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  1. Yes ill wait for you to find the new hidden p/p meta build. 🐒
  2. Are you talking to me 😅if so i think you need to lay down that crackpipe
  3. It also makes it irrelevant as i just said, I scrimmed vs 3 necros and I interrupted every single signet that was casted and they still hand ressed all. Look at TOL as well, didnt even matter if signet was rupted the amount of res power with utilities is more than enough to res them. We did 4v4 on henge and killed them 5 times without being able to cleave it down, so again what teamfighting presence are you talking about? Only times signet had value is when they were severely outnumbered and guard would arrive late, but a full 4v4/5v5 teamfight thief has 0 impact and 0 relevance in a teamfi
  4. who plays ele? saving steal in a fight for signet barely happens at all anymore and even harder with 600 range not to mention you dont even have to signet anymore lmao cus the resses are so good. rewatch tol and tell me how many signets i manage to interrupt as well ty
  5. Necro has been a problem since whole pof and even more after february patch.
  6. Best advice is to not listen to anything redavenged says
  7. You rly make forums hilarious everytime i visit them
  8. ur as delusional as trevor its pretty fun to watch
  9. Incorrect, thief wasnt meta for almost entire HoT expac. I should know since i rerolled when i was competing. Rev as long as it existed has been meta since start
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