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  1. Yeah. But it would be nice if you could disable the green text altogether, not just the guidance of it.
  2. For now and many years there was an option "Disable personal story". But it never did, you'd still have the green text in the upper right corner. Would it be possible to atlast implement this feature? Much like in WvW. When u go to WvW there's no green text anymore.
  3. I can relate somewhat. Though i enjoy playing meta builds and optimizing my performance. Like.. i always play raid builds even in OW. I also enjoy having versatility so i can comfortably heal/dps/provide boons, i don't mind switching builds. But what gets me is the "gatekeeping" the raids. You really have to go out of your way to get into raiding. You have to have discord, you have to always be on schedule or you'll lose your spot in the squad, you have to read extensively all the guides, you have to focus for the next 3-4 hours and "sweat" and do your best in the raid run or you'll lose your
  4. Here's an updated report. No afterburner/riva, no addons nothing. Fresh install to C:/Games directory *--> Crash <--* Exception: c0000005 Memory at address 00007ff6`000000a0 could not be read App: Gw2-64.exe Pid: 8584 BaseAddr: 00007FF608770000 ProgramId: 101 Build: 128272 When: 2022-04-28T17:24:40Z 2022-04-28T20:24:40+03:00 Uptime: 0 days 0:00:49 Flags: 0 DumpFile: Crash.dmp *--> System <--* Name: 48b39196 IpAddr: Processors: 4 [GenuineIntel:6:14:3] OSVersion: Windows 10.0 (64 bit) *--> System Memory <--*
  5. I already submitted 2 tickets but anet is basically giving me copy->paste type of messages only, not really answering my questions. And at the end they just say that "sorry we can't help you anymore". It really felt like bots are replying lol, taking ppl through same procedure. Atleast they gave me alot of steps to go through: hijack report, disabling all the start up programs through msconfig, netsesh winsock report LSP.txt, run as admin/run compatibility modes, sfc /scannow thing, dxdiag report, uninstalled completely my antivirus and made exceptions in firewall, changing physx to my GPU,
  6. Alright, reinstalled it in a different directory. Sadly, didn't help at all. Same crash during wvw loading screen.. Also used Revo to completely remove everything related to gw2. Also completely removed xbox game bar (cuz maybe it has some overlays that im not aware of). Yeah.. nothing helped.
  7. Yup.. That's the first thing that i've tried. But since i've tried so many things now i'm resorting to any possibilities lol, even if it looks highly unlikely. Like changing model quality limit, disabling default enemy/allies appearance, even trying to leave wvw before i disconnect from the game, dismount before i leave wvw, phase from pve to wvw with the same build (cuz maybe changing build during loading screen crashes me) etcetc. Tried some ridiculous stuff cuz basically i really have no idea what else to try. I guess the only one thing left is to reinstall gw2 again not into program files
  8. True. But how to "uninstall" arcdps leftover or arc in general for that matter? It's just a .dll file, probably revo won't even pick it up as a program at all. Idk i really doubt its arc but would be nice to make sure if there are no leftovers. Maybe it really extracted something into system files and i'm not aware of it. I saw there's d3d9 and d3d11 files somewhere in system but i guess its not arc, it's some other directx files.
  9. Well that's the thing - i uninstalled everything (arcdps, afterburner, riva). Then i even uninstalled gw2 and reinstalled it. Didn't help either. I think at that point i even uninstalled geforce experience (but overlay wasn't enabled anyways). So yeah.. i'm at a loss.
  10. I tried it already. Both disabling afterburner/riva and also deleting dxgi.dll. Dxgi fixed my crash at launch. But nothing seems to work for my WvW crash. So are these : d3dcompiler, ffmpegsumo, icudt, libEGL, libGLESv2 dlls supposed to be in bin64 folder? Maybe those are making me crahs.
  11. Which files are supposed to be in gw2->bin64? I keep getting d3dcompiler, ffmpegsumo, icudt, libEGL, libGLESv2 dlls. Are they supposed to be there? When i deleted them and launch the game they pop up in there again.
  12. I did already, in appdata->local->nvidia->dxcache right? Didn't solve it. Though it was weird that i couldn't delete all of the items in that folder, some .bin files couldnt get deleted.
  13. I'm not really aware of any injectors though. I removed d3d9.dll (from bin64 folder) and also d3d11.dll (from gw2 folder, when i used dx11), also dxgi.dll. Can there be any other locations where such files might've stayed? Never used reshade, never used d912pxy.
  14. Tried both program files and program files (x86). I managed to resolve my crash during launch by deleting some dxdgi.ddl file from gw2 folder (or similar name, maybe dxgi.dll). Not sure what that file was, maybe a left over after arcdps? Now i'm wondering maybe there are some other leftovers that i'm not aware of somewhere else? Thought i doubt wvw crash is due to that. Tried deleting also nvidia shader cache but not letting me delete all of the files. Some .bin files are in use. Are there any leftovers somewhere hidden deep inside by arc? Cuz i removed everything i could find. Or maybe the fi
  15. So at first i had a crash only when joining wvw (during the loading screen). It was both on dx9 and dx11. But now seems like i can't even launch the game on dx11. Whenever i enable dx11 i get a similar (or the same) crash as before with wvw. Tried really ALOT of things and still no fix, anet didn't manage to solve my problem also. Im able to play only when i clear gw2 cache from %appdata% folder. So my settings reset and i'm able to play in dx9 but i still experience the same crash in wvw. I really can't figure this out. At first i thought it might have something to do with connectivity cuz of
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