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  1. Ah so thats why people play condi bunkers. To spare themselves the strategy part, cause the opponents cleanses will run out eventually - just bunker long enough.
  2. We will see how many zerg fight players will want to play the wet noodle game.
  3. So funny to read all those "but but but u gotta earn it!" comments. And by earn you mean, wait 3 weeks. OK. I'll tell that to whatever person is trying to follow a map tag without skyscale, while 90% of the squad is on skyscale. Ah yes, you gotta do that 3 week thing first. Would be even more funny to cross-check this thread with the nerf DE meta thread, to see if the same players were going "but but but the meta is not accessible to new players". Hey wait a minute, you gotta earn your turtle too! Learn to do at least t4 fractal grade dps, you scrub (and spend who knows what sort of gold
  4. Cele harbringer is a whole new level of broken. You have to be blind and/or not play to not see this.
  5. OK so I dueled some cele harbringer, spb has 0 chance of winning. Core shouts with shrug it off and sigil of cleansing (... no comment) cannot be killed by the harbringer, but also cannot kill it. Cause the harbringer can run for days (on top of not dying due to high sustain, and on top of strong bursts - though not the strongest if you manage the condis well enough). And ofc 1-2 mistakes with condi cleanse management and you are out. Possibly bladesworn can kill it due to the ranged dmg (...zzz). But I doubt it can chase well enough. Overall this looks like balance this garbage
  6. Doesn't seem like even the devs know when it will be. Just use the time you spend watching shows or doing stuff that doesn't demand a lot of attention, to afk in wvw and flip camps. Stay at the spawn on a border and go to cap the 2 camps near it when available. Most of the time the camps should be trading ownership enough for you to never drop participation - you will get to t6 relatively fast too. You need to do just a bit of activity every 5 min or so (stay in the camp circle as its getting capped), e.g. if you are watching something on your 2nd screen or on a TV, or reading a book
  7. The only thing they have to add is to hide your location, so that you cant get followed into other borders. Would also help for spvp, where players can track whether you are in a game or not (and so queue depending on that). For the rest just don't be a sissy. You are online, what do you expect?
  8. Just default binds and you roll your head over the kb.
  9. You must jump on the updraft to go up, I think.
  10. The gvg boonball is in a pretty stupid balance state though? Unless you have 30-40 and upward, a gvg takes ages to get some downs...
  11. Give the skyscale for free, lock the mastery track behind the grind. Maybe make the skyscale slightly more useful without the masteries, but don't overdo it.
  12. Just lock out everything but guard and necro, saying they are advanced picks. Its usual for games to lock out or warn about "complicated" characters :)
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