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  1. At one point they where holding a vote to change it... But the bottom feeders otherwise known as top 250 whined on twitch / you tube and we got stuck with an obviously broken system. (This is pretty frequent with these bottom feeders, which is why you should never take the matchmaker seriously) Seriously the dev's listening to this type of trash is the reason gw2 pvp scene died. there are so many examples at this point it's just pathetic.
  2. It hasn't functioned like that in many years. (it did at one point, which is why he's beleives it does) Think it was a considered a bug and fixed.
  3. If only haste had some type of negative effect... like i don't know... -25% endurance regen on use.... ...But that's not "fun" and would have to be removed... causing dodges to be reduced / removed.... oh well at least only those 2 professions have access to haste... and it's not a problem still to this day..
  4. How can you still lose to thief or mesmer is the real question... I know the answer though you won't like it... Build war's doesn't teach you how to play the game. keep opening with a gap closer and wondering why you can't win 🤡
  5. And you have been correct since 2012. It doesn't stop with Guardian and necro's though, You've just used 2 slow moving professions in your team of 5, can you guess what the next one has to be...
  6. I don't know why people even bought the expansion honestly. If your a Wvw player or a Spvp player you just paid for nothing. You should of waited till "june" When you'll find out if there "Mega patch" amounts to anything at all. (as we have seen time and time again)
  7. Whine until they remove Glass cannons, Abuse the Downstate and profit. that's been gw2 for years now. starting in Core gw2 we had a profession that was capable of destroying whole teams, (necro) so they where focused by glass specs. Necro mancers pump out a wide variety of conditions (when every other profession only does 1-3) and needed to be babysat. enter Guardian. Guardians condition clear pretty much invalidates every other condition spec and are perfect for abusing the downstate. We now how 2/5 slots filled with 2/5 being slow professions.. enter thief, a mobile profes
  8. Can you honestly say courtyard was a well designed DM (Or any of the new 2vs2/ 3s/3 maps). Anyway OP, The real reason gw2 died is because the dev's listen to the "top players" Who are really just downstate players.
  9. So let me get this right? your complaining because arena net decided to give the same kitten mechanics other professions have to thieves. that makes you a hypocrite. just 2vs1 them guy's 😂.
  10. A perfect example of balancing yourself into a corner. Can't even target the real issue because of Specter. Hilarious.
  11. Most people are to clueless to realize it's a pulsing blind, and you can teleport and attack through it.
  12. One does not easily destroy a snowball mechanic that has been a crutch for the "high tiers" since launch. Run a tankier build, stand on point and res, When you come across a profession that has the burst to take you down, alt tab and whine on the forums. It's why gw2 conquest has been a joke since the beginning. Can you even res in combat in wvw anymore?
  13. Because they are carried by build / downstate and year's of biased balancing. there not skilled at all.
  14. back in those days every game started off with the statement "Kill the Necro before he solo's the entire team"
  15. Specter hands down will be horrible. Not to many thief mains around though so who knows if you will see many.
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