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  1. Nerf mes and war they deserve it buff nec,thief,guard
  2. People hated early/mid of hot correct. Near the end it was one of if noy the best meta we have had imo
  3. Well s/p was made meta end of 2019 and then i made core dp busted which just destroyed pw but still was by far the most fun ive had since hot times
  4. Dont think u watched a lot then. My fav wepset is pw and will always be. But s/p is dead and will be dead. I dont like playing SA either but its the only viable spec. And yes i find sd the most boring spec of thief by far. May you rest in peace pistol whip but thank god specter comes soon Also.. necro is the worst class to play vs
  5. You would make staff sidenoder broken again with this beyond belief. No thank you
  6. 100% there was some specs overperforming pre feb. Core dp thief was an absolute abomination, water weaver/and fire to some extent. Those prolly the most noticeable i can remember. Herald perhaps as well. I would still take that meta/balance in a heartbeat of what we have had so far lol i still think trade offs should get reverted and please for godsake can we get some amulets back so wr have more options to theorycraft.. if spec is overperforming analyse what and then bring it down in a proper manner not a nuclear bomb of nerfs to unplayable…
  7. Trade offs should be removed entirely, its a fkn huge mess thats all over the place. Some trade offs are considered trade off if its just a change in mechanic from core specs in example holo, herald etc but they are straight up just better. Meanwhile some classes recieves trade offs to essentially nerf the class cus they cant fix it? Some specs dont have their trade off in pve for example.. imagine a new player trying to pvp with this mess 😂 They also make it so much harder to balance around the trade offs as well.. its just lazy quickfixes everywhere
  8. You are saying Anet balanced the combat for higher level pvp for kiting? My god this is comedy at this point
  9. 5v5 meta with spec/classtack will be core guard supp, power herald or nade holo, drd dp power thief then 2 necs. Could see 1 nec / prot holo. is this condi meta? 🤷‍♂️ Ranked in eu is a big mix of things, i wouldnt go close to saying its a condi meta at all or a pure power meta. Its a mix if anything. Most necs in eu ranked play reaper, not seen any rev spec beside power heralds and maybe 1 shiro renegade. Lots of nade holos, dp thieves (power) barely any thief left doing pd condi in eu. Mirage sometimes (condi) but not very often. Misha/rip/helseth pretty much.
  10. ah so you mean every match is always very competitive and even? no its not...
  11. What would that solve other than theres no longer a leaderboard with titles? 😅 You'd still have the same issues with matches
  12. Do you actually think any 5v5 gamemode with only solo/duoq will ever become competitive? Even if we were maxed out on population with decent matchmaking and balance. You still would get the occasional match with classes stacking that are worse when stacked. You still would get blowout games cus someone might have wanted to play a less viable meta build. So no, i doubt you can ever achieve what you are looking for in a gamemode like this. If you could Q 5v5 again with big population it would be something different. Can we minimize the amount of awful games in an ideal situation? Sure, but it
  13. Weaponset doesn't matter tbh it's how the spec will feel in the end. If its purely a boonshare spec it's gonna be hard to see how it will fit in pvp but again it's impossible to speculate without knowing anything. But of course when I picked thief it's not like i want my elite specs to eventually be support or other stuff I want to kill but preferably in other ways. Daredevil is just an extension of "core thief" had the same F1 for the longest time until trade offs happened. Still have same F2 as core thief. We got one extra dodge which was pretty much what Feline Grace trait from
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