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  1. Weaver, Chrono or Daredevil for power dps Renegade or Mirage for condi dps Wait until Tuesday before paying for anything
  2. Why would personal DPS matter when talking about group content lmao @Ol Nik.2518 ps sorry if i misunderstood
  3. Yeah that's true but even in PvE Dune Cloak was never the better option if you wanted to go for max condition damage. I hope they rework this trait. It was the better option in PvE, for a period of time. I too hope that they rework this disgrace of a "Grandmaster" trait.
  4. big fan of mortalrius the master fisherman
  5. if u wanna balance condi mirage just look at incisorrs rating if he's above plat 1 then its not balanced lul
  6. Average damage = (Base damage)x(1 - Critical Chance) + (Base Damage)x(Critical Chance x Critical Damage) You find the breakpoint there, rest is easy
  7. NO It need to be buffed... Like every single patch. A balance patch without a Shatterstone buff isn't a real balance patch. Ele mains and their greed.. smh
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