skills are practically suicide buttons.
  3. Lets face it, the willbender flame is just a different version of symbols, aka a fixed area on the ground that ticks damage and maybe some sort of effects. Yes, they literally gave us 3 new symbols and short active effects in exchange for the passive effect. the so-called tradeoff. All of us who play guardians over the years know how hard it is to keep enemy in the symbol for full effect. And even if you cc or root to keep things in it, the next question what rewards do we get out? Symbol can be powerful if we trait for it, and the inate boons are nice. The rewards seem reas
  4. Anet needs to ask themselves that what is it that the Willbender can do that the core/DH guardians could not. If it is pursuing and bursting enemy in a bruiser style, DH does it just fine and much more efficient. DH can do range, can do some support, can pursue, can pull and can melee bust you to hell. Willbender does none of those things well aside from extra dashes and aoe that aint hitting anything that moves. Playing willbender is like playing core guardian in hard mode.
  5. I'm not fond of "X is OP" threads to be honest. Way too sensational and exaggerated most of the time. But I do see some merits in the concern in spamability of shocking and magnetic auras in pvp, especially in aura sharing trait. But hasnt tempest already been doing it quite decently. We'll see.
  6. The normal bust needs to be reinstated in addition to dragon slash. Dragon slash is alot harder to pull. The flow gains seems to be a tad bit slow and TOO quick when it starts to drop. I built up the flow from one group of mobs, and as like 5 sec later it went down before I even get to the nearby mob.
  7. My favorite of the three. Combat flow is nice, 100% better than that wreckage of a "willbender". Dodge takes abit to get used to, but don't forget their dodge frame is much longer than a regular one. It takes abit to land, but I appreciate that i could use that time to access the battle and reposition the landing. Healing skill is decent, for a 10 second cool down . I found utility skills abit annoying due to it constantly swap for Victor, but i think this is a LoP issue. The spear throwing could be abit faster and more impressive animation for the projectile, but overall I'm ok with
  8. The name "Aurene" .... Lol. It's like they got this name from thebump.com on the top 100 popular girl's name. Just a few season back, she was still chirping . Now she talks like your mom looking your report card. She's whatever. I don't mind her. It's hard not to notice that she's something endearing among Anet lore writers. They try really hard to shove on us the message "she's our baby". So much so that her character arc is very one-dimensional. But I would say that this narrative strategy might backfire because the audience might grow sick of it. Off to
  9. Seeing Engi 's kits never get variety of skin change in the past 9 years, I double down on my words.
  10. Gunsaber is like a melee bruiser version of engi flamethrower kit . I doubt you can do anything with it, skin-wise. Would I like to get different skin? yes, a variety would be appreciated, but realistically I don't see they will do that, ever.
  11. I'm not asking anything to be over the top. But they should be at least not that bad. Willbender at the moment seems to be banking on that Aegis shatter gimmicky exploitation to get some damage pops in group fight. Sword offhands simply disastrous. Iwonder how the utility skills compete with core utilities. And it's kinda bad when someone say your work isn't amazing, isnt it? Well, we'll see what they come up with after all the feedbacks.
  12. Vindicator: well-put together mechanics and creative gameplay. Compared to this, the Willbender is like the essay I started 3 hours before deadline while hungover.
  13. I actually like it . And count your blessing, elems. Compared to the Catalyst, the Willbender is practically like the result when I attempted to make cupcakes the first time ever.
  14. Aegis is useless against small consecutive packages of attacks. Elem, mesmers, ranger for example are more likely to spread their damage over several packages., and god forbid, minions and pets and clones. Have you considered this scenario? People keep throwing the term overpower but What is overpower anyways, what is the metric on which you decide? In a typical team fight, let say you popping a few Aegis, and how many of it it will truly block a deadly spike and many of it will get cancelled out by a single trivial AoE tick? Aegis is powerful but only when skillful timing. And the
  15. Yeh I read something about them going emo and closed off. Though I'm not sure it's a believable narrative/storytelling that there are people who thinks keeping it pure is of more important over 5 world-ending threats. It's like your neighborhood is engulfed in raging fire and you go "nah... i'm sleeping in, the air is too smoky outside. Grosss" interesting set of priorities I guess.
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