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  1. No it hasn't. Raids are dead and no new wing will see the light. If months of silence weren't enough to make you understand that simple fact...
  2. "Gloryfied" is the trend word these days... I really don't like that word and 99% of the topic which contain it.
  3. What do you do with mounts (except warclaw) if you don't play PvE? I mean if you only just want to see a few mount skins once, to never use them after that, you can as well watch a video on YT.
  4. I'd say: Mesmer: Queen Jenna (the things she did in S3E4 were awesome). Revenant: Rytlock (not much competition here xD) Thief: Caithe (maybe?) And stop...I really don't know/remember other classes' representative NPCs. Gods like Lyssa/Balth/etc are excluded, so are monsters. What's your ranking?
  5. Screw new players, I don't want them to have the reward I warked hard to get back in the day so easily, they have to work hard too!
  6. I just hope we get to know EoD's new mechanic: HoT: Glider. PoF: Mounts. EoD: ?????????.
  7. And that should be considered a bug, not a feature, and be fixed in the future.
  8. First remove stealth from the game. Only then we can talk about eventually buffing thief.
  9. I hope it upgrades the visual of the other PvE trinkets.
  10. You: express your disappointment by writing on forums. People who like those skins: express their appreciation by spending $$$ on gem store. Which of the two do you think Anet will listen to?
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