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  1. Everyone should believe what ever they want. as I said all along. Not sure why are trying to interject, what the point is. I said what I said and 100% stand by it. Facts are Facts, opinions are opinions and numbers Anet gives out without providing data source, sample size, how sample data was taken and shows math its just information and NOT facts. Thats how facts work. Sorry I didnt define them. And yes all numbers I give have to assumed accurate or not same as Anet. Its not facts unless you accept the data. My point and others relates to actually getting the meta done. Im not con
  2. Yea but tbh spit balling means I was being generous because I was using a 2 player sample. However, I have many guildies and friends who also claim similarly low win rates at DE. I spit balled because hard math on the 2 player sample would be more like 10% win rate which is prob too low. I would say 25% win rate seems reasonable and I see no reason to assume Anet would have more reliable data since they dont provide a sample size let alone data. his 25% win rate (1:4), my 0% win rate of 6 (0:6) gets u 1:10 or 10% Either way everyone is left to assume.
  3. it doesnt let you leave an empty post and I didnt mean to start another one
  4. I didnt say anyone lied tho ever. I said, Information that is not verifiable doesnt meet the definition of Factual. and that we cannot veryify said data. I never said its a lie. Specifically, I would define Anets data about the meta win rates and other similar things to be marketing information and customer relations. None of which makes them bound by any rule which states how that data is gathered, reviewed, used, etc. Therefore, any attribution that it is fact, is an assumption. When I said this I meant it as a relative statement to imply that marketing information and cu
  5. cause they make the game and want the game to be liked. Its pretty simple. Why do people lie about personal performance? 🙄
  6. Right, I would say that makes sense within the context of averages which is why its broken still even tho some can do it pretty reliably
  7. Also I dont think we should just accept Anets rate as factual. That is NOT how facts work. Facts are verifiable things. We cannot verify Anets data or math, therefore, its a claim; its NOT a fact!
  8. and just for the record I was just spit balling a 70-80% win rate to assume my 100% fail rate after 6 attempts is a lower than avg win rate on the meta and the OP I think claimed a 25% (1:4) rate. So I just said that to try and be reasonable tbh and I dont accept Anets claims at face value.
  9. Right IMO its also why the meta is so trash. That is, the meta has sub groups (usually no sub tags) that have to constantly move and people cant see who is in sub vs not-sub cause the squad system is very limited and not meant for this level of organization. So it kinda just all falls apart. What I mean is, if Im doing alac or quickness and everyone moves for a wave, bubbles what ever or to side plats people move out of boon range. So IMO the meta shouldnt even need boons TBH
  10. If you take a careful look at Legendary armor sets. One set gets a new skin upgrade when you craft the final legendary armor. That set is the Envoy Armor Set, therefore, those skins are ONLY available as legendary upgrades like ALL other legendary items in the game. However, the PvP and WvW Legendary armor sets lack any unique skin. They retain the same skin the armor had before, either normal or mistforged either of which can be purchased in game without even crafting or obtaining ascended armor, let alone needing pay to upgrade anything to legendary. This was in place LONG before the armory
  11. Once in a while I look on the forums and maybe post over the last 2 mo or so. I also login each day to keep getting the chests and to see who is on, but its been kinda quiet so I just log and do other stuff. When I played I would spend hours a day playing and also post. So yeah. Think about it. over 12k hours on main act. I also logged in a few days ago with a friend and we did the meta via LFG which failed. It was I think the 6th meta I have joined. I do try to give it a chance but so far gw2 is falling flat on its face.
  12. I think the point is is thing progress toward DE then doing the DE meta is required or thing dont feel right. I wanted the turtle when EoD was new but after the meta a few times + unpopulated maps + no new guild Missions or anything and I just sorta decided I didnt want to keep investing time in gw2 tbh. It was the straw that broke the camels back, as they say.
  13. Agreed. Like Serpents Ire meta was hard and took 4 tags when PoF was new but the story line didnt literally end at SI meta so no one cared. DE is not the same. And I used to do the SI meta and it was fun but failure just meant a loss a loot and time sink was getting a coordinated map not a 2 hr long meta.
  14. Anet has been going on the wrong direction ever since CMC moved to take over balance in 2019 IMO. its that simple.
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