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  1. But in reality the forum IS a PLAYER forum, NOT a dev forum. What I mean is, its players talking about the game. They say both good and bad, fair and unfair things just like any large unorganized group of people would be expected to. That said, I hear what you are saying and am not inclined to say you are wrong or make no sense. However, I think if any devs. do actually come onto the forums and read posts they should only do so when they can keep a solid grasp on the idea that they will probably run into some kind of criticism and probably some very negative and unfair posts from t
  2. I doubt it but I hope so. sounds too good to be true. 😉 I hope ya get a response soon from someone who knows.
  3. Its not practical to run MUCH of the time compared to other alac sources be it a heal alac or dps alac. I dont even play that much but I can see in 2 minutes that a druid can way overcap alac + maintain might, etc and heal like a mofo way better than any form of Mesmer in its best day and mechanist is obviously much easier to get actual real world performance vs people who say alacMirage is awsome, meanwhile most of the alacmirage you see actually what they suggest just drag down the party due to things like clone deaths from env, mechanics, rotational error, etc and all the other complication
  4. https://lucky-noobs.com/builds/power-chronomancer-dps# use the link that says Eagle Rune
  5. If you run arc you can see who in squads and groups is covering group boons. The good boon coverage in raids is not coming from Mesmers the VAST majority of the time right now. Virt can deliver good dps, but its usually around the supports and mechanist is usually top dps unless you get a person on holo, soulbeast, scourge, etc that does a solid rotation, etc then they can still keep up. Its much easier to hit solid numbers on spectre, mech, necros, etc. I dont play Mesmer anymore unless I need portal for tower and the usual Mesmer niche tasks. AlacMirage is NOT a solid alac source for typical
  6. Fav things: Doing meta event trains, the world boss rush events, and other things that bring allot of people together to play and chat and have fun without tons of pressure and anger was fun too. Like back when Istan, casino, etc was good on up through till icebrood I guess. tbh I suspect icebrood was fun for allot of people. I was 100% bitter from that point on because of the way Mirage got a strange split mode functionality Particularly bad moment in the last 10 years: I would say was when they gave Mirage 1 dodge in 2 game modes and 2 dodges in the 3rd game mode but left dodge a
  7. Yea Karka fest when we defeated the giant karka queen (the one time real one who is still dead and part of the map now). It lagged SUPER bad and I got DCed and couldnt do much, but it was epic. That entire first season felt epic the way it changed maps and reshaped things. The Toxic tower was another that did the same thing. I missed the fall of LA but it was too I guess.
  8. Also I use high end rtx card with a gsync certified monitor running 1440p @ 120hz and have adjusted the overlay the game is still an issue tbh.
  9. For me its more that I will never bother with a spec that has a higher than average skill ceiling and will just play what ever is pretty easy to pickup and perform well at that doesn't have some strange split-mode functionality like Mirage's 1 dodge in pvp/wvw vs 2 in pve. Its not so much balance changes and that Anet just totally starts down a path of redoing things then kinda stops and moves to some other thing and leaves the first thing broken for years, maybe forever. Because I feel like that is the reality of the situation I just dont bother doing certain things or trying
  10. Its also why people have so much trouble seeing the mouse. It also makes it very hard to see SAKs pop up at times and I end up learning what sound the game makes when I get some kind of Special Action Key (SAK) to perform in things like raids because I cannot rely on being able to look at the center of the screen allot of the time.
  11. It really comes down to trait lines, core weapon damage, lack of elite and utility in core Mesmer that was done to balance both chrono and Mirage without doing a redesign, but then later they still did a redesign in the form of trade offs. Then trade offs never became a balanced thing over each spec and class so it just became a new type of imbalance which complicated the original balance issues with various classes, like Mirage, Chrono, soulbeast, DD, etc which all had things baked into them that made them out dps core and have more utility than core in every mode. This IMO was to make p
  12. Yea agreed. I have spent thousands of hours on some classes and spent allot of time practicing things with them only to have them nerfed in such a way that everything I invested allot of time and effort into evaporates and I'm left with nothing to show for my investment of time and effort. I tried to be open to change and did change to a new spec or class many times and then reinvest time and effort into learning and improving only to again have the benefits of that investment removed for balance. At this point, when I play I play what ever flavor of the month seems good and can be made s
  13. I have always speculated that the reason for allot of the issues with how long it takes to find groups, in part, is due to the game, sort of, lacking a good social system or reason for people/players to build up and maintain groups of players from which to form statics, do meta, pvp, etc with. In many ways, discord has been used to fill in the gaps, but it requires its own level of maintenance and such which allot of people and guilds just dont have the time and money to invest (yes discord servers cost money if you wana run a good one *cough* kitten Nitro *cough* ) So what is my p
  14. As I recall Mesmer (Mirage then chrono) got nerfed in pvp/wvw to make it more fun and cut down on bots way back in 2019. You know to improve the quality of gameplay in pvp/wvw to make it more skilled based. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤡
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