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  1. I can say with 100% certainty that is not happening. It has happened while I was using the WASD keys to move around and my mouse was definitely in the middle of the screen. It has also happened when waiting for an instance map to load and my hand wasn't even on the mouse at that point.
  2. Regardless, moving the minimap is supported by the game itself (move mouse over the minimap, a bar with extra buttons will appear on the right side, move mouse over a blank spot on that bar, drag and drop) and both locations (upper right and lower right) are both supported by the game.
  3. My minimap is in the upper right corner, which I think is the default location. I prefer that it is zoomed in to the max and 90% of the time that's how it stays. However, about 10% of the time it randomly changes on its own to maximum zoom out. It happens occasionally/randomly when I exit/leave an instance or change maps. It's happened in combat and out of combat. It happens when I'm just moving around the world. My mouse wheel is the only thing that could change it and then I have to hover the pointer over the minimap (no keybinds for zoom in/out) Any ideas?
  4. There's also a difference between condition damage builds and power (strike) damage builds. Read up on the differences between Strike (power) damage and Condition damage here. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Damage If you run a condition damage build, you will RARELY 1-shot anything even relatively weak monsters because your damage takes time to accumulate, whereas you can 1-shot a lot of weak stuff with power builds and most of what you encounter in the open world will be weak stuff. Weak things will still go down quickly with conditions, just not as quickly as power-builds. However, if a fight has a lot of movement, either you running to avoid mechanics or the target jumping everywhere, condition damage will usually be faster to kill than power damage, because your attacks keep killing even when you are not hitting whereas power builds need to keep hitting to keep killing and every moment they can't attack because of movement is a moment they do no damage.
  5. With the exception of scourge, shroud is a 3rd weapon that you swap to. Thinking of it as anything else is wrong IMO. You also don’t spend that much time in shroud, especially when taking the Soul Barbs trait. The most important thing is to turn off the green screen. When you enter shroud the default “green” actually obscures some AOE circles and other fight mechanics. You do this by going into the game options, graphics screen, change the post-processing options to low or none.
  6. You can’t sell instantly if there are no buyers waiting or if you are selling it for less than it can be sold to an npc vendor. You have to use the other sell option which requires posting at a specific price and waiting for a buyer later and may take a long while to get your money. Although if you are trying to sell for npc vendor or less without realizing definitely sell it to a vendor instead (no auction fee).
  7. You can buy nearly all the relics from the Heroics Notary wvw vendor for wvw currency. You may have to max-out the Provisions Master wvw mastery. It wouldn't surprise me if there was a similar spvp vendor
  8. You forgot several additional scenarios: 4. Anet has nerfed the encounter and/or buffed player abilities since that time. The last LW4 release was in 2019 and a lot of nerfs and buffs can happen in 5 years. No idea how long ago you did the fight in question with your willbender. 5. Your deadeye is way better geared (or properly geared) than your other character was at the time of the fight. Even if your other character had ascended gear at the time, if it was the wrong stats for your build then you were suboptimal during that fight. 6. You know the fight mechanics now and didn't then. Simply not bursting during a time when your enemy is immune/resistant improves your effective damage and can make a weak build work better 7. Some enemies and or fights are better for certain damage types. If your willbender did strike damage primarily and they were resistant to it or moved around a lot, your condi-focused deadeye will do much better for that fight.
  9. The only "glitch" is your inability to get a preview of your character wearing the items before purchasing. Although if you see anyone walking around with those skins you can Inspect their cosmetics, right click the item in the Inspect screen and select preview to see it on your character. Otherwise these skins work the same as all other wardrobe skins you buy off the Gem store. You get the skin unlocked and you get a freebie consumable so you don't have to spend a transmutation charge to apply it. After you use that freebie, you have to spend transmutation charges to apply the skins to your items, as normal. The exception of course is if you have legendary armor in which case transmutations are free.
  10. Depends on who you ask. I like gw2’s system better than ff14 and way way more than wow. Others would disagree with me. It is 100% end game relevant as it’s one of the ways to obtain Ascended gear (the gear with highest stat amounts), but far from the only way. IMO crafting isn’t something you need to do until after you hit level 80. Leveling any crafting profession will require tons of materials and probably gold. You are also limited to how many crafting professions you can have active on one character (2 initially but you can buy 2 more with gems). Pick 1 armor (tailoring, leatherworking, armorsmith) crafting prof and 1 weapon (weaponsmith, artificer, huntsman). You can technically deactivate a prof and learn a different one. Recipes you get through discovery are character-specific. Recipes you get as drops or purchases are account wide. Jewelry is useful but you’ll get more mileage out of other things Stay away from cooking unless you have a ton of gold to burn through. Stay away from scribe unless you have 10 tons of gold to burn and a guild that’s friendly with its permissions.
  11. The “main quest line” is called “My Story” or personal story. There’s a tab in your Hero screen for your story: personal story and the story for each xpac. The personal story is worth doing so least once. There’s no requirement to do any of the story stuff.
  12. Arcdps has a logging feature. You can log yourself and upload the log file to dps.reports and the online report will show you what your rotation was including if you canceled casts or interrupted an auto attack chain
  13. Servers don’t matter. Used to for wvw (very large scale pvp) but don’t anymore. Anyone from any server can join any guild and participate in any activity with anyone from any other server. You can be in up to 6 guilds and choose one guild to be your wvw guild. There are no factions like in wow. There are some “bad guy factions” that are in the core story and are race-specific but you cannot join them 😞 . The bad guys are Inquest (Asura), Sons of Svanir (Norn), Nightmare Court (Sylvari), Flame Legion (Charr) and White Mantle (Human). It doesn’t matter which race you pick**, the initial stories are different for each race but converge eventually. ** but everyone knows that Asura are the master race
  14. Extirpation is a new condition (I'm assuming its a condition) inflicted by Necro Spear 5 which instead of stripping boons it negates the next boon from being applied (negate 1 boon per stack). How will the "negation" of a boon work with mechanics based on boon stripping and corrupting? Like with the Scourge Feed from Corruption trait (applies a barrier when you remove/corrupt a boon).
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