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  1. Devs underestimate the huge game-changer that alliances bring.
  2. No i prefer not. rather have the resources used for something new.
  3. Guys....I dont know how many times informed players have to say this. There will never be a GW3......Arenanet to exist for the sole purpose of only creating guild wars games that cancel out the prequel is not only unwise.....but frowned upon in a business perspective. For a company to thrive, it needs to expand....not be a 1 game franchise. Theyre going to not be able to expand on income.....and they will always be dependent on 1 single game to pay the bill? Guys, when analyzing this, the answer is clear. There can definitely be a different type of game within the GW universe, but there will n
  4. Individual player housing with full customization and option duals in the player housing. Fishing, on either boats, mounts, or both. Farming, and more life professions in general. Guild alliance More mounts and more mount abilities More quality of life options More in-game skins and customization options. New race. New weapons.
  5. GW2 is highly populated, I never see an event that is empty or with few players. The game is always active and always packed. I see all players rocking the new gem store items. so I honestly can’t stop wondering, why are the quarterly income stats so low? How is that possible?
  6. Great! I would really hope so, but how many resources does it really require? The game has so much content, but not much in terms of lore and personal non group content. It would be nice to get off a meta and read up on game history and lore and really get engaged in it.
  7. Hello, One big problem is keep seeing and basically everyone I have interacted with had seen, is that this game lacks deep lore. You’re basically experiencing game lore through the eyes of the main character, which is the same as being clueless, the game itself does not have much lore books and such that you can explore to find out the history of things, at least not to a significant level. Why not use the priory library to add lore that players find throughout the game to read on their own time? Basically, nothing new would be required, the library is there but it lacks much lore. What if the
  8. Definitely not. With the release of the current meta map, the new skimmer mount skill, they are only scratching the surface. 1 meta and 1 mount skill? NOPE! Now, if before they add the new Xpac, they also add more mount skills, some life professions like personal housing, more important maps, big lore content, and things like that, then yes. But sadly that is not the case.
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