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  1. I was around but my memory for this game's history is very bad, so I based my guess only by reading your first post, assuming people didn't notice. Sorry, my bad.
  2. If we need a Dev's comment to realize we've had a visual update, I don't think it's a well done visual update.
  3. I won't care, just like jade buffs I'm not bothering to get it everytime.
  4. You managed to kill Warrior for good -.- As a warrior main, this leads me to seriously consider leaving this game for a long time.
  5. Tedium has always been part of rpg-style games (even more for online rpg like gw2 is), you will always have to farm/grind for something is those kind of games. If this doesn't suit you, you will probably like more action/adventure games.
  6. Exactly this, now grind your skyscale or play without it (or leave the game if none of the 2 works for you). Either way I don't care but I won't give my own vote to this idea.
  7. Lol the "make your own squad"-answer again... No! I won't advertise my own squad on lfg, I don't like to lead and organize squads, I will join other squads, blame anet for making me join as a mesmer (a class I didn't touch in years).
  8. Enough of this fear of other games, let's fight them head on!!!
  9. I prefer to keep the health of the system in check. To preserve the human nature.
  10. Wut? It's true everywhere! Tell me a country where you can buy HoT, PoF or EoD with gems...
  11. None of the expansions is purchadable via gems. Only living seasons are (equivalents of small dlc).
  12. Wait for EoD patch (28th Feb), it will reset maps, then try to play the map you need as soon as patch drops. That's your best bet.
  13. See? They have already started to reuse this premade phrase (which originated from raids and fractals and is the apex of elitism) for new strikes.
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