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  1. Zazzl currently sells a Rifle, not a Pistol, it's literally called ((1046447)), dunno if that's meant to be the actual name or an error in the game right now
  2. Yeah it's the current way I do it. My only real gripe is that I always have to do it since the game will always default to Display 1. If the option was available within the game itself it would default to the chosen display on Fullscreen which is what I do with all the other games I play. Not a big problem but would be a nice QoL for when I just wanna launch the game
  3. Speaking of Full Screen, I think the game needs the option to natively allow you to choose which Display to Full Screen on in the Graphics Options. Most games have the option but GW2 still doesn't have this. At most, people are forced to switch their Display settings around as opposed to allowing players to choose their display option natively within the game.
  4. As far as I can tell Caithe doesn't outrank the Commander as the Champion of Aurene. In fact if anything Caithe is just there to babysit Aurene for the most part. Meanwhile the Commander went Ultra Instinct on EoD's final mission when fighting all of the Dragonvoid whilst Caithe got relegated to just being... there lel. The main reason it may feel like Caithe outranks the Commander as Aurene's champ (in my opinion) is because our character's role doesn't solely revolve around Aurene whereas Caithe's entire life post HoT seems to just revolve around Aurene and we never see Caithe take on a
  5. That already happens with certain World Bosses when you fail them and it only makes it a pain for other players who weren't even involved to progress in certain areas. Easy example is Tequatl being a literal death trap where everything just explodes when you step around The concept of multiple choice affecting the bigger world only really works mostly on single player games along with few multiplayer games. They won't work on an MMO basis.
  6. This is why I haven't spent a single gem on Keys. I only ever spend on actual items I can guarantee I'll get in the Gem Shop. Desire sensor can be a piece of skritt.
  7. I've seen enough of Teapot's content to say with confidence that his statements about certain aspects of the game are just absolutely wrong but he will still vehemently defend them. I've seen some massive paragraphs of people critiquing his views on the Dragon's End meta that had valid points but he never actually listened to those critiques and just assumed people were hating on him and apparently that came out as "Toxicity". The problem with people like Teapot is that even if they are good at the game, their perspectives have narrowed far too much to the point where they assume e
  8. Start of the fight, the RNG always favours CC bar before tail phase, any other parts will be heavily RNG dependent regardless of DPS. Based on what I've seen, if Soo-Won swaps sides more than twice, then Tail Phase easily overlaps with CC Bar, and one attack is almost non-existent which is her acid spit since she'll use her tail for bubbles and tsunamis instead. I'm mostly just observing how bad the design of the meta is at the point, I'm not really farming it for anything, just continuing observation. Every other element of the fight seems to work as well as they could now, but that CC
  9. I've finished this meta enough times yet I still find it stupid that ANet really couldn't be bothered to adjust something as simple as the Tail and CC Bar phase not overlapping one another. This Meta isn't "challenging", it's just a timewaster. Horrid RNG just makes it a whole lot worse when you can't even target Soo-Won cuz she's too busy dancing around with that terrible bite attack.
  10. Ditto on Life and Creation. Their approach to the trope of water being a source of life seems pretty ingrained on Soo-Won. Consider the Void as a primordial soup of Tyria then it makes it even clearer that Life and Creation is where Soo-Won's second domain would be. As for Aurene, not quite sure on her second domain yet. Her main domain is "Prismatic Light" so I wouldn't count crystals as part of her domain like Kralkatorrik as many people usually do. All the other domains belong to her now, hence why her main domain is "Prismatic Light" not just Light. The crystals are mostly the
  11. Hmm might be a bug on my end then if that's the case. I haven't seen the actual screen filter happen, I just see the numbers
  12. As far as I know the screen filter doesn't happen in Kaineng Overlook with Li's attack, probably on the other NPCs but Li's number mechanic is purely just the number icons.
  13. I don't blame people if they don't see the target numbers on their heads. Not only is it tiny to start, the colour ANet chose was so bad it blends far too easily with the environment regardless if there's low visual noise or not. Seriously, whoever thought it was a good idea to use a dark colour scheme in a mission that's literally happening at night time didn't think things through when they made those icons...
  14. Sounds like ANet still hasn't acknowledge how badly designed this meta actually lel And the so called "Better rewards" after completion is an absolute lie. I still get the same garbage rewards after I completed it recently.
  15. The fact that some people can triple their raw Gold in Auric Basin with less effort over any of the EoD Metas shows that EoD's metas are just there for the sake of Turtle and literally nothing else. And the only other thing worth getting in EoD is Antique Summoning Stones from DE Dailies... and we all know how that's going lel
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