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  1. When will end of dragons expansion for guild wars 2 pre purchase come out
  2. Will guild wars 2 be on playstation 5 and Xbox Series X
  3. I just want to know if there will be a mobile game for guild wars 2 kind of like how there is going to be a runescape 3 mobile
  4. Will guild wars 2 mobile game be on ios and android
  5. Do you think guild wars 2 will be on playstation 4 and nintendo switch
  6. Will there be a expansion pack after path of fire for Guild Wars 2
  7. Will there be a Guild Wars 2 for console Like for PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch
  8. I got a new Iphone and lost my google authenticator for my guild wars 2 account and can not Unlink my Authenticator on my guild wars 2 account Can you help me unlink my google authenticator on my guild wars 2 account
  9. Will guild wars 2 come out on playstation 4 pro system
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