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  1. True, and I'm pretty sure it was about to drop to T2 before the relink.
  2. Cool, Vabbi's dead now, thanks for killing my world for no reason when it wasn't even performing well to the point where the link should have been removed. It was fine.
  3. Why are we taking weeks to fix a progression bug? This is unprofessional behavior, Anet, this is something that could and should be fixed in the same day. At least make the infusion of spirit much cheaper to compensate, 100 globs of ectoplasm and 100 elaborate totems is a stupid amount.
  4. Gandara still has a crapton of people playing, why would they open it, are they stupid?
  5. Funny that you say that because in other MMOs I've played, PvErs complained when they had to do the PvP part of the game. Maybe there's a reasoning. On a side note, why do people assume PvErs like doing world completion? Like, they don't, it's boring as hell, I wish I didn't have to do it either.
  6. I mean, that is true too, not gonna lie. Only raids, strikes, and PvP require actual skill.
  7. I actually said it wrong, that's my bad since I'm tired, typing takes less effort than farming camps, but it's not like that requires much to begin with either. In fact, none of the parts of making a legendary take a lot of effort. Honestly I'd rather have it be difficult to obtain than putting time into doing random easy things, but that is an entirely different topic. Also, again, that doesn't answer my question, why do something you dislike? Alternatives should be allowed, hell you could make the GoB obtainable by doing parts of PvE that most players don't touch, like less popular metas, or having players do different world bosses, that would mean playing more of the game, in a way. Also, for GoE, make it so you have 4 reward tracks in WvW with 4 different gifts (Gift of Maguuma, Gift of Kryta, Gift of Shiverpeaks, Gift of Orr), and you combine them into a GoE. So it's fair for both sides.
  8. Well, if we're going by that logic, do you think 111111ing the enemies in a camp or following a squad while 111111ing to tag the players takes effort as well?
  9. You can't really compare chatting in LA to doing map completion or doing WvW because those require effort to do so, it's that simple. And again, what does locking the gift behind WvW achieve? In case you say it's for incentivizing people to play the gamemode, there are already incentives in the form of easy exotics and a legendary armor set that is easier to obtain than anywhere else.
  10. I mean, WvW players don't need legendaries either, and that doesn't answer the question of why you have to play a gamemode you dislike. I am 100% fine with things taking effort and time, and I do think that if the GoB were to be introduced to PvE, it should take the same time to obtain as it does in WvW, if not more. Maybe make it 10 hours to obtain one or something. Seems fair. Putting time and effort is a good thing, but doing something unfun simply isn't and does not achieve anything.
  11. People don't get anything by afking though? Unless they're flipping stuff in the trading post, but that's entirely different. I suggested an exchange of GoEs for GoBs precisely so it'd still take effort to get them, but this time you don't have to play a gamemode you dislike, you have an alternative, but you still have to put time into it. Also, legendaries have multiple QoL features, free prefix switching, not worrying about destroying sigils, being equippable on multiple characters, it's not just because they look pretty and fancy, otherwise I'd understand if they were locked behind other gamemodes.
  12. I agree that legendaries should take time and effort for the player, but it should not be unfun, that's entirely different, don't force players into gamemodes they dislike. Make both GoBs and GoEs tradable, or give them an exchange rate of one GoE for two GoBs and vice versa, since GoE takes more time to obtain. Also, let's not pretend flipping camps or mindlessly following a squad for 8 hours takes effort or is difficult, that's a straight up lie, the GoB doesn't require skill to obtain, it's just boring to do so, because believe it or not, most players dislike WvW.
  13. Just make the GoB and GoE sellable in the trading post. Both parties are happy and they can earn money selling their gifts while staying in their favorite gamemode. Problem solved.
  14. A bit off-topic but apparently WvWers having to play PvE is a bad thing? And yet it's fine if PvErs have to play WvW? Biased much? It's like you say, you have to play the whole game to get the rewards, it applies to both sides, not just one.
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